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  1. This defense has me so excited for this season I can't wait.
  2. Congrats JETNATION thank you for everything
  3. Sorry to hear this will deff keep him in my thoughts and pray for a speedy recovery.
  4. You probably don't really know me but Welcome back Slats.
  5. yeah I have some friends that have done it they just did the one in Georgia last weekend it was like 20 deg lol. I can't wait to try it and ill update the pic when I'm done training nae
  6. mostly Just a lot of cardio trying to build up my stamina plus I'm eating right. I throw in a little upper body and leg exercises as well
  7. lol thank you I have since lost 40 lbs and have been training for a marathon called tough mudder.
  8. Hell if other people posted why not this is 40lbs heavier
  9. I thought that's all you did any way .... J/k keep em comming lol
  10. i had a really good time in this game glad to be apart of it and sorry i kind of piggy backed off you vic you were the only one i trusted for a while lol
  11. Thanks man Yeah ill play again prob not that game because i dont know everyone enough to imitate them ill keep watching for one that interests me
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