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  1. At something he probably is. Too bad whatever that thing is has no relation to coaching.
  2. Ashamed to admit I had the exact same thought
  3. Virtual reality is the future of QB evals. No more white board, strap on these goggles and SHOW US.
  4. Explains why a certain Jets QB slid into my DMs soon thereafter. I’m right in his target age range.
  5. ARRRG! Fill up yer mugs, ya bilge rats!
  6. T0m, the QB's chance to become a FQB has gone from 1% to 4% after this game. You've been missing all the totally-timely and no-chance-to-backfire victory laps. Says a lot about a player when a 250/1/2 50% game qualifies as a "dunk worthy" performance. But, it was the first time I saw him display game-changing physical talent. So, his chance to become a FQB has gone from "no ******* way" to "extremely very unlikely." Hey, as a Jets fan, I'll take it for now!
  7. If you could develop a personality test to extrapolate a QB's mental makeup to succeed in the NFL, you'd earn generational wealth.
  8. I hyperextended my knee once in a pickup game and cried like a baby (and screamed curses). Never once before or since have I reacted like that to injury/pain as an adult but my god it was unlike any pain I ever had. Ended up I ****ed up the nerve. There is plenty of criticize the Pats about but this isn't one of them IMHO.
  9. Was big for me. We drafted him for ceiling but we (at least I) didn't see any real evidence of it last season. That's very frustrating when a guy who is supposed to have all this talent looks like Deshonn Kizer. This game he did demonstrate that talent ceiling. Still could fail but I feel a lot better now that at least that upside is in there.
  10. Projecting college QB play to the pros remains the most difficult thing to scout in sport. There is so much more to the position than the physical talent.
  11. I was also wrong on Sam. Really thought we lucked into a good one. C'est la vie. Lamar Jackson is getting $4M more this year than Sam Darnold....
  12. I said I've very happy with his performance last game. My expectations were cellar-floor. He exceeded those. But that's the thing about exceeding expectations... they keep going up...
  13. And if you adjust the guys over 60%, their completion percentage would be 70%+ making 60% no longer good.
  14. Geno had a perfect passer rating against Miami as a Jets QB once...
  15. Also fair. I was legitimately worried about his safety last game.
  16. I need more than 50% completion and a positive turnover ratio to feel good about it because over significant sample size that's going to lose a whole lot more games than it wins. This is what I mean by bigger picture. But that's for another day. This week I'm happy he took a step. Next week, is next week.
  17. Given Saleh's injury track record, I'd rather Saleh to announce his foot has been amputated.
  18. Fair, of course, but I'm more interested in the bigger picture, ultimately. "Is he, or isn't he?"
  19. Anyway let's get back to a good thread about the film breakdown. He hit 9 different receivers, 5 for >40 yards. Being able to spread the ball around is a positively-correlated metric to extrapolate a QB's potential. Let's see how he looks in coming weeks.
  20. Frank, I'm being serious here, I'm going to give you some cool down time for your own good. Hope you can enjoy the win with the other fans.
  21. Yeah... I disagree. 9 wins would be nice but if we win because of last minute heroics to make up for 3 quarters of terrible QB play.... no one will enjoy the debate in the off season about whether we need a new QB to fully unlock a talented team.
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