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  1. I had a dude spam 4 of my chef d'oeuvres today with troll gifs. I mean one was a gnome, but, can only expect so much considering the level of competition around here.
  2. Free apple juice for life at any bar in the state of Utah
  3. I position it more as a scuttling before she falls into enemy hands
  4. I'm also still waiting for Trent Richardson to deliver for my dynasty fantasy football team
  5. Yeah, well, the Jets would be undefeated if you weren't so damn negative, Tom.
  6. Yeah in the other thread I estimated 5 years/$150M fully guaranteed is probably what it would take for the Jets to get him. Curious -- why not the route you would take?
  7. OP is correct, this is what we need. Many others in the thread are also correct, there's little chance any guys who fit the bill are coming here. The only reason we got Parcells was because he needed a platform to stick it to Robert Kraft within the AFC-E. The highest paid HC is estimated (many not public) to be McVay around $15M/year. Payton will 100% break the record and be $20M+. Woody's only shot is to fire Saleh mid-season and get an early jump on Payton before anyone else and offer him some obscene amount like $30M for 5 years fully guaranteed. And give him whatever control he wants.
  8. Unless the D makes a miraculous turn and finishes the season around #20, I don't see how Saleh survives the season. His record is trending much worse than Gase's despite the universally-acknowledged greater talent on the team.
  9. At this point, why the hell not.
  10. He can ask the Jets for good tips on coping mechanisms
  11. Agree with the idea but I just don't see how Woody gets a fish like Payton into the boat.
  12. At this point, his life insurance carrier might be refusing to clear him.
  13. Maybe JD thought it was a pie eating contest?
  14. With Fant going down, even more pressure/spotlight on the defense. This is starting to smell like the end of Saleh...
  15. Even if they had taken Wirfs... which would've been the right move as stated right after we took Becton... they still wouldn't have an LT...
  16. I'm actually worried about his safety not gonna lie. 9 months since he last played competitive football outside of what 3 pre-season snaps and now Fant is out?
  17. I've been pretty hard on the young lad but this is a pretty garbage situation to come back into after not playing competitive football for 9 months. I'd actually consider dressing him as a backup and giving him the 4th quarter or something to try to shake the rust off because we know we will be down like 4TDs at that point and the Steelers won't have their ears pinned back anymore. If he gets broken in half it doesn't satisfy the only goal really left this season... find out if he is or is not...
  18. The die is cast. Time to go to Plan "S" for "Sacrificial lamb." Make White and Strev draw lots. Short straw has to play.
  19. He's much more likely to catch menopause considering his choice of partners
  20. JD to BYU when we drafted him: "This organization is going to lift you up." Yeah, into the medivac chopper.
  21. BYU scrambling to find a third medical opinion
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