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  1. No it isnt, we can simply look at the things that are killing the market right now and start with those. The problem is we're so far down the road that imo this has to crumble before we can actually present something that free and competitive.

    Im not saying that I have all the answer, but I'd be damned If I dont have a few.

    You really think you can get people to agree on whats killing the market or the economy right now? Despite econ 101, our leaders are clueless.

  2. You can have oversight of the free market. Free markets dont have to be anarchistic if you will. They can have rules and be governed without being nothing more than corporatism

    I think everyone believes this. However what exactly that oversight should be is a much harder nut to crack.

  3. Well, tbh I don't know much about NAFTA, but basic macro says specialization and trade is good. Maybe we just don't have a comparative advantage in manufacturing anymore. What do you suggest? Protectionist trade policies do more harm than good imo. When we raised steel tariffs, we lost car manufacturing jobs because steel is an input for them.

    It's good for people in the 3rd world but not for workers in the US. I think there has to be a happy medium between completely free trade and protectionism. it's not a zero sum game. The answer is above my pay grade though.

  4. Don't know what deals you're referring to. I'll believe in US manufacturing growth when I see it. We haven't had growth in manufacturing in like forever.

    NAFTA has killed what was left of the manufacturing sector in this country.

  5. Basically, if we want to fix the trade deficit, we have to start saving and vice versa. Normally, a great way to make people save would be to raise interest rates. Unfortunately, that would kill the economy.

    Or we can grow the manufacturing sector by rolling back some of these unfair trade deals.

  6. the market takes a dump and it's 9 pages of gloom and doom

    the market goes up by roughly the amount it went down and there's 1 post since Monday night

    black monday leads to sunny tuesday

    but nary a blurb from all the doom sayers

    it's called volatility you bozos

    Some assholes in trade shops on the street and high frequency traders made a killing the last 2 days.

  7. When was the last time the Jets were IN the Super Bowl. :lol: Jesus Christ I'm not saying the Dolphins are good, but I'm not celebrating ALMOST getting there. Would I trade the Jets 2009 and 2010 for the Dolphins respective two years? In a heartbeat. But god damn for a team that hasn't done anything, you all brag and talk a lot of sh*t.

    You're the one who started this thread bragging about your 7-9 team being "DOMINANT."

  8. show a 2011 chart.

    Im not disagreeing with you here, you could be right, but he showed you a chart and you said that its almost a decade old. Show a chart that is at most a year old supporting your point maybe he'll see your point.

    I don't have a chart but there are tons of articles about how much their obesity rates are growing up there.



  9. No, they don't.. here's Canada.. not bothering to look for london.. Canadians eat 2x as many servings of fruits and vegetables per day


    Thats from 2003. It's much more equal now that we're exporting fast food up there. BTW a big reason for our awful diet in this country is the income inequality we have. Poor people are the ones who eat the worst diets because it's cheap.

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