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  1. A first-time offender of the league’s alcohol policy usually gets two games, but there were aggravating circumstances involved in Herndon’s case. Thus, four games
  2. hopefully gets appealed down to 2
  3. that is dumb, making people sit a game
  4. there a few reasons for optimism but the main one is we have a young QB with the potential to be the franchise QB we have been looking for since Joe Namath. its all about the QB
  5. he did have a good record when Tannehill played but he was hurt a lot. so there is a little hope
  6. krazee eyez killa will lead us to the promised land
  7. twiddle dee and twiddle dumb dumb and dumber
  8. great timing, is this their pitch?
  9. what about Mel Kiper?
  10. he spent 100mil and ran the draft. the only time to do it was before all this if you had any reservations about Mac
  11. i wanted Mac fired but before the draft and not give all the power to Gase. Worst ownership in football and will never win with them
  12. it is true and Gase is GM. how do they give this guy all the power
  13. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!

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