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  1. I heard one report that DJ makes around $1 mil a year at the NFL Network. A quick google search showed the salary of an NFL Director of scouting to be up to $275K. Im not sure these are exactly accurate, but that seems like a pretty large gap to make up. Hard to believe a team would pay him 4X the higher end salary, and doubt he would take a significant pay cut. Unless they have some other title for him that would result in a higher salary? I think Douglas would be a great hire either way.
  2. Ok...guess they didnt care about Jets...just wanted to snag a qb.
  3. Cindy traded up to get ahead of us....wonder who they like.
  4. So was Sheldon, so was Mo, so was Leo, ect, ect....
  5. What a waste...guess we don't need to watch the draft until Sat. FU Macc.
  6. Goodell is the biggest scumbag in sports history....
  7. I agree. I guess it's limited risk now with a 2, or take a little more risk for a possible higher return. I'm ok with either...as long as it works out in the end. My only thought is that Macc's strength has been round 1, so we may be better off getting the higher pick that will likely fall to 4.
  8. Looks like best atmosphere so far, since they moved from NY.
  9. I see your point, but I would guess the main goal was to get back into the 2nd round. To be able to do it and still get a top 5 guy would be a win. Sure we can fleece a team, but we would not have a chance for an Oliver/Allen type and a 2.
  10. I'm not sure why anyone would have a problem with that....
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