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  1. I don't see any reason why McKnight should make the team.
  2. We found out that I can't tell the future. Everything else I said was true at the time I wrote it. Lets see if this is a career year or he's magically become good.
  3. Drob shouldn't be in that group. At least he made a contribution here.
  4. He did except he made that back look like Arian Foster too on a boot.
  5. Right but you would still think there would be some improvement from yr 1 to 2 and if anything he was worse.
  6. Because they are beyond bad. They are guys who haven't contributed AT ALL as jets with high picks.
  7. He already had a full year of practicing with NFL players and he looks HORRIBLE. Not good.
  8. He's the reason Rob Turner got hurt to because Watt blowing by him was the reason that play broke down.
  9. You never gonna notice a 34 end as much as a NT. It's just the way the scheme is.
  10. It's not like Keller blocks. And when he leaves after the season we're gonna need someone to step in. Cumberland could do that.
  11. Cumberland can play. He's the anti Keller in his ability to stay on his feet after contact.
  12. Our backup QB's are either 41 or can't throw. What the hell Mike T?
  13. Wow was that ugly. Thats the 3rd time they got beat on that garbage.
  14. Mike T better use some of the caproom to get some friggin O linemen.
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