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  1. All Draft QB Rumor Mill Thread

    I would agree but with his concussion history i cant. All NFL teams place a huge amount of grade on what they predict the health of a draft pick to be. Someday soon(if not already) they will be using DNA/cellular testing to grade odds of bone/muscle and ligament tears.
  2. Josh Allen to the Jets per Josh Allen

    Also, for the kids sake he needs to grow some sort of facial hair. I'd recommend a 70s porn stache. make a statement yah know?
  3. Josh Allen to the Jets per Josh Allen

    What i like about baker is his ball placement on the run or rolling out of the pocket. I havent watched many games of these top 4 qbs but what i have seen, baker is the best with respect to putting the ball where it needs to be, whether it be in front of the receiver on the run or down and low between 2 defenders. Any QB should be able to sit back in the pocket and sling it but what % of plays does that happen for a QB dropping back to pass in the NFL? When that happens you hear the "he had all day to throw that" maybe like prescotts rookie season? IDK, i dont watch cowboy games. My $0.02
  4. Josh Allen to the Jets per Josh Allen

    no... no they wont.... There are a few fans that called trading up to 3 from 6 a stupid mistake...
  5. Otis "mah man" smith aka toast
  6. Full Schedule Released *Spoilers Inside*

    that sounds a lot different than what you were chirping earlier
  7. What if the Browns drafted 2 quarterbacks?

    IDGAF, we are drafting 3rd! if we were drafting 6... Id be sh*tting bricks....
  8. Full Schedule Released *Spoilers Inside*

    couldnt agree less with the first bold and couldnt agree more with the second. we have teddy and mccown to start games for wins. Why rush a rookie regardless of what he cost us? If he blows the doors off of the other QBs and has to start to progress than yes, by all means start him. I dont want to hear 5 years from now how we broke our shiny new qb by throwing him in the fire his rookie year.
  9. What are u listening to right now?

    because i wish i was at Coachella...
  10. Nick Mangold Announces Retirement

    https://nypost.com/2018/04/17/the-nick-mangold-you-didnt-know-but-mark-sanchez-did/ The Nick Mangold you didn’t know (but Mark Sanchez did) This was in the back of one of the end zones of Baltimore’s M&T Bank Stadium on a Sunday night in early October 2011. Nick Mangold, the Jets’ all-world center, was trying to run laterally, with then-Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum, coach Rex Ryan and members of the team’s medical staff looking on. It was not going well. The concern on the faces of all involved was obvious. That night Mangold would miss his second straight game due to a high-ankle sprain, the first games he missed in his career. A rookie named Colin Baxter would start in his place. The Ravens baffled the Mangold-less Jets with blitzes and defensive looks that Baxter could not figure out. Quarterback Mark Sanchez was sacked on the Jets’ first play by safety Ed Reed, fumbled the ball and watched linebacker Jameel McClain take the ball into the end zone for the first of three defensive touchdowns the Ravens would score that night. “We got smoked,” Sanchez said Tuesday afternoon over the phone. “They knew [Mangold was missing]. They were all over us. They were like, ‘There is a chink in their armor and OK, here we go.’” Modal Trigger Ed Reed closes in on SanchezREUTERS Mangold called it a career on Tuesday, sending out a tweet at 7:40 a.m., a nod to his uniform number 74. The announcement came 14 months after the Jets released him and put the final punctuation mark on a career that spanned 11 seasons with the Jets and resulted in seven Pro Bowl appearances and two selections as a first-team All-Pro. When I think of Mangold, I think of that night in Baltimore. It was when Mangold was not playing that his talent was most evident. Like your car’s power steering, you only really appreciate it when suddenly you don’t have it. Mangold, 34, referred to himself as a “Steady Eddie” in his farewell post. That is exactly what Mangold was. Over the decade between 2006-15, there were a few things you could always count on with the Jets — quarterback drama, disappointing ends to the season and Mangold and his partner on the line, D’Brickashaw Ferguson, lining up every week. SEE ALSO Mangold and Ferguson's 'unbreakable' bond goes beyond the field Mangold and Ferguson were both drafted in the first round in 2006 and became the cornerstones of the Jets offense. While Ferguson was the tactician, Mangold was the surgeon. “He’s an incredibly intelligent person and his football IQ is off the charts,” Sanchez said. Mangold would spend the offseason studying not just blocking schemes but also the motions and formations for the wide receivers so he would know exactly what to look for when he eyed the opposing defense. In Oakland in 2009, Sanchez came to the line on one play with two options. When he looked at the defense, he was unsure which call to make. “Nicky, what do you like?” Sanchez asked before his cadence. Mangold raised an arm to indicate which way they should run the ball. Shonn Greene took the ball into the end zone for a touchdown. On his way off the field, teammates and coaches lauded the rookie Sanchez for making a great call at the line. Modal Trigger Mangold in 2011AP Away from the field, Mangold’s sharp wit and sarcastic sense of humor kept his teammates laughing. He would walk around the locker room in a plush robe with his name and number on the back. On Fridays, he called his routine of massages and soaks in the hot and cold tubs “Spa Day.” When Sanchez would appear on Page Six with whatever starlet he was dating that week, Mangold would always have something to say. “He would conveniently have a paper there,” Sanchez said. “He would say to Alan Faneca and Brandon Moore, ‘Did you see who had a date on Friday?’” Mangold will sign a one-day contract to retire as a Jet next week and the team will hold a press conference. The intelligence and humor of Nick Mangold will be back in the Jets’ building for one day. When he leaves, his absence will be felt again … just like that night in Baltimore.
  11. if we picked 4th, we would be guaranteed 1 of 4 qbs available. since we pick 3rd, 2 of the 4 qbs will be available.