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  1. If you think the drops last year is the difference between a terrible and a good QB performance, there’s just nothing left to discuss with you. You can have the last word, the next word, and every word forevermore.
  2. I feel no need to swat away argumentum ad absurdum gnats.
  3. Not a rant. It’s an ethos. You can do whatever you wish. But wins is what I root for. Do you.
  4. If the Jets passers have zero drops this year and the QB is exactly the same player as he was last year otherwise, will it be a good season?
  5. Sorry my friend not about emotion even granting those drops down to league mean (or do you expect zero drops from Jets players?) my statement is undeniably correct.
  6. Jets had IIRC 4 drops over the mean last year. Even “giving” those to the QB, he was still the worst-rated in the league.
  7. Cleaning up drops should be a goal of every offense but even if the Jets had a league-average number of drops last year, it was still a putrid offense. FYI the chargers led the league in drops.
  8. “But they are good kids!” is but a salve to ease the sting of suck.
  9. When they dipped below .500, I withdrew uniform sponsorship.
  10. If your soul hangs in the balance based on who you cheer for, I feel there’s other changes you can make in life that will help more in that regard. I’m a smooth-brained orangutan who roots for my favorite sports team to win games, not merit badges for helping old ladies across the street.
  11. Win and I like. Lose and I hate. Don’t care about the personal stories involved or how many “nice kids” are on the team. Otherwise I’d go root for the church league softball team. Conversely, teams of degenerates are transformed into rascally rogues if they win.
  12. Social media is a megaphone for the idiocy that in the old days would have been duly shut down if expressed to a small circle of friends.
  13. There’s a huge variation in themes and content, some are ribald some are not. This is like saying because you shouldn’t let your 5 year old watch “Goodfellas” that movies are morally reprehensible.
  14. My fave (biased since she’s a friend): https://www.phillymag.com/news/2018/08/14/martha-graham-cracker-interview/ Channels Tim Curry flawlessly.
  15. I agree. Drag shows are the best entertainment you can get for a $10 cover. Seriously, give it a shot.
  16. jgb


    That’s generally what you do at the whistle.
  17. jgb


    Daniel Kelly — who many label an anti-Jets troll because he wrote a mean write-up on our QB before the draft, predicts Sauce will be the top cover corner in the NFL within 3 years.
  18. I still believe Tom will sign a totally spontaneous and arms-length personal services contract with the team a year or so after he finally calls it quits.
  19. This is ugly and the subtext is uglier. Reading between the lines, the Fins were offering Brady an ownership stake — presumably to accrue after he retired — in some sort of salary cap evading move. Gee, I wonder what made them think he might be down for an arrangement like that.
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