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  1. But there are New York ballwashers like Joe Buck and Tim McCarver on FOX.

    I've never heard anyone else say that. Ever. Mccarver admits to hating the Yankees because they fired him and every yankee fan I know despises Buck.

    Btw do you hear the media EVER bring up the institutional cheating or that they magically stopped winning super bowls since a portion of their cheating was exposed?

  2. Ortiz is the same guy with a thick neck and big head. Only difference he is fatter.

    Jorge has some well defined traps and he is clean? Ok.

    No one was clean. They all took something.

    This is just you trying to blur the lines. Posada never had unrealistic power surges in his career like another ugly bastard I can think of and most importantly, he's never failed a test.

  3. Right. It has nothing to do with the fact that Posada spent the majority of his career as a catcher or the fact that Jorge is 4 years older than him. I'm sure none of that has any bearing.

    By the way, we still have no idea what Ortiz tested positive for but just that is was a banned substance.

    You're too good.

  4. lol you've been spoiled so much the last 2 years I think you've forgotten how hard it is to reach the conference title game, let it alone do it 3 times straight. You needsome luck along the way. I doubt you make that far this year.

    I think dolphanss are spoiled at how hard it is to not be a factor in the NFL for 25 years.

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