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  1. trade or no trade, have to get this beast
  2. NFL scout 'taken aback' by former Penn State QB Hackenberg's accuracy issues The main issue with Hackenberg's development continues to be his accuracy throwing the ball. As Cimini reports, Hackenberg finished his final year at Penn State ranked 120th in the nation in adjusted completion rate (counting drops, spikes, etc.) at 64 percent, according to Pro Football Focus. http://www.pennlive.com/pennstatefootball/index.ssf/2017/05/christian_hackenberg_horrible.html but yeah lets all have patience. when he goes 15-70 0 td's 5 int's from week 6 to 10 then we can officially move on I guess.
  3. anyone who still thinks this is the guy to lead us into the next 2, 3, 5 seasons needs to have their heads examined he is worthless accept it and get ready for Sam D, Josh Allen or Lamar
  4. Schefter: Jets to release David Harris

    now leaves only 5 players over 30 years old on the roster. with one being Mccown and the other a long snapper.
  5. Schefter: Jets to release David Harris

    wow we really purging this thing now
  6. Jets add Safety Shamarko Thomas

    Cuseeeeee good depth guy
  7. Browns acquire S Calvin Pryor from Jets for LB Demario Davis The Browns and Jets have made a one-for-one swap on Thursday, exchanging defensive players. Both Calvin Pryor and Demario Davis have been disappointments in their careers, but this trade makes sense for both teams. Cleveland needed a safety to start next to Jabrill Peppers. Pryor may not beat out the other safeties on the roster, but he'll have a shot. He was a first-round pick in 2014, so he at least has potential, despite the horrible start to his career. Davis, meanwhile, is back with the Jets after spending one season with the Browns. The Jets needed depth behind David Harris and Darron Lee, and Davis seems like he could be a passable third inside linebacker. This trade seems about even, but I'm going to give the Browns a slight edge. Pryor is younger and has more potential than Davis. He's been terrible as a pro thus far, but he could turn things around and become a solid player in the NFL. It probably won't happen, but I can envision a scenario in which it does. Grade for Browns - B+ Grade for Jets - B Follow me @walterfootball
  8. Players Visiting Jets

    nailed it
  9. Draft Rumors

    f*ck yes
  10. Players Visiting Jets

    assuming Garrett goes at 1, this should be our board at 6. I'm not in favor of Trubisky or Watson at that slot, but have to think we'd be working the phones in an effort to trade down. Browns at 12 an ideal candidate. and again if we're subscribing to the swing at the QB pinata until a good competent one comes out, then so be it. people on this board seem to think the world will end if we take another DB at 6. perhaps we're not realizing that we play Tom Brady twice a year and also have to deal with Big Ben/Luck/D Carr/Mariota/Dalton for the next 5 years. we need a good secondary. the league has changed to pass first. we have an elite front line if they play to their best ability. fill out the back-end and we're back to a top 10 D. I'm sick of d-line picks. we got burned by Dee Milliner and Kyle Wilson at CB, so what. jury's still out on Calvin. Malik Hooker to play centerfield to pair with Calvin's run stuffing abilities feels like a great fit to me. 7 picks last year and took 3 to the house. via Rob Rang: Last season only two teams (Cleveland, Detroit) allowed a worse ratio of touchdown passes allowed to interception than the Jets, which surrendered 32 scores and only picked off 10 passes. Given the aggressive nature of defensive-minded head coach Todd Bowles and general manager Mike Maccagnan's trusted Best Player Available strategy, it is easy to envision the duo falling in love with Hooker, whose range and ball skills (seven interceptions in 2016) could have the Jets flying much higher in 2017. Fournette/OJ Howard/R Foster would be my next tier. regardless, if we trust Mike, then we're taking the best player available. my $0.02. 8 days to go
  11. GOD FORBID someone tries to look at the positives. edit apologies to Tom Shane for name calling. people should post whatever they want to post. free country. nature of this message board always being negative/sarcastic has worn on me. I guess thats the just the internet though. Peace.
  12. The pick at 6 has to be..

    Cimini column on QB at 6: I brought up North Carolina's Mitchell Trubisky, who has been linked to the Jets in many mock drafts, including Mel Kiper's latest version. Gruden said he'd be surprised if the Jets, even with their quarterback issues, take Trubisky at No. 6 overall. "I can’t see them going that high for that," Gruden said. "There’s a lot of unknown with some of these quarterbacks. Five of the seven are underclassmen. Trubisky has played one year of college football. I don’t know. A lot of it will be dependent on what they truly think of their young quarterbacks they currently have." Gruden likes Trubisky's upside, but he said the lack of experience (13 starts in college) is a "concern." Of the seven quarterbacks who participated in Gruden's QB Camp TV series, which starts April 11 on ESPN2, Trubisky had by far the fewest amount of starts. I agree with Gruden on two points: It's too risky to take Trubisky at six and the Jets' feelings about Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty will come to the surface in this draft. If they draft Trubisky, a possibility, it would be a blow to both young passers.
  13. assuming: Garrett off board, Jonathan Allen, Solomon Thomas off board? Malik Hooker? not really a fan there. M Lattimore? Obi M? or a suprise type like that? hopefully a QB goes off the board? than maybe Jamal is in play..... 6) J Adams if not I am eyeing: Mike Williams Leonard Fournette OJ Howard Trubisky / Watson if we have to??? trade down!!!