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  1. just want to see this all day ..
  2. I want the Jets to win tomorrow more then words can express but even more I hope that Sanchez has a killer day and shuts all you haters up. It never ceases to amaze me what a fan base the Jets have. Its sad. You all seem to have all the answers.. What a breathe of fresh air it would be if instead of adding division to this team some of you could come together and actually root for the team. Positive energy may be a good start. “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”
  3. from your mouth to the Football Gods ears!
  4. Best way to beat the Patriots is to get to Brady. Get to his blind side which is sure to keep his aim too low and bam get him off his balance. Get him sulking and then hit him again. Fast hard and furious. Execute and own the moment . .. Sack Brady!
  5. Sure he was 11 for 18 for only 82 yards, marking it the third time he failed to throw for at least 100 since he has been in the NFL but lets not forget against the Colts he had two touchdowns and NO turnovers, leading the Jets to a 35-9 WIN. Even better is we saw the return of the Ground and Pound, thats right count it, 252 yards on the ground, including a career-high of 161 yards by Shonn Greene. Its not as if management has put Sanchez in a position to win so considering everything isnt it time we as fans came together and supported him. I sure hope Mark hits everyone of his young re
  6. I say the only way to beat the Patriots is to hit Brady and hit him often. Make him eat turf. Disrupt his timing, disrupt his rhythm. Game Plan - BULLY BRADY
  7. great video...makes me homesick! My favorite moment here had to be the guy that said he became a Jets fan because of Jets fans .. go Jetnation!
  8. Yes we are for right now the Jets have NO IDENTITY and until they can define who they are, especially with the loss of Revis and Tone they will struggle leaving us fans with a whole lot of ugliness.
  9. Yeah right and that is why Rex was just on ESPN radio trying to explain running game "we have to find a way to get that ground game going" Maybe once they get that going they can start pounding again.
  10. When was the last time you could actually use 'Ground and Pound' when referring to the Jets?
  11. they can all hate but if you ever watch the NFL channel . .what team is it that gets the most coverage. . thats right the J ✈ E ✈ T ✈ S ✈ JETS✈ ✈JETS✈ ✈ #JETS
  12. I do love when Fireman Ed leads the Jets chant nothing like it cept maybe after a win in the locker room when Rex calls on someone to break it down and in unison they sing . . AND THE HOME OF THE JETS! I could not agree with you more!
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