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  1. Ill take the low cut socks over the Brady leg warmers....
  2. I enjoyed reading this. I lost my Dad to cancer about a year and a half ago. He was also the reason I became a jets fan. (His fault , lol) One of my best memories was when he took me to Hofstra in 86 for TC, and I still have the helmet signed by O'Brien and most of the 86 team. I miss being able to call him after each round and discuss / complain about the picks. Enjoy your trip and spending time with your Dad. Hopefully there will be a few reasons to feel good about future after this weekend!
  3. Interesting...just saw this article about Williams. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2941427-nfl-exec-javonte-williams-is-best-rb-in-nfl-draft-over-najee-harris-etienne
  4. Probably for the best. Lots of respect for him the way he came back, but its not worth risking his future. I saw an article stating that he earned $160 million in his career. I would never has guessed it was that much, but good for him.
  5. I think this is relevant. I wanted Fuller too, but it sounds like he wanted to go to Denver no matter what.
  6. Fair point, but I wasnt necessarily talking about being the #1 receiver....more like the guy who gets the attention.
  7. I agree, Im surprised he turned down KC with a chance to get a SB ring. Pitt is going nowhere next year......Maybe he wants to be "The Guy".
  8. He's worth signing just for his stache and mullet. Impressive.
  9. "Hello Deshaun? Its coach Hoodie. I want you to be our QB this year, but I dont have the capital for a trade....listen to me closely and I will tell you how we will lower your value down to almost nothing; so you will be cheap, or get released. It will hurt your rep temporarily, but we will fix it and straighten it out later when you get here. In addition to your salary, Ill give you the Brady contract where we set up an LLC and pay it millions per year so it doesn't count against our cap." All joking aside...if there is any truth to the allegations, we dont need that guy around our
  10. Lets be honest....neither is preferred destination for top FA's. Especially NY with the higher taxes. Money is important, but guys still want to win, and both still have a long way to go.
  11. Do they really need to go though all the hassle of a tracker for one guy? lol
  12. So awful to hear....does anyone know if she was sick, or if it was something unexpected? Prayers to KJ and his family.
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