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  1. 100% agree. Let's be honest, winning division was a long shot plus we do still play them again at home. Hopefully some other teams can give them a few losses and we'll see where we're at.
  2. What this game told me is that Todd Bowels is calm and will not change everything he does because we're playing the Pats. I know people had a lot to complain about with him today but honestly I kind of like that he didn't treat this like it was a superbowl. It was one game and we're still 4-2 with what looks like a great shot at the wildcard and another opportunity to play the Pats at home. I was confused with the timeout situation but when it all came down to it we did have a shot with 12 seconds left against the "juggernaut" that is the Pats. I was unimpressed by the Pats. I saw cracks in their armor and if Ivory is 100% and Pryor gets healthy we will beat them at home which MAY still give us a shot at the division if a few other teams step up and beat the Pats. Overall, I'm pissed off and hate the Pats with an insane passion, but I'm hoping Bowles slow and steady mentality wins out in the end.
  3. It's just an odd half....so inaccurate at times. Mostly with Devin Smith tho so I'm not sure if part of it is him not running routes right yet.
  4. Want to see Geno just because of the deep ball, that was scary how off Fitz was today. Underthrew Devin twice and overthrew him into double coverage. Gotta at least give Geno a shot and see....don't see how it can hurt. Fitz is a veteran guy, he will get it and understand if they switch and then switch back to him if need be.
  5. Put ****in Geno in, this is a nightmare game right now. Can't hurt at all.
  6. One thing I noticed and liked last week was even on that pick he threw, I like the effort and it was thrown where the CB had to make an amazing play to even pick that off. Usually I'm screaming at the TV on a pick but that one I was more ok with because of what they were trying to do.
  7. I definitely understand the people saying we should have scored more with 5 TO's but I think the game plan was pretty clear, they were going conservative with 1 or 2 shots down the field. When they really needed it though, after that Indy TD, they turned it on right away and got a TD. Was really impressed by that.
  8. You really can't make this sh*t up. Definitely going to hear about this after the game.
  9. This would be a terrible decision. Luckily I don't think there is anyway this happens.
  10. Lol what's going on? Was it really cancelled?
  11. Not sure if I missed some stuff but I didn't see many tweets about Fitz in 11 v 11. Just not fun for media to report on? Nothing controversial so they don't say anything?
  12. True! Haha guess as a Jet fan I should be used to it by now and just ignore the media.
  13. LoL I guess it kinda works both way. I do wish we got to see whether he had any shot at turning the corner with these receivers though so that part sucks.
  14. Exactly. This should be the least of our concerns at this point. **** this guy, have fun in Buffalo.
  15. People act like this guy was some superstar. He played well in camp for a week or so. Not a big deal.
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