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  1. Cmon... this is your argument? I knew you were just BSing



    Even though it's named after a scam this is a really nice stadium. Unique look and it's really like looking inside. Also there are no awful upper deck endzone seats.

  2. Brilliant move drafting Mallett.

    He will be much better than Sanchez not long from now and will have the benefit of learning from Brady for a few years.

    Maybe someone does a Mo Lewis on Brady and Mallett takes over even sooner.

    Cue the facepalm from the bizzaro world Kleck.

    Of course he's gonna be better than Sanchez. He had 1 great preseason game against the 3rd stringers of one of the worst teams in the NFL. It's not like Sanchez has the most road playoff wins of any QB ever after his 2nd year or has already has the 2nd biggest win in franchise history against the cheating pieces of sh*t or anything silly like that.

  3. Do you have season tickets? How many times have you been there? What would you have preferred?


    He's right. It's very cold looking. No personality. Compared to like Hinez field or the Link in Philly it hardly has any Jets colors and stuff around. Even with the dumb green lights outside.

  4. He's hitting .227 as a LHB

    Jeter has fixed his game and Gardner is too good to bat 9th.

    Who cars what his meaningless BA is. He has 33 homes. He's not having a great year by his standards but Jeter has been terrible most of the season. He's having a few good games now but I doubt that continues for too long.

  5. Gardner, Jeter, Granderson, Arod and Cano - - All better hitters than Tex at this point.

    Bat him 6th, no reason to have this guy popping up or striking out in a big spot.

    Jeter is nowhere near as good a hitter as Tex is. Neither is Gardner. Even in a down year.

  6. Could someone point me in the direction of the football forum? I seem to have stumbled into the special needs forum and can't seem to find the door back out.

    Look! I made the troll crawl out from under the bridge!

  7. You honestly think this Yankees team is good enough to win it all?

    Of course not. They are playing in an era that is clearly dominated by the greatest team in the history of organized sports, not only baseball. I actually recommend that the Yankees take off the next 7-8 years because thats the stretch of dominance that we're looking at here. I'm not sure why the yankees even try to compete with such a unstoppable force.

  8. Yeah, no. He's arguably the best NT in football, and right there with Ngata and probably Dockett as the best 3-4 DLmen in the NFL. Wilfork is the whole reason Mangold/C was a priority for the Jets.

    He's as overrated as the rest of their scum franchise. If he really was one of the best NT in football, the cheating scum would've been better than 11th, 13th and 15th against the run the last 3 years. Jenkins was a much better player when healthy and Puoha even outplayed him last year too. NTM he's a dirty piece of sh*t who has tried to injure players many many times.

  9. The only one I seen mentioned was Vilma but I only skimmed though the page though, I've dealt with the douche bag football players and staff enough in real life.

    The Jets aren't arrogant pieces of sh*t who hold up their "way" as being above the rest of the league and the media laps it up when in reality they are the lowest form of cheating scum. Thats the point.

  10. http://sports.yahoo.com/investigations/news;_ylt=AtjjYsWMmRDj7d_AUZflfGZRMuB_?slug=ys-vince_wilfork_allegations

    Miami booster Nevin Shapiro alleges he provided Vince Wilfork with multiple extra benefits following Wilfork’s freshman season and lasting through the defensive tackle’s final game with the Hurricanes. Among the benefits the booster claims to have provided:


    Position: Defensive tackle

    Rivals recruiting rank: Unranked. Wilfork was a SuperPrep and USA Today All-American in the Class of 2001.

    Miami career: Wilfork played three seasons at Miami, emerging as a key rotational player during his true freshman season in 2001. He was one of college football’s top defensive linemen during his junior season, departing early for the NFL and being selected by the New England Patriots with the 21st overall pick in the 2004 draft. He is currently an All-Pro with the Patriots.

    • A $50,000 lump sum payment during Wilfork’s junior season. Shapiro said the payment was made to secure Wilfork’s commitment to Shapiro’s sports agency, Axcess Sports, which he co-owned with then-NFL agent and current UFL commissioner Michael Huyghue. Wilfork eventually signed with Axcess Sports and his first NFL contract was negotiated by Huyghue.

