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  1. It would be disaster if he misses signifiant time this season. Also coming from someone who thinks he sucks.
  2. The Jets have accommodated my opinions far too often to doubt myself.
  3. This reminds me of the time I handicapped a business result to my boss with a 25% chance of a positive outcome and a 75% chance of a negative one. The outcome was positive and he told me I had been “wrong.” People do not innately understate probabilities and statistics. In fact, that’s why Vegas is not a one-motel truck stop in the desert.
  4. The problem with your view is that the most outlandish statements came from the optimistic crew……
  5. It’s as big a mistake to diagnose intent and true belief from what people say at the maximal point of despair as it is to diagnose knee injuries from a 8 second video clip. Everyone but the true secret double agents here (which number in the low, low single digits, if not zero) hope and pray the QB becomes a laser hot turbo stud. People do, however, vent in comical and melodramatic ways when frustrated. If you have children — or ever were one yourself — this is a point that should not require reference or citation.
  6. To be fair, it wasn’t the “wrong” call (which all thinking people recognize were guesses) but rather the unbelievable tonal shift that accompanied it. That’s the headliner here — not that you guessed about an injury.
  7. Not talking about the current QB, yet. It’s a general statement backed up by decades of observational data and a rigorous application of the scientific method thereto.
  8. Only upside surprises are possible for us… we don’t have to pull ourselves constantly from the pit of disappointment.
  9. I think this morning @Joe W. Namath is saying “Thank you Excedrin, thank you.”
  10. For some reason this article reminds me of this pre-draft comment about Darnold: “He’s like a cow on ice skates.” That is all.
  11. I just want to say — with extreme sincerity — thank you, @slats, thank you for merging these threads into a single abomination.
  12. Many vanish when their more… vehement… takes are invalidated but I’ve found the solution for that — never be wrong
  13. Hate is a straw man word. There are definitely a large crew of skeptics () but I hope he’s in the saddle the entire season. I want to be proven wrong. That can’t happen with him sidelined.
  14. I hope he gets the chance to un-earn it and plays every reg season snap no matter what happens or how horrendous the early returns may be.
  15. If you get in a spat with @The Crusher and a pork chop is not involved, it’s probably your fault.
  16. Always remember there are two types of Jets fans: (1) those take out their frustrations on the Jets and (2) those that take out their frustrations on those that take out their frustrations on the Jets.
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