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  1. And Granderson's career year is better than Ellsbury's career year. Thats the point.
  2. If he was a Boston pitcher coming off his 4th QS in a row after yankee fans crapping on him you would be running in circles/starting 17 threads about it/falating hughes.
  3. Revis and Mangold are both the best players at their position in the NFL today. They handle themselves very differently.
  4. Oh no Nick is gonna hold out!!! #thingsthatwonthappen
  5. What the hell is THAT based on? If you say preseason you should probably be banned outright.
  6. What about the fact that he outplayed 4 pro bowl QB's in those games. Still meaningless?
  7. I'm worried about every team we play. We have beaten the cheating scum more than anyone else has and their score running in the preseason against guys who will be loading UPS trucks in 3 weeks doesn't worry me more than say the Cowboys.
  8. Hughes is pretty much killing this thread singlehandedly like some poster who's name is dangerously close to mine was saying from the beginning.
  9. I love that even when your buttboy Ellsbury is having a career year, Granderson is still better than him in pretty much every aspect just to make you look like the ignoramus you are. Terrific.
  10. Yeah because 4 playoff wins on the road are meaningless right?
  11. Did you watch him AT ALL last season? He was great against the run and couldn't cover anyone.
  12. They suck. They had a joke of a schedule and thats the only reason they made the playoffs.
  13. Baldwin is just a big guy. Thats all. He never had a feel for how to play football.
  14. OK but you can have great seats anywhere for that much. It's the whole stadium we're talking about.
  15. Yeah but you're paying 300 bucks a game per ticket.
  16. He was a no brainier pick who was just OK last year. Nothing amazing. Especially in coverage.
  17. What other stadiums have you been to?
  18. The chiefs are a PERFECT example of the fraud that is the cheating scum. They basically have one great player who was drafted the year before the scum group took over that franchise and aside from that they have drafted nothing but busts and really done nothing to improve the team whatsoever.
  19. That isn't true though. Some are much nicer than others. For 1.5b I'm not too impressed. I mean it's not gonna change that I still go to lots of games but it just is what it is.
  20. I'm going to the Jerry Dome next month. I'll be sure to write a full report haha.
  21. ecurb have you been to any of those parks? Just posting one pic is a pisspoor way of judging a stadium.
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