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  1. I told you what to expect from these High-LEVEL negotiations. Yet you refuse to listen.

  2. True. He would just rely on imaginary conversations with "God" directing him where to play. Oh and his 'God' also wanted him to sign where the money was green and bountiful!
  3. Why is it Revis' fault that YOU are a broke underemployed failure? Same old blame game tactics.
  4. You must be kidding. You seem unable to GRASP the concept of high-level complex negotiations. Forcing Revis to sit out out of SPITE will HARM the New York Jets. If that's what you want, then you are actively rooting against the team's success. [MEMO SENT!]
  5. GreenerDaze is getting lamer each week. His professional life is nonimportant. Enough

  6. If you're such a high rollin' heavy hitter with big connections, why resort to strangers on a public forum for your answers, bonehead?

  7. HAHHAA! Your "IQ" is quite impressive. I suppose Socrates stole that concept from you and not the other way around! You are the original Sophist! I can only hope YOU receive the help that YOU need. Specifically, I hope that the paragraph-fairy pays you a visit someday! Have a bad day and a worse life wHacking off to your 'IQ'. Oh and congrats to your Libertarian Party for winning a great victory in some local sheriff election in south dakota! I'm sure it's front page news on the LP site! YOU FAIL! [MEMO SENT]
  8. Then send the memo to GreenMeanie as he brought it up. {MEMO RETURNED]
  9. BWAHAHAHA! You must really have spent a long time flipping through the dictionary pasting that response together! Also your lame plagiarism of Socrates is noted as both pathetic and disingenuous. It is no wonder the Libertarian party has achieved almost nothing in its thirty or so year existence. Now go back to your "business" and make me a pizza! And make sure to wear your gold chain and t shirt. {MEMO SENT]
  10. Wow. An extra "o" typed in a word. You really got me there! hahahhaa. You are bringing a dully stick to a gun fight.
  11. Sad simpleton. Go back to rubbing your little stiffie while watching male weightlifting competitions. [MEMO SENT!]
  12. What is your point. "whack" is not spelled incorrectly and "parents'" is a plural possessive. That is because they own the basement you live in. You are sad. {MEMO SENT!]
  13. Sadly he is a bitter loser and an overt racist that has lost his sanity. So ...NO. {MEMO SENT!]
  14. Your hatred of free speech is despicable. Why don't you move to North Korea and watch movies with Kim Jong. I am simply trying to engage in an open and honest discourse on topics that are "conveniently" glossed over by the posters here on Jetnation. Your rudimentary reaction to "silence" your opposition is both predictable and sad. {MEMO SENT!]
  15. Typical response of a simpleton. Jealousy and denial. Since YOU cannot possibly achieve something your simple mind labels it as an impossibility. You attack those who do what you have failed to achieve because their success does not match with your artificial little reality construct. HAHAHAHAH! You are truly a sad person. {MEMO SENT]
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