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  1. so embarrassing the begging for this checkdown loser
  2. CJ Anderson

    slow plodder who is going to be cut because their staff likes terrible Devontae Booker more? pass on this beast. Powell/Mcguire + Guice/Sony/Rashaad Penny/Ronald Jones/Josh Adams/John Kelly more preferable to me.
  3. Potential Jets QB situation 2018

    Pep the Eagles roster is f***ing loaded. we can't sniff their talent right now. maybe your point about Kirk + cap space + free agents is valid. but that goes against 'building through the draft' that the Packers/Chiefs/Raiders/Rams/Cowboys/Eagles/Vikings have done so well at. big year for Macc to decide which way he wants to go. and I call Kirk Kurt because its a running joke in DC, no one knows how to say his name, fans, the GM of the team, radio station callers, people on twitter, etc. I lived in DC for 15 years and have a lot of Redskins fans as friends, no one wanted to re-sign him for the money he's commanding. guy puts up numbers, is a great guy off the field and seemingly a good teammate, but he didn't win ONE big game in his time there and often times crumbles miserably in big spots. I'd prefer a young guy in rd 1 or 2.
  4. Potential Jets QB situation 2018

    prevents us from giving 100 guaranteed m's to Kurt so yes, love it
  5. Brooks Top 5's

    finally some Lamar Jackson love! RB absolutely loaded this year WR Michael Gallup a day 2 sleeper for me, reminds me of Keenan Allen some nice sleeper TE's CB looks strong
  6. Brooks Top 5's

    never say this f*** him haha
  7. add this beast to the group in rd2 and we might be on to something
  8. Phil: Does JetNation have a Motto?

    Sign this beast
  9. My Own Josh Rosen Scouting Report

    maybe this is the right way to look at it. just because it's a first or second round pick doesn't mean you get a great player, as we damn well know with Pryor, Jace, Devin Smith, Darron Lee, Hack. and it seemed to work nicely for Texans and Chiefs with D Watson and Mahomes, I believe they moved up for both of them. Rosen sure does look like a natural back there, hah, some sick throws in that video.
  10. My Own Josh Rosen Scouting Report

    God I hope that's not true there's 5-6 QB's I'd consider at 6. no reason to pull a Trubisky/RG3/Goff/Wentz deal for another stuck-up California pretty boy
  11. early post of the year contender
  12. DraftAnalyst.com Post-Super Bowl Mock

    if no Kirk, I'd take Baker there instead
  13. My Own Josh Rosen Scouting Report

    just curious, is this a guess or has this been reported/rumored somewhere?
  14. #6

    with you Tins. lets keep rebuilding. any of Chubb/Ballege/Rashaad Penny/Josh Adams/Ronald Jones/Sony Michel on day 2, RB is loaded. would fully expect Dallas to do everything they can to keep Lawrence but he'd be a great guy to splash some of our FA cash on for sure.
  15. too bad Clelin Ferrell didn't declare. monster off the edge, would have been nice at 6. Arden Key seems to be losing juice, too bad, would be nice to team him up with teammate Jamal. I've read Vita Vea losing steam as well. big heavy DT's with inconsistent motors are scary. might be a Danny Shelton type.