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  1. Definitely no...I just watched the 4th qtr of the Browns Ravens and it's crazy how much more talent he has to work with on offense. The catches their WR's made on the last two drives kept them in the game. My first thought was how much better Darnold could be with guys as talented as Landry, Njoku, and even Perriman and Callaway. Herndon is a start, but we need to get some legit receivers (and OL). Robbie is a 2 or 3 on his best day.
  2. And Bucs lost....great ending to the season.
  3. Giants gave up a td on 4th and 15.....
  4. Should have been the game plan for the last 10 years....
  5. Not sure I've ever seen an NFL game with so many wr open by 10 yds. Bowles defense.......
  6. Could have been a great 4th down play....
  7. Exactly...been that way for years. If they are gonna call b.s. penalties when you sneeze on Brady, then beat the sh*t out of him and make it worth it. It would end quickly....
  8. If you're gonna hit him late...then at least hit him.
  9. TampaJet

    Sunday NFL Games thread.

    Steelers going with the Bowles defense....
  10. Never great, but last year he was more than competent. Enough to say that Macc got a good haul for Sheldon with a 2nd and Kearse. This year he was a waste of a roster spot.
  11. WTF happened to Kearse this year?

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