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  1. I'm mostly on the right side of the political spectrum. And you hear this a lot form Sean Hannity, Larry Kudlow and their ilk.Will grant you growth is a good thing.But you have to be realistic.Simply we cannot grow ourselves out of this.

    In the 1950s the US averaged a little over 5% annaulized GDP growth, some years close to 7%. Keep in mind though that a time when much of the rest of the world's industrial capacity in Asia and Europe was still nonexistent or being rebuilt; America had the field practically to itself. Even under optimal conditions like that, 5% growth was about as good as it gets. There are no such conditions today nor in the forseebale future.

    Simple fact is expecting much more that 4% annual GDP growth is pushing it.Currently looks like we'll be lucky to see 2 or 3% over the next 2 years. And adminsitrations of both parties have been pushing that rosy projection up forever when they send their budgets to CBO for evaluation(recall that CBO typically works with the variables they are given; though Obama has failed to submit a budget since February). They could just as easily and justifiably put "AND THEN A MIRACLE HAPPENS" as projecting 5% or better GDPO growth.To pretend we can grow out way out of this mess is idiocy. Simple fact is government in every way imaginable has to be cut, curtailed and downsized. It does too much, it does a lot of it badly, it does all of it expensively and it does many of things it shouldn't do at all. Again,we can either make these needed cuts now wisely and judicously to soften the blow. Or we can do them in a panic after another dose of stupid pills and find ourselves in Weimar Germany.

    You're making broad general statements that just aren't true. 4% GDP growth would do a great deal to fix the problem. So would doing something about the unemployment rate which is whats behind our fiscal problems right now. The problem is that the government right now is doing things that are going to SHRINK GDP and raise unemployment like making superficial short term cuts that do nothing about our real debt problem (health care costs.) Government spending in the near term has proven multiplier effects that would grow GDP and decrease unemployment. For example, one of the main drivers of unemployment in the recent months is states laying off millions of public sector workers to deal with budget shortfalls. If the federal government borrowed money at the laughably low rate they can right now and bailed out the states with shortfalls that would lower unemployment and bring back a multiplier effect by increasing demand. It's common sense.

    I would argue that the government doesn't do enough and that things that it does are inefficient because it bends over backwards to the private sector. Tax rates are hilariously low. The lowest they have been in over 50 years. SSI is solvent for 50 years and is one of the great american success stories of our time. Medicare's overhead costs (even with all the fraud) is still substantially lower than private health insurance companies. The reason for Medicare's long run problems have nothing to do with the program itself but with health care costs in general. It's a symptom not a cause.

  2. **** you.

    That is all.

    AdamSchefter Adam Schefter

    Filed to ESPN: Former Jets DE Shaun Ellis and the Patriots reached agreement on a one-year deal, pending the player's physical.

  3. Show me a document that states that government can impede on private contracts and I'll show you the constitution showing that they're breaking the law.

    I tell you, public school really did a dozy on all of us.

    People yell that on the way to jail all the time.

    And if the S&P 500 goes to zero I'll have much bigger problems than losing money. I'll take my chances.

  4. "Risk" implies being exposed to some type of danger. In otherwords, you can lose that investment as well.

    THATS how markets work. lol. Im speaking to a rookie. im good with this convo dude. I spoke my peace already.

    Of course you can lose it. But that's why you balance your portfolio to manage those risks. This isn't magic.

    OK good talking. I hope this works out for you. Def not for me.

  5. Well, I wasnt born on another planet. Unfortunately you dont understand tax law either. Government cant impede on private contract so Im not avoiding taxation because I never filled out a W-2 nor has my company been made public by incorporating it. Maybe you should read your constitution and see where and how private contracts come into play before you tell me that im breaking the law.

    As for moving to some place where there's no government, im not an anarchist so stop assuming. I never once said that I want no government, that'll be ridiculous given that I believe in God and he's laid down 750 laws statutes and commandments to obey. You on the other hand would rather obey the over 2 million laws that your government puts on you.

    There's a difference between not liking that the government is out of control and protecting yourself from it and being an anarchist. Read your own constitution that your land was based on and check your governments actions before you check mine. I dont impede on you, your govt impedes on your every day with nonsense.

    Even if you're not a w2 worker you still owe Self employment, state taxes depending on where you live and income taxes.

  6. Based on what fundamentals? Dont just say it, explain it. As for my standard of living, Im simply rolling with the punches here. Im adjusting to life after this reality bubble pops and im expecting to make a profit from it.

    You think debt can just keep going up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up and its not going to have repercussions.

