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  1. whodeawhodat

    July Madness sign up

    Wow, great news. thanks for the invite too but i am going to have to pass on this. GO JETS!!!!
  2. you can criticize him when you get all of your posts merged into 1 thread with your name on it by the mods
  3. whodeawhodat

    Happy Birthday Sam Darnold!!!!!!!

    http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/76390/21-things-to-know-about-jets-qb-sam-darnold-on-his-21st-birthday 21 things to know about Jets QB Sam Darnold on his 21st birthday 8:00 AM ET Rich CiminiESPN Staff Writer Facebook Twitter Facebook Messenger Pinterest Email print comment New York Jets rookie quarterback Sam Darnold celebrates his 21st birthday on Tuesday, which means the soon-to-be-millionaire finally can legally go to a bar or casino. To honor the milestone, we've compiled 21 age-related factoids and memorable moments: 1. If Darnold cracks the starting lineup as a rookie, he'll be the youngest quarterback to start a game for the Jets. The mark is held by Joe Namath, who was 22 years, 118 days old when he made his starting debut on Sept. 26, 1965. Namath got his famous nickname -- Broadway Joe -- as a rookie. Is there a catchy moniker waiting for Darnold? Sam Darnold turns 21 today. If he starts for the Jets in Week 1, he'll be the second-youngest starting quarterback in NFL history. Noah K. Murray/USA TODAY Sports 2. Would Darnold be the youngest QB in NFL history if he starts? No, but he would be really close. Tommy Maddox was 21 years, 81 days old when he made his first start for the Denver Broncos on Nov. 22, 1992. For the record, Darnold will be 21 years, 97 days old on Sept. 10, when the Jets open the season at the Detroit Lions. 3. This might not come as a shock, but Darnold is the youngest player on the current roster. In terms of Jets history, he could be the fourth-youngest to play in a game. The three youngest, according to Pro Football Reference: wide receiver Jalin Marshall (21 years, 52 days) in 2016, linebacker Marvin Jones (21 years, 69 days) in 1993 and defensive end Leonard Williams (21 years, 85 days) in 2015. 4. Darnold is a babe among babes. Of the 13 quarterbacks drafted in April, he's the youngest by four months. The second-youngest is former college rival Josh Rosen, who turned 21 on Feb. 10. It must be an L.A. thing. Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen were the two youngest quarterbacks in the draft, and both are now 21. Harry How/Getty Images 5. Not only was Darnold an early entrant into the draft, but he was also an early entrant into ... well, life. He was born two weeks early (June 5, 1997), checking in at 8 pounds, 5 ounces at Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, California, according to Bleacher Report. His father wanted to name him Buck, but he was overruled. Broadway Buck actually has a nice ring to it. If they had only known. 6. As a kid, Darnold participated in a lot of sports, including basketball, baseball, soccer and taekwondo. His parents, Mike and Chris, wanted him to enjoy the full sports experience instead of focusing on one. That might explain why Darnold didn't become a starting quarterback until late in his sophomore year at San Clemente High School. Because of a broken foot, he started only two games as a junior, which means he has played only three seasons as a starting quarterback: senior year at San Clemente and two years at USC. You might say he's a young 21, if that's possible. 7. His first high school start was the stuff of legend. With three minutes remaining in the game, Darnold rallied his team from a 21-7 deficit to win 29-21. 8. Darnold was only 2 when his grandfather died. Dick Hammer lived a storybook life: He was a basketball player at USC, a member of the 1964 U.S. Olympic volleyball team, an actor on TV (he played Captain Hammer in the series "Emergency!") and an original Marlboro Man in cigarette advertisements in the 1970s. He also served as a firefighter in the Los Angeles area. "He was a stud," Darnold once said of his grandfather. Best of NFL Nation • Brady's back, connecting later than normal • 21 things to know about Sam Darnold • Why Big Ben's absence isn't an issue (yet) • Bigger workload ahead for McCaffrey? 9. Keeping up a family tradition, Darnold dabbled in volleyball. Well, there was that one time when he was 16. Despite having no competitive experience, he played in a Manhattan Beach doubles tournament with his older sister, Franki, who competed at the University of Rhode Island. Somehow, they managed to make the playoffs. Did someone say, "Sandbagger?" 10. Sam was raised by athletic parents. His father was an offensive lineman at the University of Redlands in California, and his mother played volleyball at Long Beach City College. ADVERTISEMENT 11. Living in Orange County, about an hour south of Los Angeles, Darnold rooted for the Dodgers, Lakers and USC. Eric Gagne, Kobe Bryant and Reggie Bush were among his favorite athletes. 12. Darnold narrowed his college choices to USC, Duke and Utah. If he had picked Duke, he would've played for David Cutcliffe, who coached Peyton and Eli Manning in college. Darnold could have been an adopted member of the Manning family, but he decided to stay close to home, even though the Trojans had already signed two highly-rated quarterbacks, Max Browne and Ricky Town. Darnold wasn't intimidated by the competition, and ultimately, he prevailed. 13. How cool is this? At USC, Darnold co-hosted his own weekly podcast, "Season of Sam." Joined by Yogi Roth, a former college player and Pac-12 analyst, Darnold shared with listeners his journey through the season. They had guests, too, including funny man and USC alumnus Will Ferrell. 14. Darnold was only 19 years old when he delivered his signature performance, beating Penn State in the Rose Bowl. Suddenly, an entire nation knew his name. 15. Darnold respects his elders, especially when they're NFL legends. In early March, he and fellow rookie quarterback Josh Allen visited Bill Parcells at his home in Jupiter, Florida. They're all represented by agent Jimmy Sexton, who arranged the meeting. For close to four hours, the draft hopefuls absorbed wisdom from Parcells. Recalling the meeting, Parcells told ESPN, "I was impressed with them. They were highly respectful. They knew how to behave. They were inquisitive. They were both eager to hear what I had to say. Neither of them is ready to be a star -- and that's a good thing. They're both intent on being good football players. Whatever comes with that eventually comes with it, but they're not trying to precede it." Sam Darnold and Josh Allen have the same agent, who arranged an evening with Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells. Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports 16. One funny anecdote from the Parcells summit: The Hall of Fame coach said he was taken aback when the quarterbacks told him they use elastic bands for their lower-body training. That's how Tom Brady does it, they told Parcells. "Whoa, whoa, whoa," Parcells told Darnold and Allen. "Tom Brady is 40 years old. Tom Brady is in a preservation state. You're in a developmental state. You can't do the same things as him." Parcells suggested leg squats, among other lifting techniques. Three weeks later, he texted both quarterbacks to see how they were doing as the draft approached. Darnold texted back immediately: "Plenty of squats, coach. My legs are already stronger." 17. Speaking of Brady, he was between his freshman and sophomore years at Michigan when Darnold was born. Now they're AFC East rivals. Crazy. 18. The Jets' quarterbacks room includes the youngest player on the team and the oldest, Josh McCown, who turns 39 on July 4. McCown fired off this funny tweet after the draft: View image on Twitter Twitter Ads info and privacy When the tweet was mentioned in a recent interview, McCown was asked if he could develop a father-son relationship with Darnold. "More like an older big brother," he said with a smile. "Father-son is a little too close to home." 19. Does age matter for a quarterback? Let's go back to our conversation with Parcells. In 1993, age factored into his decision about whether to choose Drew Bledsoe or Rick Mirer with the No. 1 overall pick. Bledsoe was only 21 at the time of the draft; Mirer was 23. Ultimately, Parcells felt Bledsoe at 23 would be ahead of Mirer, and he was right -- good thing for the New England Patriots. "Age is a number," Parcells said. "So much of it is getting to the right place with the right people to help you." 20. Darnold was 15 when he first posted on his Instagram account. His initial post? John Wooden's Pyramid of Success. 21. Now that he's 21, Darnold is old enough to drink legally. Cheers!
  4. whodeawhodat

