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  1. Do you think Haynesworth would mind playing Guard?
  2. Guy couldn't make the Broncos. Don't see him adding much value.
  3. Denver at 11 and San Diego at 17? Hmmmmmm.
  4. The Pickman


    Burnett - 10-13 5.15 era on a team that is 34 games over .500. Wow! That takes some doing. You suck, AJ. Drive in reverse to the bank to cash those checks, you bum.
  5. The Pickman likes Utah. www.thepickman.com
  6. ...it will go down with Denver. Jets get - Champ Bailey and Denver's #1 in 2011. Denver gets - Revis Revis gets - paid
  7. Wainwright vs. Niese
  8. Sabathia vs. Tomlin
  9. Vazquez vs. Westbrook
  10. O'Sullivan vs. Hughes
  11. Pelfrey vs. Monasterios
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