    Trust me, im not here to change your mind. Im just here stating my opinion. And your opinion is that im paranoid. I'll accept that for what it is. :)

    The fact that capital has value and entities are willing to pay for the use of it. That's how a capital market works. If you provide capital you get paid for the risk you're taking on.

    I don't want the debt to go up forever and I'm very much for dealing with the real drivers of our debt which are, like i said before, health care costs. That being said I don't see any proof that we're in the middle of a REAL debt crisis right now.

    It sounds like you don't have a great standard of living to me though I don't mean to judge. Wouldn't you rather not have to worry about getting arrested for tax evasion and not having you worry about going broke from health care bills?

  7. Call it paranoid all you like. All I know is that when I figured out how not to contract with the government I've been winning ever since. sh*t, If I was what you call "paranoid" back when I was 19 I'd be a paranoid millionaire by now.

    You call me paranoid, I say you're sleeping with your eyes open.

    Im glad that you have no problem paying taxes, I do. Im glad you have no problem with them inflating your money supply, I dont either because when they dilute your money, my money goes up. Im glad you have no problem contributing to the country the way "they" see fit...im a capitalist, I take responsibility for me and mine, and I'll contribute my money the way "I" see fit, not some third party. As for getting sick, I changed my habits once I was able to re-educate myself. I buy only organic food. I stopped eating mc donald's I purchased a juicer in order to take in my vegetable/fruit nutrients. I deal in holistic medicine etc. I dont worry about getting sick because I take care of my self now. And I bet that if I ever do need to go to the doctor If I put gold in some doctors hand I bet he'll take it.

    I take care of me and mine. I dont need government and insurance companies baby sitting me. Im a grown man with my own set of balls. I dont have a drivers license so I dont drive. But I can afford to be driven so I get to where I have to go comfortably.

    And as for me feeling "silly", thats just wishful hate on your part. I understand the difference between paper money/income and Gold/Silver/Purchasing power/property/wealth. Im maintaining and adding to my purchasing power. You're dealing in monopoly money thats continuously getting debased. That sounds pretty silly to me.

    If i kept my money under my bed it would lose value due to inflation but who the hell does that? An S&P 500 index fund will outperform inflation.

    If you enjoy a life when you're living on the outside of civilization, not driving and living off the land like you're saying more power too you. I wouldn't want that life. Also all the organic food in the world won't pay your medical bills if you're in a car accident or something else unforeseen happens to you. It's a risky way to go through life. And if that ever happens to you and you end up in the hospital and can't pay it will be tax payers like me who pay for you.

  8. Are you serious? first off I no longer worry about the FED because I work for myself, and though I like Mr. Paul I dont vote either....never have. I dont participate in ponzi schemes. You see how consistent I keep it?

    What im proposing is to exit the economy ponzi scheme while you still can. Get into real assets with real intrinsic value. I buy Gold and Silver and after my trip to Tennessee this October I'll be getting into farm land as well. I dont do social security or health insurance because I dont believe in "limited liability" nor do I work in the public sector, I deal in private contracts...and in those private contracts I prefer that my labor be traded for precious metals when possible. If not I quickly get that sh*t paper out of my hands by giving it to a bullion dealer.

    Cognitive dissonance? End the FED? Ron Paul? You dont know me or my movements to even make such a statement. Im speaking generally. Im not complaining one bit about the FED congress personally. IF anything they're doing me a favor by kicking the can down the road. Im able to stack more metals, get out of debt given my bone headed decisions as a teenager/early 20's. I was laid off of my last public sector job years ago. I took my first year of unemployment to understand my environment while the wife held down the fort.

    Now I make more money while working less hours, without a need of a manager micromanaging over my shoulder and the IRS taking what I worked for. Me and my wife both work off the books. I dont talk it and not walk it bro.

    That sounds like a really paranoid way to go through life. You're pretty much talking about a stone age economic system. Well I work in the private sector and I have no problem paying my taxes whatsoever. I have no problem contributing to the country who's infrastructure investments enable my firm's services to be in demand and in turn me to earn a living. I really hope for your sake that you don't even get sick or hurt or need money when you're old or ever want to get a mortgage or a house or car or anything. Aren't you gonna feel silly if/when nothing you're predicting happens and our economic system remains relatively stable as it has since the industrial revolution?

  9. And it takes a person that kicks the can down the road to think that growth is infinite. Not when its built on a ponzi scheme.

    Keep wishing upon that star bro.

    I think there is some cognitive dissonance going on here. We're going not going to "end the fed" and Ron Paul isn't getting elected president. You didn't respond to the real effects what you're proposing would do to the economy. It would end the country as we know it.

