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  1. Can't ya feel the love on this board...
  2. Time for me to begin driving from the NW burbs of Chicago to Indy. 4.5 hours each way! GO JETS!
  3. BE is awesome. He can pick who he wants. That said, I hope he's wrong.
  4. The bottom line is always the division and getting homefield for that first game, if not more games. If we have second best record in AFC behind NE, we're the 5 seed and go on the road. Pass on that.
  5. I'm not even 30 and feel like I've lived half my life already after watching this! My heart is just starting to slow down now...
  6. Oh, they play the Vikings back to back weeks?
  7. This is my first post and I live in the west suburbs of Chicago. It is true, it's tough to find Jet fans are Jet bars. I may go to the game at Soldier Field, I don't know because that's Christmas weekend. I am tentatively planning a trip for the Cleveland game though.
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