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  1. Its getting bad with lots of people getting tested here in tampa to the point where they are running out of tests. My kid just got back from camp and tested positive along with a ton of other kids. He is doing better, just sucks.... still...
  2. I dont go often, I am usually closer to a pool or a beach watching the game with a beverage. as far as people from here, not that I know of on the regular but have met a couple over the course of the years.
  3. yeah over by busch gardens. Have our own room kinda like peabodys. Good stuff, still run by steve(festa).
  4. no more peabodys. it has moved to gaspars as of last season.
  5. well my child's school can. She was sent home because one of the kids in her class tested positive. Come to find out, only the kids that sat close to her in class we sent home. the rest of the class carried on. Oh and my daughter that shares a bedroom and bathroom was still able to go to school... makes perfect sense. My son just got home from camp saturday and one of his friends(at the same camp) just tested positive sunday. we shall see. all in all, if you are vaccinated you should not have serious issues, not to say you wont get it. at least that is what I am told.
  6. I doubt GB is trading him but if they do have a full on rebuild due to AR then I would pay GB a premium. We have the picks and the cap space to lock him up for at least 4 amazing years. He is that man at WR.
  7. So you white knights were ridden off the other thread and came here to roost? This was released in the press at 10:13am. She bailed on her brother(or was abducted) at 10:30 the prior night. She was seen at 2am. We dont know where, could have been another club, could have been being pushed into a car. Below it says she was seen "near" a bar. I would think it would have said she was being dragged into a car or in an arguement and maybe even have a description of who she was with if it seemed nefarious. I think you have to wait 24 hours in FL to file a missing persons report for pr
  8. Lets get it left side!!!
  9. Seemed like Leonard Williams lived in this stat when he was here.
  10. Police say Analee was last seen around 2 a.m. Sunday near a downtown bar wearing white flowing pants, a leopard print flowing shirt, and no shoes (reports indicate her shoes had broken).
  11. FSU running backs are boss. Anyone know if this happened away from the facility? Will he lose money even though he hurt it while training?
  12. Im stoked to see our left side of the line punish teams run blocking an play action off that.
  13. hoooollllyyyyy shhhhiiiiitttttt..... I didnt even make it 30 seconds
  14. I can recall once leaving a bar with a girl that ducked behind the seat as we pulled out of the parking lot because he bf was walking down the sidewalk looking for her. I wasnt there so I dont know the dynamics of the night. there are plenty of stories that can explain this that are closer to "real housewives" rather than "true detective". granted, i have never seen real housewives tv show but in my mind they are arguing over borrowing each others pool boys...
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