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  1. would be great to see for sure. he needs to figure out ways to move this offense. there has to be a way and he needs to find it. I am pulling for him but if he cant put it together this season I say we have a jetnation road trip to find @HelenOfTroy for some answers.
  2. I am going out to watch the rangers south in the stanley cup. have a good night all!
  3. The title is in caps and also uses asterisks so you know this is serious. So I know a couple(2-5?) people on this board thought we were going to come out of the gates like gang busters last week but I wasnt one of them. Did I have hope, of course! I am a jets fan so I was hopeful that we would win. One thing I was pretty pretty sure that was going to happen was it was going to be a sloppy game. The non-preseason/offseason of corona, the turnover in personnel etc. I just figured it would be ugly. Was sam ugly? Heck yeah he was. Did his wr drop some passes in stride, heck yeah. I mean, these guys, even crowder dropped some early passes. So we lost game 1 in an ugly way. What to do now? calm your fvcking t!ts because week 2 is probably going to be just as ugly... Do I want to see our offense roll? hells yeah. Do I think it will against the 49ers defense? NOT SO SURE.... So we have some decent guys on the oline? maybe? hopefully? So we have some decent WRs? maybe? not likely? I say we ride this year out and get some pieces in the draft and FA to continue to surround the QB position with because I cant see any QB excel with what we have now. We need to build a team. So calm you fvcking t i t s and relax because there is a good chance our offense doesnt do much this week either...
  4. I thought Avery Williamson was g2g... at least mayday is in!
  5. carry on brothers! omw to a football pool party in a minute J E T S jets Jets JETS!!!!
  6. Derrick Henry and Jacobs. seems like everyone is split on who to start.
  7. PPR League, who do you start? [Insert fancy poll]
  8. I didnt even realize that until you posted, thanks Dick! and you were the other guy that was calling the becton pick with Bit. For some reason I thought it was pep but I knew that was wrong.
  9. I think the players are going to sing a song or hymn after the national anthem that non of the announcers know the words to.
  10. to be fair to @bitonti he was on the zoom meeting live during the draft with a bunch of us. He had the floor while we were on the clock and wanted Becton. This thread if from January.

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