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  1. TampaJet

    Happy Birthday Freeman McNeil

    I remember my Dad taking me to Hofstra for training camp in 86. I was able to meet most of the guys and have them sign my Jets helmet...Gastineau, Klecko, Obrien, Lyons, ect. But Freeman, who was probably my favorite player as a kid, clearly stood out in my memory as one of the nicest guys I ever met. Definitely a class act. I picked up a signed jersey a couple of years ago and its hanging in one of my offices today. Happy Birthday Freeman!
  2. Actually it said it is moving from ESPN to ABC. But the NFL Network will cover it as usual. I havent watched ESPN in years unless it has a game on that no other channel will offer.
  3. This Helmet would have been much better...
  4. Seriously....this crap took 4 years?
  5. Who the F...k is this guy? This is hard to watch.
  6. I guess its a good thing Barr wasnt the best LB we signed yesterday....FCK him...time to move on. Plenty of moves to be made. Edit...."Agreed to sign"
  7. Definitely no...I just watched the 4th qtr of the Browns Ravens and it's crazy how much more talent he has to work with on offense. The catches their WR's made on the last two drives kept them in the game. My first thought was how much better Darnold could be with guys as talented as Landry, Njoku, and even Perriman and Callaway. Herndon is a start, but we need to get some legit receivers (and OL). Robbie is a 2 or 3 on his best day.
  8. And Bucs lost....great ending to the season.
  9. Giants gave up a td on 4th and 15.....
  10. Should have been the game plan for the last 10 years....
  11. Not sure I've ever seen an NFL game with so many wr open by 10 yds. Bowles defense.......

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