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  1. The 2017-2018 New York Rangers Thread

    https://nypost.com/2018/02/20/rangers-fire-sale-begins-with-nick-holden/ Rangers’ fire sale begins with Nick Holden By Post Sports Desk February 20, 2018 | 12:34pm Modal Trigger Nick HoldenNHLI via Getty Images So it begins. Nick Holden was the first Ranger shipped off before Monday’s trade deadline, heading to Boston in exchange for defenseman Rob O’Gara and a third-round pick in this year’s draft, the team announced. Holden, a defenseman who will be a free agent after the year, has played in 55 games this season, his second with the team since coming over from Colorado after the 2016 season. O’Gara, a 24-year-old Massapequa native, has played in eight games this year for the Bruins. The Rangers, in last in the Metropolitan Division, announced on Feb. 8 they would be selling at the deadline to rebuild for the future.
  2. Jeremy Bates?

    one positive is that it forces the OC and the qb coach to be on the same page. no excuses.
  3. sign cousins and choose the best WR in the draft at #6, O-Line in rd 2 and 3. F the D.
  4. Jets to release Mo Wilkerson per SNY

    The real news will be not when he is cut but when he signs with the pats...
  5. Jets to release Mo Wilkerson per SNY

    I think that was to protect mo from injuring himself and the jets being on the hook for next year tbh. He should have been punished/emasculated years ago when these habits started. As much as i dislike man(ish)... he had to be talking about Mo years ago for getting away with things and not getting punished.
  6. wow, accusing other of plagiarizing while plagiarizing in the same thread. Pretty ballsy but your deflection skills need improvement.
  7. McDaniels Leaves Colts at the Altar

    *mcdaniels pulls piece of paper out at the start of his next press conference* "I will not be the next HC of the IC."
  8. Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    Yankees minor league player rankings per the big 4 lists recently published; Yankees Baseball Prospectus: 3. Gleyber Torres 26. Estevan Florial 51. Chance Adams 57. Justus Sheffield 100. Albert Abreu Baseball America: 6. Gleyber Torres 38. Estevan Florial 41. Justus Sheffield 59. Miguel Andujar 77. Albert Abreu 81. Chance Adams ESPN.com: 5. Gleyber Torres 16. Justus Sheffield 54. Miguel Andujar 73. Freicer Perez 99. Albert Abreu MLB.com: 5. Gleyber Torres 44. Estevan Florial 48. Justus Sheffield 65. Miguel Andujar 74. Albert Abreu 75. Chance Adams
  9. Malcom Butler

    https://nypost.com/2018/02/05/ex-patriot-roasts-bill-belichick-over-bizarre-decision/ Brandon Browner was as confused as the rest of us, and a lot more angry. The former Patriots cornerback — and apparent New York Post reader — teed off on social media over Bill Belichick’s stunning decision to bench cornerback Malcolm Butler in their 41-33 Super LII loss to the Eagles. “A locker room was divided pre game, most yds ever given in up in a SB game, and your best defender over the past 3 seasons. Doesn’t get a snap. You where hurt/burnt where he was needed tonight.. #foolishpride,” Browner wrote on Instagram. Browner was teammates in 2014 with Butler, who sealed the Super Bowl win over the Seahawks with an interception. He would have no chance for such heroics Sunday night. The Patriots coach claimed it was for football, not disciplinary reasons, that Butler did not play on defense (he did appear on the special teams). If true, it was a historically awful decision, as Butler’s replacement, Eric Rowe, was overmatched against the Eagles receivers. –– ADVERTISEMENT –– thanks for watching! Butler, who was nearly traded to the Saints this past offseason, now will hit free agency, and it’s extremely likely he has played his last snap with the Patriots. The 27-year-old bolted the locker room before speaking to a group of reporters, but did tell ESPN that, “They gave up on me. F–k. It is what it is.”
  10. Malcom Butler

    https://nypost.com/2018/02/04/where-is-one-of-the-patriots-best-players/ MINNEAPOLIS — In what may have been his final game as a Patriot, Malcolm Butler watched most of it from the sideline. The cornerback was mysteriously benched in favor of Eric Rowe. Butler had the flu earlier in the week and did not travel here with the team, but coach Bill Belichick said Butler was healthy and he also said it was not a disciplinary matter. Butler, who was seen crying on the sideline during the national anthem, played on special teams in the game, just not defense. He left the locker room without speaking to reporters, but told ESPN: “They gave up on me. F—. It is what it is.” Butler is scheduled to be a free agent in March and now certainly appears like a goner from New England. It is hard to believe after he was the hero of Super Bowl XLIX just three years ago when he intercepted the Seahawks’ Russell Wilson at the goal line to win the game. Belichick would not say what the reason was for Butler’s benching. “We put the players out there and the game plan out there that we thought would be the best tonight, like we always do,” Belichick said. Rowe, who said he found out just before kickoff he was starting, struggled in Butler’s place, giving up a few long throws, including a 34-yard touchdown to Alshon Jeffrey in the first quarter. Butler had a strange season for the Patriots. He admitted earlier this year that the fact the Patriots signed Stephon Gilmore to a five-year, $65 million deal last offseason bothered him. He was negotiating at the same time with the Patriots. This year, he was benched in Week 2 and his play was not up to the level he showed earlier in his career. “Anything that happened to me is my fault,” Butler told the MMQB.com this week. “It has nothing to do with anything else, it’s possible to just have a s—-y season. It is what it is. I’m just worried about the Eagles.” Even after what he considers a down year, Butler will have plenty of suitors if he reaches free agency. Last year, the Saints talked about acquiring him as part of the Brandin Cooks trade. The Jets are going to be in the cornerback market and may look to steal one of their rivals’ players. They would know they were getting someone with some serious Super Bowl pedigree.
  11. Malcom Butler

    Pretty much what he said in his comments after the game.
  12. Malcom Butler

    Played 97% of def snaps for the pats this season. not 1 snap on defense last night. I think the stat was 0-4 vs gilmore and 11-14 vs all other DBs lined up over WRs pre snap. Malcom was pissssssed. will be a FA next year. Lil Bill cut off his nose to spite his face last night?
  13. Forget Cousins - Trade for Foles

    haha, we got a 2nd for sheldum...
  14. Forget Cousins - Trade for Foles

    oh yeah, and **** the pats!
  15. Forget Cousins - Trade for Foles

    Yeah, i have a hard time believing that. Eagles could sell high on this dude like no other. I think he was signed to a 2 year $7M deal. I'd say one of the teams with less cap space in win now mode would be on this guy. As for people saying that he had all day to throw, he did have time but also created time with his feet. Looked legit in going TD to TD with tommy terrific.