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  1. I'm 45 years old....i can't ever remember the Jets having 2 legit QBs on the roster. And Josh is a great mentor...best QB room I've seen. Prob need to trade Teddy while he is healthy since he would be gone next year anyway...love to keep him since he's a good guy all around but doesn't make sense I guess.
  2. Crowell is like a smaller faster Ivory...looks good so far.
  3. Makes sense....I know the NFL never offers anything for free. I've done the trial the last few years to watch preseason when needed. Just use a different card and email each week. I get the Sunday Ticket streaming package for the reg season, but the pre season streaming quality is much better. Direct TV is horrible .
  4. FYI...Eric Allen said the game will be streamed on the Jets site.
  5. TampaJet

    Where to watch? Kodi help?

    Just heard that it will be streamed on the newyorkjets.com site as well....per Eric Allen
  6. TampaJet

    Where to watch? Kodi help?

    I had that happen awhile back after not using it for months. No addons were working. Google "Kodi Sports Devil Aug 2018" or something similar, and it should give you a current repository that has it updated. Just follow the instructions to add it and it should work. I believe it's on the NFL Network tonight though if you get it.
  7. TampaJet


    Rosen to AZ
  8. Idk...i think he qualifies as both. IMO anyway. Just think we have a decent amount of good character guys in the locker room. Hate to see a me first guy like that mess it up....i would find it hard to root for the guy. Unless he stomps on Brady...maybe then I can come around... a little.
  9. I'm sorry...i missed the memo that there can only be one scumbag in the NFL. My bad....not sure who you are referring to...if it's Bennett...yes, he is a scumbag too. Not sure what the point is.
  10. Damn...was hoping to sign Gaines.
  11. The guy is total scumbag...we passed on Cook last year and would consider this guy?
  12. TampaJet


    Go get him Macc....
  13. TampaJet

    How Wilkerson Trained

    Obviously Mo is in the pads...
  14. TampaJet

    Who Else Here WON'T Be Watching?

    Haven't watched a minute of coverage and won't watch the game. When the Pats are involved the script is always the same, so why bother. Not worth the aggrevation.