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  1. Yes. Thats the loudest stadium in america. Imagine if their team was good?
  2. Even though it's named after a scam this is a really nice stadium. Unique look and it's really like looking inside. Also there are no awful upper deck endzone seats.
  3. madmikeisback


    By what? 8 points. Gardner is having a good year but he's not on Tex's level as a hitter.
  4. You said Ryan Mallett was gonna be better than him. Apparently Drug addict Ryan Mallett is better than any QB that hasn't won the super bowl. Noted.
  5. Of course he's gonna be better than Sanchez. He had 1 great preseason game against the 3rd stringers of one of the worst teams in the NFL. It's not like Sanchez has the most road playoff wins of any QB ever after his 2nd year or has already has the 2nd biggest win in franchise history against the cheating pieces of sh*t or anything silly like that.
  6. He's right. It's very cold looking. No personality. Compared to like Hinez field or the Link in Philly it hardly has any Jets colors and stuff around. Even with the dumb green lights outside.
  7. The cheating scum and the Jets have done quite a role reversal. Except now the cheating only works in the preseason...
  8. madmikeisback


    Who cars what his meaningless BA is. He has 33 homes. He's not having a great year by his standards but Jeter has been terrible most of the season. He's having a few good games now but I doubt that continues for too long.
  9. madmikeisback


    Jeter is nowhere near as good a hitter as Tex is. Neither is Gardner. Even in a down year.
  10. Goodell plays favorites with the best of them. He's also Kraft's buttboy. I'm shocked Vick isn't in NE.
  11. I still think Woody shoulda bought the naming rights and called it Jet Stadium.
  12. Now that I think of it, this post is the most predictable post in the history of this board. Carl can't let any slight of his beloved Sawxs stand as the head PR intern.
  13. The greatest team of all time will lose in the playoffs? Blasphemous.
  14. He's a very good guard in the run game but can't play tackle or pass block.
  15. Non cheating clean SB titles: Eli: 1 Brady: 0 Eli sucks though.
  16. Look! I made the troll crawl out from under the bridge!
  17. Of course not. They are playing in an era that is clearly dominated by the greatest team in the history of organized sports, not only baseball. I actually recommend that the Yankees take off the next 7-8 years because thats the stretch of dominance that we're looking at here. I'm not sure why the yankees even try to compete with such a unstoppable force.
  18. He's as overrated as the rest of their scum franchise. If he really was one of the best NT in football, the cheating scum would've been better than 11th, 13th and 15th against the run the last 3 years. Jenkins was a much better player when healthy and Puoha even outplayed him last year too. NTM he's a dirty piece of sh*t who has tried to injure players many many times.
  19. The Jets aren't arrogant pieces of sh*t who hold up their "way" as being above the rest of the league and the media laps it up when in reality they are the lowest form of cheating scum. Thats the point.
  20. http://sports.yahoo.com/investigations/news;_ylt=AtjjYsWMmRDj7d_AUZflfGZRMuB_?slug=ys-vince_wilfork_allegations Cheating scum indeed.
  21. Wow if this is true directv are GIANT assholes.
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