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  1. I think we have some talent at WR. But it is irrelevant when you have an oline that is hot garbage. An all star RB is also irrelevant behind a dumpster fire of an oline. we hoped that our oline was average at best. we were dead wrong. our oline is has been atrocious. is it coaching that has 3 of 5 olinemen able to actually see their own qb get sacked? That is hot effing garbage in a dumpster fire bad...
  2. I don't think you know what the word fraud means. He is prob too real in he says what everyone knows, football is a contact sport.
  3. I have to agree with you. Get a competent O-line and see what we can do. It all starts up front and this line.... Is probably the worst I have seen and we have seen a ton of garbage/turnstyles for o-line over the years... on a single drop back we have 1-3 olinemen facing the qb…. that should never happen… I had an oline coach back in the day say your but should always be taking a picture of the QB.
  4. Especially at his position. he is getting the ball and immediately needing to beat 1, 2 or 3 defensive players that are on top of him. Has to be frustrating in addition to concerning as to his own health. As someone mentioned, a ton of his money was guaranteed, it would be easy for him to roll over like the rest of our offense is seeming to do. He has done the exact opposite.
  5. If you or any of your family read this post I would like to offer my sincerest appreciation and apologies. You have gone out and given your all for 60 minutes of every game and sacrificed your body all while trying to uplift your teammates and give us hope that our offense is capable of moving the ball. I know some will bring up how much $ you were paid but you have earned every penny and are doing all that you can. Respectfully, This Jets Fan
  6. @kelticwizard depends if you are a jets fan
  7. I am more surprised we haven't run it yet. After losing QB1 and QB2, running the wildcat with the ball in Bells hands may be our only chance at moving the chains....
  8. Delish, I left my club seats to go get them. They use Spanish pork and beans to top them instead of the usual beef or chicken.
  9. Its more than subliminal encouragement! I went to the bucs vs giants game on sunday with a bunch of people(both of my brothers are giants fans). While I was waiting online for some loaded nachos 2 trashy women started getting in each others face leading to pushing and shoving, husband of one jumped in to hold the other back. the wife used this opportunity to grab a full beer off the register area and throw it on the other lady. That was when it got real with the women throwing haymakers with the husband in the middle. De-escalated to the cops coming and letting the lady who threw the beer go while the other is yelling that she wanted to press charges for assault. After that didn't work she stood there for another couple minutes yelling at the worker to get their manager and screaming that she wanted to speak to a representative. Made me think of this board and I think it was @T0mShane that summed up tampa stadium as a bunch of toothless trash smoking cigarettes because, yes, they were both missing a minimum of 1 tooth each...
  10. Not saying he is great but with that oline there is literally nothing we can do on offense.
  11. I don't think I will be enjoying much if our OL doesn't do a 180 no matter who the QB is. I will hope for the best but that could have been darnolds ankle that was bent in half last night... I say let Bell run the option, can he throw?
  12. it was bad, very bad. couldn't have been worse if Beachum wore roller skates out there...
  13. Didn't he and Jalen Ramsey come out the same year? Which would you rather have because he is on the block

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