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    MAHOMES = 👀

    A salve for the suck. We all need our emotional defense mechanisms rooting for this team. Mine is to legitimately expect epic, humiliating failure so that anything other than that is an upside surprise.
  2. Yep, “good players tend to play good football” is the best model I’ve yet found. But feel free to chase around excuses like barefooted children trying to gather lightening bugs in a mason jar during the dog days of summer.
  3. You can throw in your money and pay the outrageous vig on the regular season wins over. Talk is cheap.
  4. It’s stunning that this has to be explained on a sports messageboard. Vegas doesn’t gamble. Their customers do.
  5. Although I largely disagree, this was a very interesting and thought-provoking post. Thanks!
  6. I wavered between Fields/Mac as my #2 rated QB from the 2021 class. Right before the draft I settled on Mac. Our guy… yeah… I very nearly Rosened him with an “undraftable” label as I did to Rosen before that draft, but honestly I was worried about getting banned since the whole universe knew the Jets were gonna draft him.
  7. At this point he needs to reverse the opinions that are beginning to set and harden. He didn’t do that in his extremely limited action last week. However, it shouldn’t IMHO make anyone more pessimistic than they were before the game. It’s just not enough.
  8. It’s a good point — although it does seem that versatility has become more sought-after over time. Maybe (hopefully) that will cause the voters to evaluate him in a new light. He was ahead of his time.
  9. And let the Manning family complete the hat trick of screwing over the Jets? edit: actually it would be the fourth time they screwed us. Peyton stays in school, Tanny gets caught flirting with Peyton and makes it up to Sanchez with an absurd extension, Peyton endorses Gase.
  10. Indeed. Drafting is like baseball. If a GM hits over .333 for his career, he’s a slam dunk for the HOF.
  11. Screw @T0mShane Marry @Jetsfan80 Kill…
  12. Whenever I see he posted in a thread, I be like We’ll keep the water warm for ya.
  13. One of the most versatile players in the post-Ironman era who played near the top of the league at multiple positions. Today, Belichick would draft him in the first round.
  14. I expect a steaming pile of garbage and then when a bowl of dog food shows up, I’m actually happy.
  15. Joey Flaccy the Mack Daddy!
  16. Some fans take out their frustration on the Jets and some take it out on fans who take out their frustration on the Jets.
  17. Remember that old game: Screw, Marry, Kill? Screw Meyer Marry Saleh Kill Belichick
  18. Because non-fools weigh the pros/cons of the available choices against each other before deciding?
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