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  1. I am selling two Jets vs Colts tickets for $210. These seats are located in 227b. Shoot me a Pm if interested.
  2. I am looking to sell 2 tickets for Monday's Jets vs Texans game for face value. These seats are Lower Sideline seats and are behind the visitors bench. I am selling them for Face Value which is $145 a ticket. Pm me if you are interested and I will provide you with more information. Thanks!
  3. I am selling two Yankees vs Twins tickets for tonight's game at 8pm. These seats are located in section 132, row 15. I am looking for 125 per ticket. These are hard tickets!!!
  4. From my couch with the don't disturb sign on the door. No kids, wife or cat is allowed in till the game is over!
  5. It feels good that Revis is back!!! Makes me feel even better about being in the Stadium in a week to watch the Jets beat the Ravens. Its going to be an amazing experience and next I get to watch the Jets vs Pats!!!! Much much better then sitting on my couch watching them win on some 50 inch 3d tv, I actually get to sit next to some Raven and Pats fans and do a whole lot of trash talking!
  6. I was there yesterday and saw them setting up. Yes the tent/Jets Shop was set up in the middle of the parking lot.
  7. Taking my son to the practice, do they ussually sign stuff for fans? And if so is it at the end?
  8. How did you get your tickets if you didn't pay for them in full. Kinda crazy stuff! It can't be that easy to get over on the Jets tickets office LOL!
  9. The big question of the day is can you bring your own stuff to get signed or do you need to buy things from the store.
  10. Pictures please, or please just break down what's in the box.
  11. The Jets really should have done a credit check or at least asked for people's ss numbers. To be honest if somebody really wanted to walk away from paying they could. They don't ask for enough info to lock somebody in. I guess they either don't care or they figure they will sell the defaults to some other fan. In all, the Giants made the smartest move in regards to PSL sales. Put half down and the other half by March of 2011. I don't even want to begin to think how many seats would be left if the jets didn't let fans finance their seats for 5 to 15 years. I guess time will tell if the 2010 Jets PSL situation turns into a smaller version of the 08 and on housing situation.
  12. Hey Max, what were your thoughts about the remaining seat selection? And did you pull the trigger on any PSL seats?
  13. I say 2500 LEZ seats, covered if still available.
  14. Hey Max those Coaches Club seats are calling your name. Just think you could raffle the games that you can't make here on your site lol. Anyway good luck with your purchase man!
  15. I think you are trying to say run through your fingers, look I just helped you edit your own post. And don't worry I won't charge you a fee, don't want to take money away from your plasma fund. Please go back and read my first post. When and if you read my first post you will, or should understand the point that I am trying to make. I will say this again, there is not one single TV that you will buy today in 2010 that will last you 30 years, not even 15. It really is as simple as that! Through those years you will be buying a couple of plasma Tv's. If you are a newbie to the whole Hd Tv thing and think that these amazing sets will last as long as your grandfathers Tv from the 40's then I am here to tell you they won't. I never said that a PSL is a good investment. Please read my sig as well. Again, I will answer are you saving money buying a couple of HD sets through the 30 years vs buying a PSL? YES
  16. I never said that buying a PSL over a plasma tv was a better value. For anybody buying a PSL, you are doing so because you prefer going to games and having that experience over sitting at home watching it on TV. Are you paying more then buying a 50inch 3D Sony Tv, yes! Watching games on Tv is great, I have been doing it for years. But I for one rather be there even if it cost a lot more money to do so. But at the end of the day maybe it is better to think like you. I need to explain to my wife how it would be much cheaper to buy a new plasma tv and watch a family trip to Paris on dvd then to actually go there in person. I hope you would agree with that one!
  17. Again I will say I am not knocking somebody for buying a plasma tv instead of a PSL. But just be honest and say I will be buying a couple of plasma tv's instead of a PSL. One tv won't last you 30 years.
  18. Why judge somebody on what they prefer??? Do you understand what the word WORTH means? If so please tell me the answer. And calling somebody a moron based on what they prefer just lets me know that I need to stop going back and forth with you. Sorry I only have conversations with adults.
  19. The worth of everything in the world all depends on the person looking to buy that item. And comparing a car to a cookie jar is something that my 6 year old son would do!
  20. That all depends on who you ask!!!!!!! To a guy that lives in NYC, a cookie jar might be a better investment then a car. I women that lives in Asia, a cookie jar might be a better investment. Do I really need to start typing like a middle school kid for people to understand my point?
  21. I am not trying to defend PSL's, there are far better things to spend your money on. All I am saying is that your plasma tv that you buy will not last you 30 years. Within that time spam you will be buying a couple of TV's and not just one. We as consumers can always say if I don't buy this, I can buy that. This is what we call LIFE. A guy that buys a BMW 5 series can say, for 50,000 dollars I can buy two Honda's and give one to the Mrs. I for one would rather not have to pay for a PSL. But as a first time Jets STH this whole PSL situation has given me the chance to do so. And the money spent, won't feel that bad with all of the memories that will be gained from taking my son to the games. That experience and the time spent is something that I look forward to.
  22. And if you can get the same life spam out of that so called plasma tv that you are referring to, that you will get out of the New Meadowlands Stadium please let me know your secret. Remember we are in 2010 not the 1960's. Please try again and think a little bit harder next time. The plasma tv vs Psl debate died with HD-dvd players.
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