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  1. I stopped watching at 2 TE sets. We dont have 1 dynamic TE
  2. RIP Jets brother... Great member of this forum and JI
  3. I guess that is a thing??? Coz quoted Ulbricht saying that. I am familiar with rb by committee but cornerback by committee. Not the assurance I was looking for a couple days before our opener....
  4. so sorry you have to deal with this. please dont waste any mental energy on him this garbage.... Losing a pet of 14 years is like losing a family member and that added to the stress of chemo. Please be strong and try not to stress as that is just as dangerous and does nothing good for you.
  5. you obviously never played hempstead
  6. JD fleeced carolina for darnold. how about looking at that side of the coin sunshine?
  7. I would have called it a possibility not a strength but yeah, that is no longer a possibility.
  8. I am still shocked that phili is keeping him at his salary cap number. I am sure they approached him about restructuring or taking a pay cut and he must have told them to get fv cked.
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