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  1. The road to success is lined with the corpses of those with unrealized potential.
  2. Nothing personal but I abhor the lazy nicknaming convention of tacking on a “sy.”
  3. Damn tootin when’s the last time the Jets drafted a guy based on name alone? @Marko Cavka?
  4. Congrats on being one year closer to your target audience
  5. Jets fan 9th circle of hell… Bucs v. Pats Super Bowl this season. Who do you even root for?? I’d root for a timely comet.
  6. There is precedent for WRs to emerge year 3. But Mims was utterly useless last year. Still think he should’ve played more after last season’s WRmagaddon but what do I know.
  7. There are two types of backups that you want, depending on where you are as a team. Type A: backups with some semblance of hypothetical upside if you are a team with doubts about your starter (ex. Gardner Minshew). Type B: backups who protect the ball, don’t lose games for you, and can hopefully play .500 ball if your FQB misses limited time. Also known as “steady hand veterans” (ex. Teddy Bridgewater). Darnold is neither. I wouldn’t want him to backup a drunk karaoke singer.
  8. Great to see this view getting a modicum of traction. There is no good reason why Minshew is not already a Jet. JD called the right team but made a deal for the wrong player last season. And FYI I think #2 should get every snap unless injured. Just wish Minshew was the Plan B instead of Flacco.
  9. Don’t have to. We have machines for that now.
  10. Lol Crusher we know you have a doctor’s note that 3 hour lunch breaks are a medical necessity.
  11. Looks like the straw man and exaggeration police are on lunch break.
  12. All good, I’ll assume this isn’t sarcasm and thank you for the follow up.
  13. They didn’t boot him. They offered him incentive-based contract which would’ve paid decent starter cash in those days if he remained the starter. This incentive contract wasn’t some sneaky way to get rid of him. It’s because he had torn the labrum of his throwing shoulder the last game the season prior. There is a pretty good chance that if that injury didn’t happen, the chargers would’ve tried to trade away Rivers. Brees wanted more guaranteed money (who could blame him) and was worried the team would be fast to want to kick off the Rivers era should things go south. Thus he decided (wisely) to reject the offer. The year before that they franchised him despite having already drafted Rivers.
  14. That’s a really negative way to approach an online debate. Pull on the mod’s apron strings to try to get people you disagree with banned. Very Eddie Haskell. Sad this is what it’s become here. This isn’t the JN I fell in love with. A little heartbreaking TBH.
  15. Medicore is average. If he's an average NFL starter (ranked around 16), he definitely should get another year. I've set the bar even lower. I've said several times I'm on board if he's top 16 in any of the "big 3" QB stats -- compl. %, TDs, or yards.
  16. Do you think it's perhaps a better option is to put posters on ignore rather than try to bait and then get long time Jets fans banned from a Jets forum? I mean since we're debating the definition of "troll" in this thread... that's pretty textbook. If your posts are sarcasm, I apologize for missing it.
  17. Then I wish the Jets recruited players from under a bridge.
  18. I boycott this poll due to a glaring exclusion
  19. If no one has wowed Howie Roseman to pick up Minshew, MW ain't going nowhere.
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