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  1. did we just see two different side-armers throw only one pitch each and let three runs in?

  2. dodged a bullet on that Saints games....

  3. wow was that a dumb decision by Eli Manning...

  4. rain lasted longer than I thought it would... would have liked to see AJ get a good start in... guess is 2 more b4 the post-season.

  5. my 6 year old sings God Bless America along with Kate Smith whenever we watch the game...

  6. Nice cheer for A-Rod at The Stadium.... I mean Camden Yards...

  7. leave the bat on the shoulder... the ball may hit it....

  8. Tampa and Boston both lose (Boston twice...)

  9. Swisher 5 for 6 this year when given the green light on 3-0...

  10. eva.... again and again, but not Ezeikel

  11. Moseley should have rain delays ahead of all his starts...

  12. An A-bomb from A-rod!

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