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  1. We need John McKay When asked about his team's execution: “I'm in favor of it."
  2. Entire 49ers team gets covid and they forfeit
  3. He has had 1 draft and 1 off-season can the guy get a little more time. He brought in 2 free agent wrs, one opted out. Offered Robby a contract but he went to play for his college coach. Drafted a lt, wr and rb, once all healthy will see how that goes but becton looked good We haven't drafted well in 10 years and over paid free agents what do you people want. It's going to take time we will see. Finally gase needs to go, if he doesn't fire him at the end of the year then he is destined to fail no matter what
  4. Jets will be lucky to win 4 games so have one of the best shots at the #1 pick. Gase will be fired (if not fans need to revolt) and joe d has a big decision to make
  5. Bengals weapons >>>>>>>>>>>jets weapons.
  6. 49ers offense is not that good especially with the injuries now. Just need to stop Mosert. Jets keep it close but lose because Sam has another bad game
  7. i'd beat Joe D with a switch if he signed him
  8. you can win with a crappy owner, just have a great GM who can draft players who stay on the team

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