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  1. Wow.....good stuff...haven't seen that bottle in a while at my local store.
  2. Can't wait! Thanks for all the hard work. These upgrades are never easy but you guys always pull it thru seamlessly.
  3. Knife. Motorboat Fuel. Enough food till i leave. And some damn good scotch.
  4. What an effing douchebag. P.S: Put me on ignore you effing motherphucker.
  5. Who cares. Rex can do what he wants. I am just more focused on what Bowles can do to get us to the playoffs and beyond.
  6. Once you get past Ivory and Powell what have you got. All i am saying is it makes sense to invite him to training camp and see what he has got left.
  7. Given the lack of talent on our RB corps I would like to see a training camp invite.
  8. I would hope the guys invest in a few background lights so atleast we can see and figure out what the hell is going on. Some episodes this season it was pitch dark to a point where you were watching a black screen with dialogue.
  9. Even if its goes wrong you still have Rachel McAdams.
  10. So in essence JETS trade away 2 first rounders and a middle round pick for Kaep. Wow...just WOW!
  11. Nice choice. Was it the Doublewood OR the Old Single Barrel ?
  12. I would have said Grown Ups 2 if i had seen it. Problem is i was on a long flight across the pond and still could not bring myself to watch the first Grown Ups movie after 10 minutes of watching it. That they greenlighted a sequel after the first train wreck is in itself a sad commentary of lack of ideas in movie land.
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