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  1. if Mac could draft a decent WR this would all be different.
  2. jbt

    Mo out for the season

    will they even notice
  3. im sure Bowles let him have it after the game or not
  4. 5-11 if we beat the bills twice, 4-12 if we split with them
  5. Pats players just take PEDs, murder people and cheat, classy Crowell should of been benched along with Johnson, cant cut him.
  6. the home team usually wins on Thursday night. short week, rookie qb and the browns are not the same team from last year is a recipe for a loss. i am expecting a loss just don't want them to get embarrassed. if it is close and Darnold plays well not a big deal. another nail in the coffin for bowles
  7. average to bad oline, no pass rush and bad coaching, 4-12. bowles is gone. Mac stays 1 more year if Danrold looks good
  8. 2 things i want this season: Darnold to look good and progress through the year Front office to come to their senses and finally see that Bowles is not a good coach
  9. the jets front office should take in account all his draft busts this offseason
  10. you got some speed man
  11. who had 8 sacks for the jets last year?

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