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  1. holy crap, does he go to the golden coral for the early bird special like my grandad did as well?
  2. Had this discussion with a former jet fan that jumped ship when hess sold the jets over the the fvkin patriots!!! Was gushing about TB and the difference between him and rogers. Everyone knows that Rogers is going to do what he wants, ask his fam, ask his team. thing is, he is so good at football he gets away with it. How long has mcarthy been dealing with that? has to wear on you as a HC.
  3. Holy crap, are you pulling these charts off a commodore 64 computer? what font is this???
  4. its funny because towards the very end of the game where we basically needed to do anything and walk away with the win, I actually said to the TV... Guys... do whatever you have been working on in practice this week and we get the win. Next play was like 3 jets running into each other in a total cluster ****. No idea what they do all week but the end product on Sunday looks for sh*t...
  5. This is no video, this is some dude talkin
  6. whodeawhodat

    Bell’s expecting price revealed

    Barkley is barry sanders but bigger. Never thought id see another sanders but dare I say that barkley is better? Me thinks so.
  7. whodeawhodat

    Bell’s expecting price revealed

    surprised with all this talk about Bell no one is talking about the O-line in Pitt. Connor is a nice story but he is putting up better numbers than bell did. remember back in the day when Denver had a stud at RB every year but it was a different RB? I say start putting some draft and $$$ in the OLine and let our boys put up big numbers. All crowell needs to do is cut his sh*tlocks and he will see a .5 jump in yds/carry with the inability to tackle him by it and the couple lbs lighter/faster he would be.
  8. whodeawhodat

    Joe Thomas: Darnold is a Bust

    **** joe Thomas in his big mother ******* mouth
  9. FWIW, I like him. Don't know what we need to put around him at this point but we need something... okay, more than something, a lot of thing. replacing president mal isn't going to help this team. In fact it would hurt this team tremendously. Some people need to put it in that perspective instead of we should have drafted someone that could be the next RGIII as easily as the next montana.
  10. you lost me on that reference, in your defense I am still looking for the politician in the pic.
  11. there is a politician in that picture????
  12. so we should draft more defense?
  13. whodeawhodat

    Rex and Greenie on Get Up now

    Damien woody walked out at half time!

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