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  1. I wonder how the “nice kid” brigade would react to that pick up lol
  2. I bet a lot of people for charity. Did you accept the bet?
  3. Does she do house calls? My balls have been green for going on 20 years
  4. Truth is my master
  5. I’m a calloused-over husk of flat-lined emotions at this point
  6. Already to the bargaining stage of grief. This is healthy.
  7. I wonder what kind of man thinks that calling someone a woman is an insult
  8. One mustn't tarnish the vessel of his vicarious dreams.
  9. I married my first wife with the intention of growing together.
  10. Would be an improvement to running toward the opposite end zone in the face of pressure. At least when you're running in a circle, half the time you're going forward
  11. Hall is infinitely more likely to return to form than BYU is to round into form. If you think the QB is going to settle into a long-term starter, that QB would be the key to the offense. I wish we still had the butt fumble reaction. If the QB doesn't make dramatic improvements this year JD will look to "get us better" at that position, as well.
  12. If he is lost for the season, there is some sliver of a silver lining -- the coaching staff can't hide the QB anymore and he's going to have the opportunity to put the team on his back. We will find out all we need to about him this season.
  13. He's been a barnacle on the hull of the USS Breece Hall. Now is the time he needs to show it if he has it.
  14. And people call me a pessimist. Little early to eulogize the man's career.
  15. And I thought I found my soul mate.
  16. Everyone has an agenda in everything they do. That's why people do stuff.
  17. That name is like the Bat Signal to me
  18. Imagine if we got league-average QB play. This team has a lot of scrappy to it.
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