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  1. You made the Ortiz to Posada comparison. Go check your own quote.

    Dude, you seriously need to take off the Yankee colored glass and take your head out of jeter's a$$ for a second.

    And Posada's decline as a catcher, 5 years beyond when the normal catcher decline sis not roid related? Ok homer.

    You really need to stop posting on the baseball forum. You're painfully stupid. It's actually giving me douche chills reading your posts.

  2. Buchholz has a legitimate injury and is on the DL and was trying to pitch through it. He'll either be back at the end of this year, or the beginning of next season. And comparing the two is ridiculous because, well, just look at the numbers.

    Buchholz's injury = Legitimate. Hughes' Injury = fake. I didn't even have to use the search feature to see your rabid homerism HAHA. You have so little self awareness it's actually interesting.

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  3. A Yankee fan complaining about holes in their team is pretty sour grapes if you ask me.

    What the hell are you talking about? I'm actually willing to be honest about my team which is something that couldn't be more foreign to you since you're pretty much an appendage of the Boston PR department.

  4. Red Sox 2010 payroll: $162,447,333

    Yankees 2008 payroll: $209,081,577

    Pot vs. Kettle

    That doesn't really change the point. The payrolls have nothing to do with it. I'm not the one who brought it up.

  5. That's some expensive swiss cheese.

    Yeah, just like the boston team that didn't make the playoffs last year with an astronomical payroll.

  6. You're a broken record. The Yankees are obviously not mediocre. The Red Sox are obviously not the greatest group of talent ever assembled (I'm not even sure where you got that from). They are both good teams playing good baseball.

    And the Sox only have 3 legitimate MVP candidates. I'd say the Yankees do too.

    I've been saying this is a mediocre yankee team since before the season. They have more holes than swiss cheese.

  7. The Yanks this morning are 1 game behind. With this staff almost need a recount to believe that.

    Granderson leads in runs and RBIs, and is tied for the HR lead. He plays a very good centerfield on a team that has had Texeira and Jeter go through slumps and A-rod on the DL for long stretches. No knock on A-Gon or Bautista, but Granderson has to be in the mix.

    A mediocre Yankee team is 1 game behind the greatest group of talent in the history of organized sports with about 12 MVP candidates. Shocking really.

  8. Well, what were you basing this argument on, "Ortiz and Posada were good hitters unlike Varitek"?

    Homeruns? :rl: Posada cannot carry Big Papi's jock.

    OPS? :rl: Again, Posada is not even close.

    What does that leave? Triples? :rolleyes:

    You make another baseless statement which does not stand even the slightest scrutiny.

    The reason you hate batting average is because it blows holes in everyone of your arguments.

    Wow. Having an argument with you is like talking to a 3 year old with ADD. You make a foolish post about using BA (a meaningless stat) then, when i point out that you're a complete know nothing you start comparing a DH to a catcher. Posada was one of the best hitting catchers of the last 20 years behind Piazza. Ortiz is about an avg DH. BTW my comparison was totally based on composition of their decline as a player which Ortiz's steroid using is having a clear effect on.

  9. :blink:

    Ortiz? yes.

    Posada? No.

    Given your unnatural affinity for Granderson, I am not surprised you mistake Posada's 2007 season for every season. :rolleyes:

    .293 .266 .273 .296 .281

    .277 .268 .281 .272 .262

    Without looking..which one is Tek? Posada?

    Outside of 2007 when Posada had an outlier of a season, he has hit between .250-.288. Not what you would consider a good hitter.

    tek by comparison hit between .248-.296 until the wheels came off his bat 5 years ago.

    The idea that you would post a line of batting averages which is pretty much the most useless of baseball stats and expect that to prove anything shows how ignorant you are when it comes to baseball. It's not really worth wasting time arguing with someone with that sad level of knowledge.

  10. So everyone who does roids is an a$$? I think you're being too harsh but I can see where you're coming from. I was sad when I learned that Manny and Papi tested positive, but so many others did that it makes me blame MLB more than the players.

    Arod is an a$$ for way more than him doing roids. I just made this thread to compare the careers of one player who did roids and one who didn't and how their careers wind down.

  11. People say it about Buck and McCarver all the time here. The truth is probably that they suck up to both the Sox and the Yankees now.

    As for the other, I don't hear much about Spygate anymore (although I did hear about it a bit last year in conjunction with the Broncos scandal). I think it's mostly chance that we haven't won the Superbowl since 2004. We only lost to the Giants by 3 points and we have had some very good records. I'm sure we'll turn it around eventually.

    Buck and McCarver just suck and everyone hates them for different, all good, reasons. That really has nothing to do with the complete crap that surrounds your team. Every move they make is hailed as genius on ESPN and most other outlets, their checkered drafting is ignored and worst of all, their cheating was brushed under the rug and ignored. The only person I've seen in the media who's not scared to call that tainted franchise out for the fraud it is is Jason Whitlock.

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