    Which Game will the Jets win this year?

    am i the only one seeing us going 16-0?
  5. whodeawhodat

    FitzMagic Shirts for $13.50

    I still wear mines but only because it is one of my only size smedium shirts i can squeeze into...
  6. Maybe thats what he needs? Time will tell
  7. whodeawhodat

    Wait. Leggett is good?

    I thought he was killed off in the last avengers movie
  8. whodeawhodat

    Can we talk Flowers?

    meh, seems more like a baker mayfield highlight. alot of attention drawn to the qb and this guy gets the step he needs for separation. on most of his routes it is baker threading a needle and perfect ball placement. that split second he has on college level opposition will disappear at this next level. Special teams is his best bet as FB and HB are covered assuming Q is g2g.
  9. whodeawhodat

    Bills release Incognito.

    ummm.... nevermind... https://nypost.com/2018/05/23/richie-incognito-on-psychiatric-hold-after-alleged-gym-freak-out/ SPORTS Richie Incognito on psychiatric hold after alleged gym freak-out By Ethan Sears May 23, 2018 | 2:22pm Modal Trigger Richie IncognitoAP Richie Incognito has not been arrested. Technically. The police were called after the embattled offensive lineman allegedly threw a dumbbell at another man at a Florida gym early Wednesday morning, according to TMZ Sports. SEE ALSO It looks like Richie Incognito's retirement didn't last According to the alleged victim, Incognito was rambling about the government and screamed at him to “get off my f–king playground.” The police reportedly took Incognito away, but didn’t arrest him. Instead, Incognito is on an involuntary psychiatric hold. Incognito announced his retirement this offseason, citing health problems, but then appeared to want back in to the league. The Bills released him from the retired list earlier this week, allowing him to sign with other teams. “Went to the doctor. My liver and kidneys are shutting down,” he told the Buffalo News in April. “The stress is killing me. It’s just about doing what’s right. I just want to be in the Hall of Fame.”
  10. whodeawhodat

    Jets OTA’s Day 1

    reading this thread, it moved...
  11. whodeawhodat

    Bills release Incognito.

    ****, id check him out. seems like that loser he got in trouble for "bullying" was the real nut job of the bunch.
  12. moron vs pedifile, not really seeing the connection. Not everyone was bless with a high IQ, with the millions of dollars teams pay these players, I would carve out $50-$100k for someone to befriend each player that needs this, if anything to carry their stash or take the rap in a melee. I know it is only treating the symptom and not the problem but that could get you down the road for a few years, imo.
  13. seems like every year we are picked to suck we overachieve. as soon as there are expectations we cant get out of our own way...
  14. ahahahahaha and then he married a kardashian!!!!