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  1. in general, if you have the best guard in the league hit FA and the best WR, RB, sh*t... even TE. who would command the most dollars on the open market. I dont think a LT would get as much at the others on the offensive side of the ball. Maybe a great DT would get less money??? maybe??? Big Sperm has the breakdown, im sure. He is always hollering about why you dont pick an interior OL high in the draft because of that. @Sperm Edwards
  2. But O-line is one of the least expensive areas to buy on the FA market.
  3. An Introduction and Jet's Scheme Question

    Welcome to the board, prepare to be greatly disappointed.
  4. Jets \ Tampa 11/12/17 - anyone going?

    Geez, 3 murders there a few weeks ago and again today?
  5. they passed because he wouldnt play for the 9ers saying he was going to have surgery against the team doctors wishes. that is why the 9ers are going after his bonus/salary. if a guy says he is having surgery, why would you pick him up on your team? then he "gets a call" from little bill himself and now he isnt getting surgery and not only that, is healthy enough to play that week! I think it says more about bennett(his brother is a pos too) but he may have had some advice in his corner as to what he was doing. seems like this is above his intellect.
  6. MNF

    in years past, yes, no brainer but I have to say that pats have taken that privilege from the fish for me.
  7. MNF

    who we rooting for? Cant stand the fish but a win would put them a step closer to another team we wont have to trade up over in the draft.
  8. defense did their job outside of a couple costly penalties... one gave them a first down deep into our territory(skrine for personal foul for what looked like a viscuis but legal hit) and one negating a pick(by Maye?). Offense... McCown looked like the 2nd coming of sanchez. I swear i saw a butt sack...
  9. he def laid an egg today. maybe forte was calling the plays????
  10. Jets \ Tampa 11/12/17 - anyone going?

    haha, i saw a guy with a couple of dudes that looked like you and i asked he was max and ran jet nation. he said yes but then said he was just ******* around. oh well. had a great time, met up with @kevinc855 and his wife good peeps and shared some drinks. wish the jets offense would have showed up but i guess you cant have everything >.<
  11. Jets \ Tampa 11/12/17 - anyone going?

    Meet up at halftime at the pirate ship!
  12. Jets \ Tampa 11/12/17 - anyone going?

    Go jets! Headed into the game in a minute.
  13. Jets \ Tampa 11/12/17 - anyone going?

    Lot 1-3 tons of jets fans!
  14. Jets \ Tampa 11/12/17 - anyone going?

    And now we all know who brought the rain to Tampa Let me know which lot you guys are at before the game and I will stop by