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  1. jbt

    Bates On Darnold

    and with Brady retiring soon could of not come at a better time
  2. you don't scare me, that could be anyone's a*s
  3. jbt

    Jets Offensive Line

    hopefully with Winters healthy and a new center they will be better than last year. Should be top need in next years draft
  4. jbt

    How good is Shane Ray

    we are so thin at OLB, if price is right worth a flyer
  5. he is good at stopping the run and ok in coverage. you need that kind of LB in a 3-4. he is not great but he is not garbage
  6. because in a 3-4 you need a OLB who can set the edge and be a run stopper. then the other OLB should be a pass rusher
  7. if we hit on Darnold rest of draft really does not matter. they did upgrade the DLine especially trading a 7th rounder for Anderson who can start right away. Would of been nice to take a chance on Brown in the 3rd or one of the pass rushers but next year they better take a bunch of OL, OLB and more weapons for Darnold
  8. jbt

    Day-3 (Rounds 4-7)

    We've traded our 157th overall pick to the @Vikings for their 167th and 225th.
  9. jbt

    Day-3 (Rounds 4-7)

    its ridiculous how much they have traded down. teams got to stop giving them picks
  10. jbt

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    its a need but so is OL and everyone hates when jets go defense. should of we taken a chance on Orlando Brown? hopefully they get 1 or 2 OL in the rest of the draft or maybe an undrafted one.
  11. he is getting cut so get anything. a 2030 7th rounder will do
  12. jbt

    Someone sell me on Darnold

    i think his demeanor will be good for the jets. kind of like Eli. wont be doing GQ covers
  13. last piece to win a super bowl with drew brees they are hoping