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  1. I dont know who the man on TV is but I watch more bucs games than you. I will tell you this, it is as close to the same team as last year more than any other team in the NFL. I will say that again just to emphasize it, it is the same team as last year more than any other team in the NFL. Did they replace their starting RT with a 1st round draft pick. yes. JPP has been outstanding, not going to apologize about that, suh was better last year and missed time this year. What about corona and the limited offseason for Brady? How bout them apples? you didnt mention that either. Their defense was very good last year and their Oline wasnt bad either, much better than some gave them credit for that is for sure but you know(or maybe you dont) that a QB helps his oline, helps his defense. Brady still has the touch and timing and tampa brought him here for a chip, not for personal records although he is just piling on more now that he is beating the NFC up. 3 road wins to get to the superbowl. Went through GB too.
  2. wow, you are really reaching with a lot of these. gronk is a difference maker this year? cappa is a game changer? a year under the belt of the same players that were there last year? Just call it what it is, brady is the difference and yes, he also helps a defense by keeping them off the field(not sure if that falls under getting rid of winston or getting brady but whatevs). As jets fans we need to remember this as winston is a FA and I guarantee we will be sorry if he winds up starting here.
  3. how about this for a simplification. What is the difference between last years bucs and this years bucs?
  4. I was half rooting for the bills to win just because I think it would be easier for the bucs to beat them. but I am not disappointed they lost, if we cant have nice things then they cant either
  5. I was going to post about this that some advertiser is trolling max. It used to be the same ad of a group circle with 2 women in the middle doing slow motion martial arts in a dance kinda thing. Now it is mostly pats fans and I have never done a search with that word in it.
  6. wow, you guys give the bucs D no credit. it is all saints TOs not bucs forcing TOs. Haters gunna hate.
  7. lol I had an ex gf that would lose her sh*t if I said "easy". So of course I used that word with her on nearly a daily basis I especially liked to drag it on eeeeeasy
  8. I hear what you are saying @Sperm Edwards and @slats but you cant tell me that play action to either side of the ball would be awesome to run. When we won our whole 2 games this year we ran the ball behind the big ticket and ran play action behind him as well. I hope JD takes this guy sewell and 77 is okay with playing RT as a true road grater.
  9. Exactly what I said to my brother. Either way, a heroic effort by goff playing with pins in this throwing hand thumb!
  10. we already have a jet blue guy and his avatar is way better than yours

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