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  1. I've never heard anyone else say that. Ever. Mccarver admits to hating the Yankees because they fired him and every yankee fan I know despises Buck. Btw do you hear the media EVER bring up the institutional cheating or that they magically stopped winning super bowls since a portion of their cheating was exposed?
  2. There are no jet homers in the media. Especially on ESPN. That's the point.
  3. Is horrible. Who's dumb idea was this?
  4. I was actually judging him on his steroid usage.
  5. It's hilarious how no matter what the cheating scum do in the off-season retards in the media will write articles like this.
  6. This is just you trying to blur the lines. Posada never had unrealistic power surges in his career like another ugly bastard I can think of and most importantly, he's never failed a test.
  7. Posada is declining like most clean players do and Ortiz is slugging 555. The juice works.
  8. You always seem to have inside info that no one else has...
  9. Eli is OK. He's not elite, he's not terrible. He's just OK. There are 25 guys like Bradshaw in the NFL. That's why he got nothing in free agency.
  10. There is no evidence either of them would be traded. They both play for contenders and don't make much.
  11. Playing the eagles is going to be all about putting pressure on Vick. He's not the same player with hands in his face.
  12. They are a bad team with a good D line and WR's they are terrible pretty much everywhere else.
  13. Jets will be all over WR in the draft next year.
  14. It's awesome how much the Giants are gonna suck this season. I wanted the Jets to take a chance on this dude.
  15. Wonder how she felt about her husband's entire football legacy being a fraud..
  16. We have free markets for gains and socialism for losses.
  17. I think dolphanss are spoiled at how hard it is to not be a factor in the NFL for 25 years.
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