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  1. jbt

    Breer Draft Notes

    no D-lineman. either a pass rusher or if needed make a slight reach for an O-linemen or a WR. Enough of the BAP. the offense needs to be addressed
  2. that is on the GM too who never got him a running game or a decent defense consistently
  3. jbt

    Trade for Bortles?

    hope this is a joke
  4. he should of been gone after picking safeties in round 1 and 2. who does that?
  5. any other option is better. maybe pick someone out of the crowd every Sunday
  6. done with him. its been 4 years and this is the product on the field. i know Bowles sucks and he needs to go but there is not much talent on this team. and we are going to give Mac 100million to blow and waste another high draft pick on a safety or defensive linemen
  7. with all the weaponz at Sam's disposal can you blame them
  8. jbt

    Lazy bad routes

    cannon is fast how about a screen to him or a different play other than a wheel route which we ran before and they were ready for it. where were the TE's?
  9. jbt


    when you play on offense like you have a 21 point lead form the beginning of the game yeah its over when the defense gives up 14 points.

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