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  1. I will never understand the mentality that having a chance is somehow not good enough after the last 13 years.
  2. “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”
  3. I’m still holding out hope JD does an osweiler with BYU
  4. Also slammed but the more I post the faster I die so maybe it’s a blessing
  5. Yeah for anything near that price Carr is the one. Rodgers for a 2nd gets interesting.
  6. Crazy isn’t it. Just a pity because we have to waive 5th year option before seeing him play again. If he crushes it I’d try to get him to play under the tag a year to see if he can contribute 2 years in a row before getting the big money.
  7. If this was a kiddie diddler I’d be criticizing Kamara for stopping.
  8. Yeah… will have to see just how good. I contend he’s a loaf risk. But still very curious how he looks after 2 years
  9. Even if he bounces back it would be very risky to sign him long term and hand him the bag. Major “get paid and go sit in the shade” risk.
  10. My dad once said you get into a fight, the next day the other guy is showing off his injuries to his pals at the junkyard where he shovels sh*t for a living while you’re trying to convince your coworkers at the office that you’re not a psychopath.
  11. Correct. I’ve said this probably 5 times in this thread and others and it the whole point of what you quoted. Both are horrible. Whatever the difference in horrible between the acts doesn’t matter to me. Both way over the line of acceptability.
  12. Yeah this is why I never get into physical fights. You never know the mindset or skill level of the other person. Rare times someone has tried to instigate a fight with me in a bar or whatever I say it’s just a misunderstanding, can I buy you a drink? If the dude is still looking for trouble after that, I bail and go to another bar down the street. Ain’t worth it.
  13. I’ll bet anyone any amount of money that Kamara will also be charged with obstruction. You just know he was trying to get everyone’s story straight in that limo ride…. He’s lucky the dude didn’t die with that many stomps to the head.
  14. I’m saying if he settles the civil suit ASAP and the victim “forgets” what happened that night due to the beating. But yeah, that was a criminal act and he deserves the long arm of the law up the keister.
  15. Brutal. Couple comments — even if this started as self defense (hard to believe in a 10-on-1, anyone had a reasonable fear of this one guy who was retreating), the continued beating when the guy was down and no longer able to defend himself crushes the self-defense defense that Kamara’s lawyer is trying to push. If you’re truly fearful for your life or safety, as soon as the threat is neutralized, you get away. Also they reference what Kamara allegedly said in the limo leaving the scene. At least one of Kamara’s entourage has already flipped. Unlikely that he can buy the victim’s silence to make this disappear. There’s more than enough evidence for the prosecutor to proceed even if the victim suddenly “forgets” what went down.
  16. POTD post of the decade If only Macc had gotten Tannehill when I wanted. BYU never happens.
  17. You take reptile brain enjoyment of the Jets to a whole new level. I thought I was detached from the Jets!
  18. Just seems like more “all or nothing” thinking — if we can’t get Patrick Mahomes part deux, roll again with Zachenberg and **** it.
  19. And perhaps most importantly there are other options. Lucky year to need a vet. There are several feasible choices.
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