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  1. I think this clip from the post summarizes why Douglas could be the GM we have been searching for since forever. I think some people forget the magnitude of the Chip Kelly mess that was left in Philly and was cleaned up rather quickly. "Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie called the hiring of Douglas “the pivotal moment of the last year” in March 2017, the year the Eagles would go on to win the Super Bowl. The Eagles were still dealing with the fallout of the Howie Roseman-Chip Kelly war and wanted someone to oversee personnel under Roseman. That was Douglas, who then played a critical role in bringing in some of the players who helped the Eagles win it all. He is more than just a scout, though. Douglas is able to connect with people, something the Jets desperately need. Their last two GMs — Mike Maccagnan and John Idzik — had spent a long time in NFL scouting departments and front offices but neither was viewed as a “football guy” on the same level as the coaches. Both were bookish and never really connected with the coaches."
  2. I'm sorry guys, I looked 2 pages in and didn't see.
  3. Rich Cimini ESPN Staff Writer Jets rookie DT Quinnen Williams, drafted third overall, injured his calf in the first OTA practice last week and missed the first four sessions. "I think he's been on the banquet circuit," coach Adam Gase joked. They hope he can participate today on a limited basis. Gase described this as a soft-tissue injury, saying they're "slowly working him back" because they want to avoid a setback. They hope to get him real work before the offseason program ends in mid-June. Saw this today but didn't hear about this last week. Not worried about the injury but I like the fact that Gase gives him a little dig. Parcellseqe
  4. This... You have billionaires on one hand and athletes with how much of a window to make their career earning as a pro? 4 years? 8 years if you are really good? We talk about 29 yo running back being done after tearing up the league for 6 years. What I would like to see is rookie contracts go up and a cap on salaries. Don't they do that in basket ball, I hear about max contracts.
  5. Idzik composed a roster with zero CBs for Rex. Drafting is how you build your roster so maybe I didn't clarify how important the draft is. I think that the executive role in drafting is most important while the scout team you assemble is almost as important. You get good information and you can make good draft choices unless you want to rely on consensus opinion on BPA.
  6. I voted roster management and cap. I think that team president would be more of the visionary role. Draft would be more about scouting department which he would be the final word on draft pick. Same with pro personel scouting. I would think he would be looking at other rosters where they may have an abundance of talent where we may be lacking, a trade could be made.
  7. I thought I saw a stat with him being 11-0 with his starting QB? its all about sam, if he continues to grow we will be successful and contenders for years to come. He looks a hell of lot more like a man coming into this year, just thicker. excited to see what we will do on offense this year
  8. OT but I was a long time knicks fan and suffered through the isaih years before becoming absolutely numb during the phil years. That being said, I think RJ Barrett will be a better pro than the rest and I am happy the knicks will pick him
  9. I think mac was fired from his own incompetence. Drafting and FA alone warrant that. I think that something happened with dinger that caused him to be fired along with him. Subterfuge? Toxic relationships? Disorganization? Others opinion of him? Media leak about gase vs macc? CJ said that what he witnessed was not the direction he wanted to head in so to me that speaks to why dinger wasn't stepping up into an interim gm spot. Or maybe he was offered it on an interim basis and thought he should have it outright and refused to budge? To me though, that last point doesn't hold water since all they would have to do is fire mac and look for a new GM while dinger twists in the wind for however long it takes. Firing them both leaves a big void in our FO so I am hopeful that the reports coming out about the guy from Philly are true and it is a matter of semantics to getting him in the building to deal with FO issues.
  10. How many of our draft pics are signed. I only heard Wesco. Who works those contract out? Who implements a brand new system for our offense? Who monitors other teams rosters in anticipation of cuts or trades for rights to those would be cuts?
  11. Couple of points now having time to digest this. Timing: Glad he is gone, would have been tough to draft with a new GM working with previous scouts. that being said, could it have been worse than macc's draft? Was there offers of trading down that Dinger wanted and Macc turned down? Were there players that Macc said, fvck everyone Im the GM and this is who we are drafting? That would hurt some feelings and have people questioning why there are there at all. FA signings could have been better or maybe worse with agents knowing the new GM needed to make a name for himself by signing some big names. No front office. The Jets have literally no front office right now by letting both go. That is unsettling at best. saving grace is that we have our guy and just have to go through protocol(ie interviewing a minority) before it is announced. I am hoping this is the case. no way gase can handle implementation of a new system while doing waiver wire evaluation and claims and monitoring other teams rosters and negotiates contracts. We have one of our picks from this years draft signed? this points to us already having out guy, i hope. Personnel: I think Gase was super pissed about the players that were acquired vs what he felt he needed for the team. as others have mentioned, very little attention paid to the OL and it wouldn't be a hard sell to ownership that should be #1 with Darnold. If you lose 35-40, that is okay since it is building our franchise QB. DC: man, this hurts me... I was so happy to have Williams. Like a DC HC on that side of the ball with an attitude I think is necessary for a DC. Now, Emperor Gase may pull some of that free reign he had on that side of the ball back. Hope he stays out of gregs way and lets him do his thing with all the new toys he has. Now I am worried that Williams wont survive past this season... Lastly, I do think Gase had something to do with this and my hunch is that it isn't a power grab. It was him letting golden spoon boy that this is not how a professional sports team is run. Convinced him that this would be a lost season if he stayed the status quo for another season. my $0.02
  12. I am happy with the risk we took in rd 3. There is a difference between game speed and track speed. IMO, the combine should be held in full pads. Even then you cant correctly judge how fast someone is while another person has a hand on you, that is pure strength combined with speed. This guy put together some really impressive film against good opponents. Hopefully he gives our DC something to like and is put in a position to help our team in a position of need.
  13. Speculating but accident probably happened earlier and he waited for his blood alcohol level to get below limits before going to the hospital.
  14. great point with arya's list.... Cersi is def getting offed by her.... Would still rather have Cersi, than any of the people you mentioned above. Sansa learned at the hands of Cersi, not from her tutelage like Cersi did from her father. Sansa's father had her playing with dolls and then she was joffreys play thing to torture. Littlefinger def did coach her as well. My prediction: Jon Snow(Aegon Targareon VI?) rides the lone remaining dragon at the end of it all and is the ruler of the 7 kingdoms Cersi killed by Arya Jamie- survives and bends the knee to Jon and rules kings landing Tyrion becomes hand to Jon Mother of dragons dies along with her dragon in the battle against the whitewalkers Sansa marries Jon and is Queen. ^^^There you have it. Enjoy the last 5 episodes.
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