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  1. You are actually the most articulate pro-BYU guy in the board. Let that sink in.
  2. Let’s take a page out of the pro-BYU playbook: “Kurt Warner proves you are wrong.”
  3. Precaution to keep hope alive another week before reality sweeps across the lands like El Niño.
  4. I’ve posted tons and tons of statistics and analyses thereof, guess what those posts also result in: being called a troll. The charge is content not behavior based. No other logical conclusion can be drawn.
  5. You know how you can identify trolls? They either ignore or display an open aversion to facts.
  6. All aboard the pre-excuse express!
  7. To be in the BYU fan club you have to believe and express openly the belief that a rookie’s stats are “literally meaningless” but must simultaneously conclude by gazing into your magic mirror that Steveler totally sucks based on a sample size of…
  8. Until there are pro bowlers all along the line, we will never know what we have in BYU. Flacco and Mike White suck, though. And Stev, too, despite a sample size of 0 because it would be bad for BYU if he didn’t.
  9. Ed knows he can’t walk away again no matter how much the Jets suck and regain his media position as most visible Jets fan. Only a stunt you can pull once.
  10. Still… you can’t flip a car several times in a single car wreck without serious speed or failing asleep at the wheel on the highway or screwing with your phone, etc.
  11. Why doesn’t every multi-multi millionaire have a chauffeur… I ain’t rich and I haven’t driven a car in 7 years.
  12. Because it’s just so so difficult to extrapolate college performance to the pros. I also did not like him coming out but I’ve been wrong tons on QB prospects as have the likes of Ozzie Newsome, widely hailed as the greatest GM of our generation.
  13. This organization needs a culture shock. I think we’ve been looking for the wrong brand of savior. We need one wearing a headset perhaps even more than one wearing an armband. But I have a myriad of doubts Sean will come here, starting with: 1. This kind of bidding war, big-game hunting doesn’t seem to fit our plodding owner 2. Even if Woody did make a play, I’d be convinced any reciprocation from Sean would be feigned to increase whatever final offer he gets from the team he really wants Probably the only chance Jets have is to jettison Saleh mid-season and overwhelm Sean with an offer of such riches and control, that he’s bagged before others (e.g., Jerry Jones) can join the race. Still unlikely because Sean will know time is on his side and will bide it for all it’s worth.
  14. JD missed a gimme with his first pick in his first draft. He does seem to have settled into the position a bit since then, however. I can’t fault him or any GM for (potentially!) whiffing on a QB. That’s the nature of the beast.
  15. You didn’t add the disclaimer: “And I hope he does it” to the last sentence. They gonna come getcha.
  16. Yeah imagine that you’re so invested to a position that if proven correct, you care more about how others will react than being happy for the franchise. Fake fans who put messageboard warz above the Jets.
  17. Can’t think of a time in modern times when a living owner has sold except when he was forced (Panthers). NFL teams get sold when owners die and his spawn wants to divvy up the cash and go live a life of unearned and vapid ease.
  18. Until the league apportions television revenue in such a way that rewards winning (never), why the hell should he?
  19. And here I expected a charge of evading your argument but I can see that the effort I put into my dismissal of it was already an over-investment.
  20. This is probably the worst football take in JN history.
  21. Snails also progress. But by morning they are 8 feet from dusk day prior.
  22. I’m saying complaining about the line as the cause if BYU looks like a turd is not going to sway free-thinking folk who know that a FQB may not be at his best behind a poor line but he won’t look like straight dogrel.
  23. You’re even more wrong than usual. Which is quite a feat.
  24. Easy to say Trubisky wasn’t a decent hedge now that you’ve seen him play. He was considered at the time to be a shrewd low risk acquisition. Minshew — if BYU plays like he has I’ll be thrilled. And Jimmy G—they had him last year, you know , and kept him and wouldn’t part for low comp. Let’s also not forget that one of the primary excuses foisted in defense of BYU by his stalwarts is that he was pressed too soon into action before being ready. Jimmy and Mitch performed these tasks to spare Lance and Pickett such dishonorable treatment. To fans of such a team as the Jets, planning looks like the spoils of fortune.
  25. If he plays well you will have earned those captain’s bars and the only bark of pessimism you will hear from me is “now do it again.”
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