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  1. When you are done stroking Grandy off and wipe the man goo from your chin, go look at Grandy's numbers and explain how he is not having a career year? :rolleyes: At the age of 30. :rolleyes:

    He had never hit 34 HRs or 80+ RBIs much less 90+.

    Ellsbury by comparison has been getting better in each of his full seasons. His numbers have gone up every full season. BA? Up. OBP? Up. Slugging? Up. OPS? Up. 2Bs? Up. RBIs? Up.

    At the age of 27, Ellsbury is continuing to get better. His numbers clearly show that.

    And Granderson's career year is better than Ellsbury's career year. Thats the point.

  2. He's been decent of late, but it's not like he's facing top tier offenses. It's got to be encouraging for Yankees fans though, I'm sure.

    If he was a Boston pitcher coming off his 4th QS in a row after yankee fans crapping on him you would be running in circles/starting 17 threads about it/falating hughes.

  3. I told you, I'm a Jets fan. Probably been one much longer than you, son.

    But, even as a Jets fan, I can see that the Patriots are a far superior football team.

    I don't understand how that upsets you so much.

    The Jets haven't won anything in over 40 years. Losing in the AFC Championship Game makes you the champion of nothing. And, let's face it, this year won't be any different.

    I'm surprised that my fellow Jets fans are willing to accept such mediocrity.

    What the hell is THAT based on? If you say preseason you should probably be banned outright.

  4. I watched the firat quarter and a half of the Patriots game last night.

    They look very good.

    If you're not concerned about the Patriots, you're not a Jets fan.

    I'm worried about every team we play. We have beaten the cheating scum more than anyone else has and their score running in the preseason against guys who will be loading UPS trucks in 3 weeks doesn't worry me more than say the Cowboys.

  5. about a week prior to the draft, Rick Gosselin predicted Baldwin would be a first round pick, I thought he was just engaging in misinformation, to throw everyone off the scent. But actually he was right. Lesson being never underestimate the stupidity of the NFL decision makers.

    Baldwin is just a big guy. Thats all. He never had a feel for how to play football.

  6. Yeah and loving it, it is amazing. I used to pay 300/each to scalpers to sit near where I sit now... now I own them.

    OK but you can have great seats anywhere for that much. It's the whole stadium we're talking about.

  7. You must have had sh*tty seats in the NMS... because where I sit is the best game experience I have ever seen... the action is amazing... makes Giants stadium seem like a joke...

    I meant football stadiums... the Yankees and Mets new houses are very pretty.

    Yeah but you're paying 300 bucks a game per ticket.

  8. How could that look any better? Honestly... ???

    You are complaining just to complain... the new stadium is nicer than anything in the tri-state area by a mile...

    What other stadiums have you been to?

  9. It proves they are all gray and lack great design... it is a ******* stadium..

    That isn't true though. Some are much nicer than others. For 1.5b I'm not too impressed. I mean it's not gonna change that I still go to lots of games but it just is what it is.

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