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  1. TampaJet

    Sunday NFL Games thread.

    Steelers going with the Bowles defense....
  2. Never great, but last year he was more than competent. Enough to say that Macc got a good haul for Sheldon with a 2nd and Kearse. This year he was a waste of a roster spot.
  3. WTF happened to Kearse this year?
  4. A legit #1 WR catches that ball...
  5. We're basically in a no-lose situation here right now. Sam has as played lights out...We either pull off the upset, or see our quarterback well, and keep our draft status.
  6. I'm not sure I've ever seen a quarterback keep their team in a game despite their horrible coaching staff like Sam has.
  7. Whoooooo! Like the profile pic....
  8. He takes way too many plays off to be paid big money.
  9. Love how these announcers keep saying Kacy Rodgers defense. Like he's a real defensive coordinator instead of just a Bowles puppet
  10. It might be all we have...but we do have a qb.
  11. Has a coaching staff ever been fired after a series? Same stuff every week....horrible. It says all you need to know about an OC when a team doesn't score on an opening drive all year. And Bowles def still can't stop a running qb. Groundhog day...
  12. TampaJet


    Great return! Ready for another 3pts!

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