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  1. Damn...we may have 2 good tight ends on the roster.
  2. How bad does Kalil have to play for Harrison to go in? Geez...hes not an all pro, but the offense looked a lot better with him.
  3. We get Mosley and Herndon back and we may go on a little run with the remaining schedule. I'd be happy to just see a competitive team, which would be a night and day from the last 3 weeks.
  4. Ed Oliver showed up for this game...QW is invisible outside of one play.
  5. That was a huge possession and not the time to get conservative with play calling. Looks way to familiar.
  6. Who needs a kicker anyway.....looks like he may be gone already.
  7. 4 turnovers and we have 6pts....wow Clearly Williams is out coaching Gase so far. Lets see if we can make any adjustments in the second half.
  8. I was thinking the same. On hard knocks even Gruden was constantly saying how much he liked him. Seems odd.

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