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  1. You really think you can get people to agree on whats killing the market or the economy right now? Despite econ 101, our leaders are clueless.
  2. I think everyone believes this. However what exactly that oversight should be is a much harder nut to crack.
  3. There are no pitchers on the market worth trading him for.
  4. It's good for people in the 3rd world but not for workers in the US. I think there has to be a happy medium between completely free trade and protectionism. it's not a zero sum game. The answer is above my pay grade though.
  5. His ratio of Player to Clown is SOOOO much lower than it was in 2004.
  6. NAFTA has killed what was left of the manufacturing sector in this country.
  7. Or we can grow the manufacturing sector by rolling back some of these unfair trade deals.
  8. Some assholes in trade shops on the street and high frequency traders made a killing the last 2 days.
  9. You can always find some retard in the media to be a contrarian.
  10. And he'll have more fantasy points than any of them if he's healthy.
  11. You're the one who started this thread bragging about your 7-9 team being "DOMINANT."
  12. Your whole argument is "if if if if if if" if the dolphish were good people would take your team seriously and you wouldn't h ave to try to troll for a reaction.
  13. At least the dolphish used to have a power running game you had to gameplan for...
  14. When was the last time the dolphins were 5 points away from the Super Bowl?
  15. Answer the question in the other thread. You're talking jibberish.
  16. It's all park of the post J-Lo Marc Anthony divorce hangover.
  17. Please answer how a Jet D that Rex apologized for after the season beat your "dominant" team in every stat? Pretty please.
  18. I don't have a chart but there are tons of articles about how much their obesity rates are growing up there. http://www.capebretonpost.com/News/Canada---World/2010-09-23/article-1789414/Canadians-bowing-to-the-bulge-as-obesity-rates-climb,-report-says/1 http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/xinhua/2011-05-31/content_2766743.html
  19. Thats from 2003. It's much more equal now that we're exporting fast food up there. BTW a big reason for our awful diet in this country is the income inequality we have. Poor people are the ones who eat the worst diets because it's cheap.
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