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  1. We didn't need to add anyone, we were DOMINANT up front last year. We retaining Solai and McDaniel and get Odrick back this year. We upgraded at linebacker, Davis, Smith, Clemons, Misi and Carroll are all a year older in the system. We built this defense right, beleive it or not.

    If you were so DOMINANT why were the Jets better in every defensive metric and counting stat? Better against the run, more sacks, less yards given up and the jets cleaned up in all the defensive metrics.

  2. So because you use the word metric we should take your word for it?

    Fact: The rotation of Starks, Langford, Soliai, McDaniel and Odrick TRUMPS the rotation of Devito, Ellis, Pouha, Wilkerson, whoever other scrubs you wanna run out.

    Fact: Karlos Dansby is a better player than David Harris. Albeit not by much, as both are elite, but Dansby is better. He had a down year in terms of making big plays, but most players do in their first year in a scheme.

    So our DL is better all the way across. Then:

    Wake > Pace

    Danbsy > Harris

    Scott > Burnett (but this gap has closed compared to what it was when we had Crowder.)

    Misi > Thomas

    Revis & Cromartie > Smith and Davis (but these guys are just continuing to get better.)

    Leonhard > Clemons

    Bell > Smith

    You are a silly troll. You have nothing to back up what you're saying except > and <...

  3. Possibly cause thier populace doesn't eat a diet rich in animal fat combined with processed carbs + lead a sedentary lifestyle... if people ate right and exercised in this country health care would be a lot cheaper too

    the problem in this country is the people in it... we're blobs who expect something for nothing

    There are countries all over the world that have the same sh*tty diet we have with much better health care.

  4. We've never had it so how you would know? We have high priced low quality healthcare right now. More people die year after year from chemical prescription drugs.

    Maybe the free market could release the "quacks" called holistic doctors and we'll get somewhere, not just with care, but with information to keep you healthy, instead of just having a doctor today scribble on a prescription sheet and push you off to Duane Reade.

    Or we could just copy any number of countries that have much cheaper and more effective health care systems than we do.

  5. Not really. Im not pro limited liability any longer. I believe that the medical industry should be a free market. That by itself will drive prices down given the competition in the market. You know, the opposite of big pharma.

    I do get what you're saying though. I guess we'll both have to see how it irons out. I just see the history of incompetence in the leaders throughout the years to know that whatever they put forth will eventually not work, while the people in control of it get filthy rich off it.

    It would also force a race to the bottom in quality of coverage vs cost. The idea of a mandated baseline for minimum coverage that a insurance plan should provide and laws against pre-existing condition discrimination and rescission for sick people aren't radical socialism. It's not profitable to cover old people thats why in a free market it would be impossible for them to get coverage.

  6. That statement is true, however their goal is to change Medicare in order to meet predetermined cost-containment targets. In which they will control if you get or dont get healthcare, dictate what doctors get paid, have pay of doctors be the same across the board no matter what type of doctor you are. etc. Now im being general here...but hopefully you get my point.

    I also made a statement about keynesian, marriage of corporate & govt, corporatism etc....which you didnt bother to speak on.

    Am I wrong on those statements too?

    I don't get the connection between Keynesianism and corporatism (which I would agree is a huge problem with our system of government and leads to regulatory capture and elected officals who only do the bidding of the corporations who fund their campaigns)

    The republican Ryan budget plan is to change Medicare to meet cost targets which is a way to put cost control in place, of course it also would lead to savage benefit cuts for middle class folks. The Obama health care bill cut about 500 million from Medicare Advantage, not traditional Medicare benefits and that involves extra subsidized private insurance coverage beyond what most medicare beneficiaries get. Thats one of the few things in the bill that isn't a giveaway to corporations. You should love that.

  7. lmao. You're too funny. I wasnt even talking about your president, but Obamacare isnt socialist? The marriage of corporate and govt isnt fascist? And deregulating Haliburton while over regulating the local mom & pop isnt corporatism? The belief that its govt's job to provide job growth isnt keynesian?

    Lmao. You're hilarious bro.

    He's not my president. The health care plan, that doesn't do ANYTHING about cost control BTW, isn't socialist at all. It's all done within the private insurance market which by definition isn't socialist.

    The belief that when a lack of demand causes private investment to shrink the government should step in and make up that demand slack is econ 101. All you need to see is how public sector layoffs in the states has pushed the unemployment rate up in the last 6 months to coincide with stimulus money running out.

  8. The markets are saying: We fear recession and deflation. Washington consensus: now is the time to fight debt and inflation. This is why we're ****ed. This is the financial equivalent of attacking Iraq after 9/11.

  9. And keynesian economics is a false religion too. lol. If your point proved true then the economy would be getting better, not worse. There are many more people who are smarter than the people running the system and would turn this economy around if only we had free markets. Instead we have "too big to fails" and government no longer playing referee, but are actually in the markets "stimulating" it.

    Like I said, Okay Mike.

    To big to fail and government bailouts isn't Keynesian. And BTW neither is anything Obama has done since about 40% of the stimulus which was tiny in context of the state the economy was in. You're arguing that the government isn't playing referee and for deregulation at the same time?

    I find it hilarious that Obama is called a Keynesian and a socialist when in fact he's done NOTHING that is Keynesian. The fed is actually WAY to the left of Obama.

  10. Dude, lol. Okay Mike.

    Deregulation and supply side economics is a religion... It's based on nothing but people still believe in it for some reason.

  11. The bad economy and unemployment is based on (bad) government spending and over regulation of the job sector. They're hand in hand.

    That isn't based on any economic system that makes sense. Deregulation is what caused the 08 meltdown that what this is all ripples from. It's all based on a lack of demand.

  12. S&P may be a collection of prissy douchebags.

    But that doesn't mean again borrowing 40 cents of every dollar forever is a good idea. In fact it's a vey bad idea. It was bad when Bush did it, is as bad now under Obama.

    In the long term it is. In the short term, the bad economy and unemployment is adding more to the debt than government spending is.

  13. Everybody in the booth had their lips on Red Sox asses.

    The pitch was not intentional, though.

    As for the game, they beat Mo. Credit where it's due.

    0 for 10 with RISP against the thug and the crappy middle bullpen. Thats the story of the game. Hope Cashman was watching.

  14. Greatest team of all time is 1 game up on a yankee team that has more holes than swiss cheese. I'll take it. Maybe cashman pulls his head out of his a$$ and gets Montero up here now.

  15. It only became a fraud when they refused to pay up and made an insane defense for noncompliance. Withholding gives the governmnet an interest free loan every year. As long as you in fact pay your tax bill and any penalties you can in good faith have some leeway on your W4, though claiming 99 and trying not to pay at all is ..ill-advised.

    It's a fraud the second you write 99 on the paper sign it and send it in but thats just semantics.

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