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  1. Ah gotcha. Let’s hope we don’t wait for Rodgers only to get jilted and then lose the game of musical QBs.
  2. Not going to get what done? And I challenge whether you can predict the future so specifically. Look, I want just want to enjoy watching the Jets again. JD wants to save his job. A vet is coming in.
  3. My brother and I used to raid the recycling center and climb into the magazine dumpster and go hunting. We found a mother lode of the trashiest magazines you could imagine. Like heavyset naked amateur biker chicks 50 years old, etc. So as a goof we removed the most ridiculous, horrible pages and stuffed them into an envelope that we labeled “The Smut File.” My dad found it and felt so sorry for us if that’s was the only crap we could get our hands on and bought us a bunch of playboys and made us promise not to tell mom. Much more innocent times.
  4. I glossed it because I don’t buy the lowering the ceiling argument. Compared to what? Sticking with what we have now? No. Doing nothing? No. Drafting another guy and do it again? Derek Carr would be a hit as a mid first rounder. So if you’re saying the tiny percent chance we land the next Mahomes in the draft… it’s just a horrible bet when the stakes are a core of talent on rookie deals.
  5. Yup because JD isn’t giving up draft picks to induce another team to take his cap hit.
  6. Odds of signing any one individual QB is currently below 50% so I agree I don’t think we are signing Carr.
  7. Hard to see it with Carr since you’re looking at a 3 year deal where he can’t feasibly be cut bare minimum to get him to sign
  8. Can someone remind me what Las Vegas’ nickname is?
  9. I can see that argument go both ways so it’s definitely a fair belief. I would just hate if the tiebreak goes to Rodgers because it leaves open the possibility for BYU to rise again. So basically we would have spent the 2nd overall to draft him and whatever we have to give up in picks for Rodgers chasing that dream. Talk about throwing good money after bad.
  10. “Flashes” has quickly become one of my most-hated words. Every QB drafted in the first round has physical talent and can deliver “flash” throws. For me a “flash” is being the best player on the field for significant stretches of games even if overall he doesn’t produce consistently.
  11. I’m with ya what a world it would be if we drafted Wirfs instead of Bacon. Paired with AVT we’d have the best young OL pair in the league. Pity.
  12. One of the more ironic JN usernames I must say
  13. “Sure maybe you can hook up with Rhianna but not like she’s gonna marry you!”
  14. To be fair every Jets fan who was born after 1975 or so’s favorite Jets memory is listening to dad or grandpa talk about Joe Namath and SBIII.
  15. When you’re up to your neck in sewage, a higher floor is exactly what you want. Let’s give this young core a chance to do something special. We whiffed on the highest pick we have had since Keyshawn. It happened. It’s done. The price to be competitive is now to (over)pay for a vet QB. What the alternative? Cheaping out and slogging through another season with a bottom-5 ranked passing offense will not be acceptable to the fans, the players, and I suspect also not to Woody. If this regime craps out this year they are out. Everyone who cares about Jets football has complete alignment of interest right now — competent QB play or bust.
  16. Penthouse magazines purloined from dad’s collection and hidden under the rotten log in the woods was the go to but that news always travelled fast and invariably some dbag always took it for himself after a couple days.
  17. If they get Carr or Rodgers I want them to 1.5 down. Those premium picks need to contribute to cracking our window open a little wider. Would love a Minshew/Teddy/Jameis backup (that’s the 0.5 of the 1.5 double down). I’m also a fan of a mid round QB lotto ticket regardless of circumstances. So that goes without saying.
  18. Correct one of several reasons I prefer Carr incidentally
  19. Certainly an option my only point is he’s likely to get a lot of interest and just speculating what it would take to be the most attractive offer. We shall see.
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