    • Multiple cash gifts totaling in the thousands of dollars.

    • Three bounty payments totaling $1,250. A bounty of $500 was paid for a sack and unsportsmanlike conduct penalty by Wilfork in a 41-16 win over Florida on Sept. 7, 2002. A second bounty of $250 was paid for a sack by Wilfork in a 38-33 win over Florida on Sept. 6, 2003. A third bounty of $500 was paid for a fumble recovery by Wilfork in a 22-14 win over Florida State on Oct. 11, 2003.

    • Multiple trips to nightclubs where Shapiro paid for VIP access and drinks.

    • Multiple fishing and leisure trips on the booster’s $1.6 million yacht.

    • Multiple meals at Miami-area restaurants.

    • Lodging, food and drinks at Shapiro’s $2.7 million Miami Beach home.

    • A washer and dryer worth approximately $1,500, which was picked up at the home of Shapiro’s mother by Wilfork, Santonio Thomas and one of Shapiro’s employees.

    Corroborating accounts

    Multiple sources say this photo of Wilfork was taken in Shapiro’s VIP section at Opium Garden nightclub in Miami Beach in 2003.

    • One source corroborated Shapiro’s account of the $50,000 cash payment, verifying they were on hand and witnessed the cash being taken from a box in a locked drawer [the source referred to it as Shapiro’s “drawer safe”] on the second floor of Shapiro’s home and delivered to Wilfork and his then-fiancée in a paper bag. The source described the cash as five stacks of $10,000, each bound in a bank ribbon.

    • Two sources corroborated Shapiro having provided Wilfork with drinks and VIP access at various nightclubs. Yahoo! Sports also obtained photos of Wilfork sitting in Shapiro’s VIP section at the Opium Garden nightclub in 2003.

    • One source corroborated Shapiro providing Wilfork with lodging, food and drinks at the former booster’s home.

    • Yahoo! Sports also obtained a photo of Wilfork and other players with Shapiro at Japanese steakhouse Benihana in 2003.

    • Two sources corroborated Shapiro providing Wilfork with the washer and dryer.

    In Shapiro’s words

    • “[i asked Wilfork] ‘What’s it going to take for [you] to sign with Axcess [sports]?’ We gave him $50,000 in cash. He was in the middle of his junior [season]. After that, I was at the draft day party with him – which we put together for him.”

    • “He was on my boat a number of times. He stayed at my house. He was in my house. We were in the clubs, although he wasn’t a club guy – but he was there at least 10 times with me. I gave him cash any number of times, just on the cuff, no real reason other than extra help with money.”

    This photo was taken at Wilfork’s draft day party at GameWorks in Coral Gables, Fla., on April 24, 2004. From left to right are former Axcess Sports co-owner/agent Michael Huyghue, Wilfork (on phone) and Shapiro (far right).

    Multiple sources say this photo was taken in Shapiro’s VIP section at Opium Garden nightclub in Miami Beach in 2003. From left to right are Shapiro, William Joseph, Vince Wilfork and Jonathan Vilma.

    Shapiro and a second source say this photo was taken at Japanese steakhouse Benihana in 2003. The dinner, which was paid for by Shapiro, was attended by players Jonathan Vilma (standing on left), Santonio Thomas (standing on right) and Vince Wilfork (seated in red on right).

    This photo of Shapiro (middle) and Wilfork (right) was taken at the Hurricanes’ 2001 awards banquet.

    This photo of Shapiro and Wilfork was taken at Miami’s team awards banquet following the 2002 season.

    Shapiro said Wilfork signed this photo for him in 2003, with the personal message “To: Short [expletive]”.

    Photos special to Yahoo! Sports

    Cheating scum indeed.

  11. Whatever.... New customers get Sunday ticket all right. NON-HD!

    1,000 apologies for sounding like an elitist, I didn't pay for the 55" LED to watch giant pixels move around the screen.

    Wow if this is true directv are GIANT assholes.

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