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  1. Again New York City accepted a bunch fo W4 claiming 99 dependents and did not spit them back. For years a bunch of jail guards paid almost nothing. And when they were finally caught they claimed as descendants of slaves they were not American citizens, even thought their very oath of office was to uphold the Constitution.

    That didn't work. But it should give you an insight again into what a freaking mess government is at every level that such a debacle went on for years and these gusy were doing it in plain sight.

    The fact that a clerical error missed it doesn't make it any less fraud. They can't catch everyone right away but they were caught none the less. A lot of our tax system is really based on good faith.

  2. YOu cna in fact direct your employer not to withhold. Now, some (most) employers would probably balk. Many have terms of employment requiring withholding as a policy and won't hire nor you without filed W4. And if payroll is dumb enough you could claim 99 dependents, which some loony NY Corrections employees tried(and found themselves locked up).But withholding was instituted during World War II and was supposed to be voluntary. There is no reason for wqithholding othr than it makes tax collection very easy. In theory you could file a quartley or annual statement, thoguh you might be penalized if you didn't pay enough. Again, I sure as hell am not missing a quarterly tax payment, and wouldn't recommend anyone else do so nor should anyone discontinue withholding. But if a mass of people decided to not comply, who knows? People hasve come to accept withholding and they don't know it's not writtern into law. It's like EZpass; after a while who knows what the toll is as long as I can go through the toll plaza. We get divorced from the cost because it becomes regular every day stuff. And then we accept it as a daily reality. Don't look behind the curtain.

    You either have to have tax withheld or make estimated payments. There is no way around that. Doing something like claiming 99 exemptions is tax fraud.

  3. Few things-

    I started my career in a government bureaucracy. I deal with them all, state, local and the feds, almost every day.I love this country. The governemnt, I fear.

    They all waste trillions upon billions.I hate giving them one more penny than they are owed. And same for my clients.

    And I have clients who often fail to turn a profit on a business. But the warnings is always the same. You have to file some kind of tax return even if you lose money. If you never turn a profit no matter what form of business you use at some point the IRS can classify your business as a hobby, disallow all your expenses and simply tax you on what ever revenue you have. And guys who prattle on about the 16th Amendment are asking for trouble.

    What is true is that withholding by employers and quarterly tax payments are entirely voluntary. If everyone stopped paying in, the feds would not know whether to crap or wind their watch. But I've seen enough of the fire to recommend no sane person be the moth to that flame.

    That isn't true. You've giving out bad advice.

  4. Hey guys we have been lenient with the politics thing but please don't forget the no-politics rule. It is in place for a reason.

    Max if you read the thread it's been very cordial and interesting. I don't mind him asking if I'm a communist haha. It's not really about politics anyway it's become about Villian's lifestyle.

  5. Arguing with you is futile. Understand the law for yourself mike and stop being so shook of what govt will do to you.

    Question, (think about this question before you answer)...are you a communist?

    I'm a CPA so I know a little about taxes and tax law. You're just not being realistic about what you're doing and it could come back to really hurt you if you're caught.

    I'm not a communist because I don't believe in collective ownership of all assets and resources nor am I a socialist who believes in a command economic system. I believe in a well regulated capitalistic system. So no I'm not a communist

  6. I work in the private sector for a private company and I still have to fill out tax forms and file a 1040. Who you work for is irrelevant to the fact that you have to fill out a tax return.

  7. I dont have income. I dont know how many times I have to say that. And no, I havent crossed state lines in any of my private contracts.

    Again, I dont have income. You guys must understand what income means, and why I continuously state that I DONT HAVE INCOME.

    What is Earned Income?

    Earned income includes all the taxable income and wages you get from working.

    There are two ways to get earned income:

    You work for someone who pays you


    You work in a business you own.

    Any barter you get in return for services is also 100% taxable.

    If you're gonna keep doing it fine but you should at least be realistic about the fact that you're breaking the law.

  8. Dude, what you're doing is tax evasion. I'm not a big fan of taxes but don't just pretend you're doing something that everyone else is just choosing not to do. Heck I'm all for not paying taxes. Timmy doesn't pay his taxes and look where it got him.

    Just realize if you get caught they'll come down harder on you than they did Timmy. Good luck and I hope you keep evading the tax man. It's not like GE and the big corps pay taxes anyway, they should probably go after those guys first.

    If only Villain had as many lobbyists as GE does then he would really get away with it.

  9. You bring up a good point, however, there's two things I need to say to this. #1. Federal contracts are not "private" contracts (though they'd like you to believe so at times), and to prove that is rather simple. "The major difference is that federal government contracts are governed by statutes and regulations". Our statues and regulations are public by nature. So how can they tax a private contract thats not governed by public statutes/regulations but by the agreement of the contract itself? #2, the federal government has EVERY RIGHT to tax "income". Im not denying that, however, I dont have income. I have private contractual agreements to exchange my time and labor for money. Thats not income my friend, thats trade.

    Im not saying that the 16th amendment doesnt clearly state what it states. Im saying that what im doing is private and isnt governed by public statues and/or regulations.

    I appreciate you respecting my point of view though we're at odds about the topic overall.

    The government views that as earned income and it's taxable as ordinary income. Do you ever leave the state you work in and go to another state to work? If you do the government can regulate you for sure and in your state the state government can regulate you. This is beyond the 16th amendment.

  10. Haha. Biggest Dirtball in baseball plays for your team pal. No one is more self serving and douchey than A-Rod. Cheater, liar, me first, top of the line scumbag.

    I doubt Arod is hated around baseball as much as a punk who throws 97 MPH fastballs at your head if he's upset that you're hitting him... He is an a$$ though.

  11. There is no real number one target in New England without Moss. Belichick era New England receivers didn't put up gaudy numbers before Moss came (Troy Brown only topped 1,000 yards once). Welker definitely benefited from Moss, but I still think he is a very good WR without him.

    Maybe because they are awful at drafting WR's.

  12. trading had to be suspended in isreal after it lost 6% in a furious early sell off, I read it has rebounded some

    They have riots in the streets over their awful government and it's incompetence. I wouldn't read too much into that.

  13. I think both NE's TE's are significantly better than Keller. That makes a pretty big difference in this equation. However, if we assume all players perform to their maximum capabilities, then the Jets win this easily. Holmes, Plax, and Mason at their best are scary good.

    As always, time will tell.

    The Jets will actually be a better team next year when Keller walks and we get a TE who blocks and is an actual red zone threat.

  14. I hate to seem dense, but I'm not getting what is so scary about these photos.

    First photo shows a wide highway in the late fall/winter with no traffic on it at the moment. Looks like there might be some people walking along the side of it.

    The second photo shows a river with a city on one side and a public square on the other. No people in the photos, but for all we know the pictures might have been taken at 5am on a weekend.

    Third photo is some satellite pic with a lot of white dots in S. Korea, but none in N.Korea. This is scary.....how?

    It's not as much scary but sad that the country is living basically in the stone age.

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