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  1. no pics, what a let down
  2. i doubt he will bad mouth him (if he cares about his health)
  3. Sauce - Dee Milliner Wilson - Johnny Lam Jones Johnson - Quinton Coples
  4. have to beat NE and Miami once. Bears, Jags and Lions at home should win. Brown suck, Steelers and Seahawks will be tough on road but they are an average teams. hey we beat Titans and Bengals last year. 7 minimum, 9 is possible but I would say 8
  5. giants are a classy organization New lawsuit claims Giants had culture of violence and intimidation in organization Posted by Mike Florio on May 20, 2021
  6. everyone giving us praise can't wait till something goes wrong and/or one of these picks is a bust then they will pounce on same old jets narrative
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