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  1. you guys are crazy if your not excited for stephen hill and your more excited for jordan white ?!?!?!?!? hill is exactly the type of guy sanchez needs a tall big target burner downfield who can make all the tough catches he might just have the best season out of all of em
  2. stop being such a kill joy, besides we all know that the only thing that'll get burnt is the back of Lloyd's neck from being stranded in the heat of Revis Island
  3. actually i was talking to a friend of mine whose is a huge giant fan and he said that sanchez and eli are extremely similar, basically he said, and he has watched everygame of elis career that he was the same way with terrible games now and then just like sanchez, also he said that eli has something like 18 come from behind/4th quarter victories in his career (reminnd you of someone) and eli had his first 4000 yard season in 2009 which is year what ? 5? 6? sanchez flashes greatness, soooner or later hell throw it all together just hopefully not as late as eli
  4. WITHOUT A RUNNING GAME WE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO PASS its as obvious as a black guy at a clan meeting at least as long as we have shotty
  5. Im no scouting guru but it doesnt take one to realize that this kid has got IT. What are the chances we grab this beast in the third or fourth?
  6. wilson is talented last year he had great coverage just needed to turn his head around hell be fine as our starting cb let qbs pick on him and he will pick them off i bet cromartie gave up over 100 yards in penalties this year and when a penalty wasnt called it should have been he gets beat then holds the reciever
  7. great move let our FIRST ROUND PICK.prove himself, i think wilson is ready and if not rex better suck namdi's dik
  8. if we snag aso we could draft a pass rusher at 30 and hit up ropati pitotua marcus dixon pouha devito an bring coleman back so our secondary looks like this revis/aso leonard/pool wilson/coleman/lowery/cole ...wow sounds good to me
  9. i dont see them going after a corner early because i think they will give wilson a shot, they trusted him enough to play in the playoffs, i think they let cro walk and have wilson start, resign coleman because hell be way cheaper than cro and theyll have revis/wilson/coleman/cole/lowery unless lowery moves to full time safety but if he does maybe they go after one later on just for depth. if you honestly think about it, cromartie was pretty much our most faulty cb on the field pretty much all year, wilson will only get better
  10. +100 the typical fan sees Wilson as a failure but not many people realize how different playing a slot man up is from playing an outside receiver man up.. with the outside receiver the cb has help from the sideline he knows where the receiver cant go which is a HUGE advantage, the slot can do whatever he wants so you have to be ready to become his shadow where ever he goes the receiver is in full control and even so towards the end of the year Wilson made some plays for us, btw just because his name is drew coleman doesnt mean he cant be good, lets face it hes pretty good at covering slots
  11. I think pool is really good why does everyone seem. Tothink he won't be. Playing next year?
  12. im pretty damn nervous about this game but as long as we dont make dumb mistakes i feel we win this game is all about feild position, if you havent noticed over the last few games the jets have been winning the field position battles and when you have to drive on our defense over 80-90 yards you tend to come up short
  13. scott was rjght welker got crushed last night by smith coleman and a few others too
  14. 1. if the 7 and 9 seahawks could beat the saints then this jets team can beat the patriots 2. idk if a playoff game has ever been called a trap game but for this game there isnt a better name for it, no one is giving the jets a shot i think theyll feed off the "us vs. the world" type of aura that this game brings 3. sometimes i get the feeling that records and even talent doesnt matter to a certain point, i feel like any team can beat any other football team and in the end its who wants it more.. i think the jets want it more, even if the jets dont win they will be sending the pats into the afc champ game all bruised and banged up its gonna be a dogfight LETS GO JETS!!
  15. i hate welker but i think this is moderately funny... i mean i still hope he gets his sh*t blown in by preferably revis or scott but slightly funny regardless anyway for everyone who thinks the pats will lose focus by talking dont get your hopes up cus they wont we just have to beat them.. for once in this season nothing else matters except beating the living sh*t out of these cocky arrogant douchebags, especially tom beibs cro returns opening second half kickoff for a td to put us up by 3
  16. haha real encouraging yeah i think hes done GOOD not great job but maybe thats a result of the offensive system he plays in? Which really doesnt produce huge qb numbers with the whole ground and pound style. I think id rather a good quarterback whose great in big spots rather than a great quarterback whose sub good in big spots no ?
  17. Ok so i know we are in the middle of an intense playoff run and this post seems a little unfocused but i would really like to know what everyone thinks about sanchez. Ive been taking a ton of heat from some of my giant fan friends about how much sanchez sucks (i countered with the complete re-enactment of the miracle at the meadowlands commentating). Anyway naturally i stuck up for sanchez saying how he is clutch and has the "it" factor. Was it just my pure optimism or does anyone actually see sanchez as a top quarterback in the nfl in the next few years?
  18. cmon man its Rex... his bravado is as big as his appetite for a freshly manicured big toe im sure hell find something
  19. i would love to see revis blitz or play safety but i think theyll probably lock him up pr play more zone personally i would put our wilson and coleman on the outside with safety help over the top of coleman revis and cro play man up with TE and welker on the inside have eric smith playing a middle zone kind of like a mlb like he was lined up against the colts with lowery as the deep safety over coleman actually i want pool in the game cus hes gonna make huge tackles like he did saturday but keep some combination of the latter with pool at ss
  20. yeah he had a good game nevermind the big hits this guy saved probably 3 TDs with great open feild tackles
  21. i didnt even see trufant on the feild and i didnt really hear too much of him either but i guess thats a good thing, hopefully he, cole, and cook all play this good in the playoffs cus man do we need guys who can cover
  22. this is a little off topic but did anyone see emmanuel cooks hit on the bills kick returner.. the returner got his dik blown in
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