    If you take a look at what the makeup of the future debt is (that 60 trillion) , it's basically ALL future health care costs and I'm all for doing something about that but in the near term government spending has a proven multiplier effect on the economy. It's Macro 101. Do you realize how much revenue we lose because of these crazy unemployment rates NTM dumb military spending, government waste and the tax code.

  10. I know you posted this six months ago, but it's on the top of the page and I keep reading it...

    You can't be the guy that runs draws and screens. Draws and screens are only effective if the other team doesn't know they are coming. If you use a different guy for them, they are expected. They also aren't as effective when you can't throw the ball which is why we don't use them much, not because Schotty is a moron.

    Well if he's in there on 3rd downs he's not gonna get the ball every single time. You have to mix it up no matter what kind of plays you're using.

  11. Yeah, thats what I thought. Come back to me when you have that solution. All you presented was a scenario of "kicking the can down the road" which is what got us in this mess in the first place.

    And you want to "kick" 9.1% unemployment and a dead economy down the road. Growth is the only answer and it will create the revenue to pay off the debt.

  12. Please explain how Mike. Because the last time I checked it is impossible to pay off all of the debt (im not just talking the national 14 trillion) with the way our money is created. Our money is created with debt attached because there's interest associated with it. We're easily over $60 trillion in debt....and thats not touching derivatives.

    How can the principle ever cover the debt when the only money you have in circulation is the principle?

    If I gave you a dollar and told you okay now you owe me $1.25 how in the world are you going to service that debt if there's only the $1 principle in circulation? This is why people have been pissed at the Fed. It is a PONZI SCHEME to enslave.

    I'll wait for that answer though. And trust me im not doubting you. If you have the answer which is based on our current economic structure I will personally pay for your ticket to washington D.C. lol.

    First of all you can't compare a private person to a government. It's apples and oranges. The number that matters is the government's ability to make interest payments as they come due and we are nowhere near not being able to make those payments.

    When you said we're 60 trillion in debt I'm assuming you're talking about fiat currency and fractional reserve banking which is never going away. Good thing because abandoning that system would probably make the great depression look like a blip on the radar. It would pretty much bring economic activity and the credit markets to a standstill and would take the economy back to the 1830s. That isn't the answer. The way to solve the problem is obviously to get the economy moving again. If we had 4% unemployment none of this would be an issue at all. So that should be the no's 1 2 and 3 priority of the government in the short term. Then once we're gaining jobs we can argue about how we're going to get health care cost under control.

  13. lol...thats too funny.

    The debt isnt a "major issue" though it cant be paid? The reason why were at almost 0% interest rates obviously tells the story here.

    I guess it'll be a major issue for you after the fact.

    What do you mean by "it can't be paid?" The US government is perfectly capable of servicing this, and much higher levels of debt. In fact it's the height of stupidity not to borrow more at these rates considering the multiplier effect of certain types of government spending. The inflation monster isn't coming any time soon.

  14. Hoovernomics was simply what followed writ small. And Roosevelt's New Deal did not solve the problem. Even Henry Morgenthau, Roosevelt's Treasury Secretary, acknowledged privately that the New Deal not only failed but made things worse.

    SSI has to be means tested and the age raised. There is no "lock box" it's merely IOUS paid out of general revenues.

    Medicare also has to be restrained.

    We can either make thse decisions wisely and now, or we can make them in a panic. Which is what the downgrade really is, a warning that so far everyone making the decisions has been unserious.

    Again, it is not terribly complicated. No society nore emprie nor government has spent itselfe to prospertiy. in fact the opposite is true. As a corrollary, empires that try to estend their grip with militaty expeditions to far flung lands soon finds it's very existence in peril.

    This was true with Persia, Greece, Babylonia, Rome, France, Spain, Great Britian and the Soviets. America is not exempt from such a collapse, unless we wise up.

    Nothing should be done to SSI. How many US companies or any companies for that matter are solvent for 50 years? The idea that that's the problem is moronic. I have a ton of ideas to control health care costs but thats a matter of Politics and what your priorities are and it's something that has to be argued by the elected officials.

    Proving that the new deal didn't work is pretty much equal to proving that Obama tiny stimulus didn't work. It's impossible because you can't prove a negative and you can't compare those policies to an economy without those policies. It's all guesswork. We do know that the economy contracted in the late 30s as a reaction to FDR cutting spending in response to a more conservative congress. Sound familiar? The idea is for government to pay down debt when the economy is expanding, not when it's on life support.

  15. WR is just not a priority around here. If Kerley is anything at all, it'll be even less of a priority - especially in the draft. The Jets prefer to address the position with vets.

    I agree with this. Unless you have a chance at a physical freak like a Megatron, Andre Johnson or Larry Fitz you can get WR's pretty easily in trades or FA.

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