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  1. i agree but when has mac has traded up in the first round? he has waited for qbs (could of had a couple) and starts journeymen ahead of them (i know they suck but there was no future in fitz or mccown. i believe in mac (if he gets us a qb this year) but i am done with bowles.
  2. settle down just venting from today. need mac to show me he can get a qb not over the hill and can actually win some games
  3. another 4 or 5 years and bowles and mac will have this team at 8 wins guarantee it
  4. i'll take Alex Smith and trade back in 1st for a QB. better than mccown for another year
  5. Dave Gettleman Interview Takeways..

    what do you expect of a franchise that rents out a stadium from the more successful team in a city
  6. yeah lets watch a qb some other team is going to get while the jets start mccown next year. so great being a jets fan
  7. Boston Sports Radio

    anything to not talk about the crappy sox
  8. the giants even tank way better than us.
  9. I want to see how he does with Petty first, then maybe Hackenberg in there. i think a lot of the success is because of McCown so lets see if he can help the young qbs.
  10. if they don't get the 1st or 2nd pick they are not getting a qb in the 1st round. most likely the teams picking there need a qb or if that team will trade teams like Buffalo and Cleveland have more picks (2 1st rounders each) to move up. they need to put in Petty, McCown does enough to win games.
  11. Let's laugh a little....

    wonder if we will have a rare sighting of Leonard Williams making a play this week
  12. Predict our next coach

    not hard to narrow down. 1st time defensive coach, works every time
  13. he deserves a chance on this QB needy team at least