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  1. Not really... Alosi was out of bounds. Tomlin wandered onto the field and you can see him looking up at the big screen watching the play come to his sideline. then at the last second looked back like he was surprised to see someone about to run him over. sold it well, he did.
  2. he was dead on about mo wilkerson thats fo damn sure
  3. I am guessing that he and greg williams buried the hatched with bountygate.
  4. remember all those years of 4th round draft magic and we joked that we should just trade back and accumulate 4th round picks? Welcome to your wish, JD must have read the board during the kerry rhodes years.
  5. There should be a warning before that video to make sure you are wearing your boner pants before watching. Impose your will big fella! first dood off the bus!
  6. I have my kiddos tonight but i will try to jump in with my personal flight crew
  7. went really well! thanks to @More Cowbell for setting this up!!! 2 main take aways from last nights zoom meeting: with the jets on the clock and a couple of options for us at OT I asked for @bitonti and @Paradis for their choice on who they would pick. At the same time they both said Becton. helps me feel a little better that he will be the rock of our line for years to come and not ducasse redux ironically @Defense Wins Championships was pounding the table for a WR at 11. Made some good points but the way the draft is falling it looks like we made the right decision and will have our choice of a number of promising WRs when we pick in the second round. was great hanging out with you all
  8. I'll save sally some time here... If they played for the raiders last year, they sucked. If they played for the raiders 2 years ago or more, they sucked or were traded away. ^^^Raiders recent history summed up in 2 sentences
  9. wow, you are really going to do this again???
  10. I wasnt going to ask if youtube deemed it proprietary. grats!

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