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  1. Every young Jets QB arises from the ashes of the prior season born anew and without memory of anything that came before.
  2. It would be horrible if he gets hurt again. Putting aside he’s a Jet and a human being, that guarantees he is handed the starting job again next year since “we don’t yet know what we have.” Everyone — optimists and pessimists alike should want as many snaps as possible outta him this year.
  3. Between the 20 targets a game to Garrett Wilson you are advocating and the 20 carries to Breece, maybe we should run with the two of them, a QB, and 8 offensive linemen.
  4. They should hold Breece out until the OL gels otherwise he might get a boo boo.
  5. Hasn’t even played yet? Love how this is the new defense. Just act like last year doesn’t exist. So who was that handsome young man I saw running around last year grounding balls to Michael Carter?
  6. I’m sure opposing defenses won’t react to force-feeding 20 targets a game to one guy.
  7. Wouldn’t be surprised if other owners and football men purposeful give terrible input to Johnson when he pesters them at league meetings about advice on who to hire.
  8. Hard to say which is worse: woody with consultants or woody sans. Results basically the same.
  9. Justin Herbert had the worst OL in the league his rookie year. 4300/31/10 Burrow has also played behind a horrendous line his entire career.
  10. This story plus your username is a gut punch. Damn.
  11. The Jets have had two coaches with a record above .500. Both quit.
  12. Hey! Woody treaded water from Mangini to Rex.
  13. Which plays would you have liked to see twice?
  14. “The Jets suck because they have unprecedented injuries!” No, vets don’t play through hangnails for death-spiraling teams.
  15. I was going to say this fanbase is thirsty for a good team like a desert nomad but since you’re not Lawrence of Arabia, I’ll try to think of a different analogy.
  16. No, I was responding to the post I actually responded to.
  17. We shouldn’t have been all in with BYU just like the Niners, Steelers and Eagles weren’t all in on their new guns. All teams run in a vastly superior manner to the Jets in every conceivable facet.
  18. Thank you; another man of courage.
  19. “Not exactly batsh*t insane.” In that case
  20. Can’t wait until he goes 110 for 2 INTs and 3 sacks and you crow how wrong I was. Come on you’re a jets fan predict the stat line. Let’s play.
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