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  1. bad all around. after those first 15 scripted plays, his play calling is horrible, does not make adjustments and does not utilize his weapons properly.
  2. So when will he be ready? why sign him if you are not sure. So Fales will be backup until he is ready? not ideal
  3. if Mosley is healthy, QWill takes a step forward they have a chance to be very good.
  4. Gore is going to get more touches then Bell if Gase gets his way
  5. didn't he play with methuselah
  6. https://thejetpress.com/2020/05/04/ny-jets-3-trade-packages-marcus-maye/
  7. just don't let in opposing team's fans and having 15000 or less wont be a problem for them
  8. he should not be the backup. But if they think he can develop into a starter then you have insurance if Darnold does not play better or trade bait. they do need a vet as a #2 just in case Darnold missed 2-4 games, which a win or 2 could mean playoffs or not
  9. if he becomes a #1, who do you think he would be like, could become?
  10. Would of been,good to draft at least 2 just in case 1 busts. Now mims needs to work out. Need more speedy guys
  11. dam 70 yarder. field position wins games, like it

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