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  1. being paid by pepsi to sell their snackbot thingy.
  2. whodeawhodat

    Sanchez/ Brady skit

    I thought it was funny
  3. I get it BUT having the Gmen AND the skins needing a QB of the future. That might be what gets us a nice package and one of them their choice of qbs in this draft. If there isn't a single QB to be the QB of a franchise in this draft I would be shocked. Look at QBs in recent drafts and have a redraft. Someone is going to fall in love with a QB and will want to trade ahead of the Gmen imo. We should trade down and grab a stud WR and OLinemen(plural).
  4. whodeawhodat

    Adams reacts to Gregg Williams

    who doesn't love this!!! So happy this happened!!!
  5. Sorry, I really didn't want to make you work for this. Yes, every jets fan knows of rex's love of cornerbacks and importance in rex's scheme for man vs zone corners. Rex brings the house and someone's band plays, yup we know that as well. Promises? I know a guy personally who was promised to be picked by Rex and 3 other coaches during one of "rex's drafts". He wound up being undrafted and signed with none of those teams opting for a team that contacted him after the draft that he thought he had a good chance of making. So yeah, the HC wants his players to feel like they are his guys, why wouldn't he? I think it is common practice for these coaches to try to form any sort of bond with these players before tampering rules are in place. I think there are plenty of times where a coach will get a player from another team and talk about how "they" wanted that player out of college but someone took them right before they pulled the trigger.
  6. right???? Where is this guy and wtf did he do? Was it covering all the trophies on the wall in Cleveland???? idk
  7. That's what I am sayin.... Or are you sayin it for me??? I have not heard him once say, that 1st rounder was on me. I have heard him fall on the sword for many other documented catastrophes.
  8. you sure about that? lol I at least hope he doesn't go to the fish because I just cant not root for the guy....
  9. I don't understand this. How many times I have seen Rex be all happy about his 1 pick he gets out of the draft. Now HCs are drafting the whole team?
  10. sign me up for rex 2.0 redux man has unfinished business
  11. whodeawhodat

    Why we should NOT be drafting defense again.

    I was thinking this too. I don't know how to go back and look at the #1 producing receiver in each of the past few drafts but I am sure we all would be happy for the next 4 years with that person at #3. I think you and I look at this draft the same way. We have our pick from the NCAA for any offensive player at #3. That being said, I would def go Oline the next 2 out of 3 picks.
  12. bears... beets... battlestar gallactica...
  13. whodeawhodat

    FItzmagic - the trademark

    St.Pete Florida??? Going back 10 years, Busch Gardens used to make me get rid of the straws for the kids juice boxes before they let us in. Now I know why, thanks lol
  14. whodeawhodat

    FItzmagic - the trademark

    if my name was Minkah, I would have been grasping staws long before 2019

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