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  1. I think his dad is giving him sh*t for giving the ball to the ref instead of him
  2. Awesome signing, anytime you can add a player from the pro bowl a few months ago you get him.
  3. Spoiler alert, they arent showing the actual scrimmage. Just the drills. DLINE is just blowing the OLINE back in one on ones
  4. Yeah, the miami game sucked for me as gase gased it up and my seats were in front of uncle luke and fam, but the weekend I would grade an A-
  5. @Lith @Paradis I havent gone to a tailgate but Gotham City got down with a party at the clevelander on miami beach a few seasons ago. I have zero doubts you guys will have a great time!
  6. conner starts the show by saying he didnt want to do a show with him talking by himself for 40 minutes. Did he stop at 39 minutes? I only listened to the first 13 minutes of him talking by himself...
  7. He is talking a lot of sh*t on instagram. I think he reads this forum. I hope he shuts half this board up game 1.
  8. lightning were rangers south. what was carolina? 6 ex rangers on that team
  9. I played baseball with the son of the owner of vincents(now the owner) in Lynbrook. Joe is a great person and my uncle still lives across the street from him in lynbrook. That being said, I love yah joe but I like Gino pizza in Lynbrook better. Ancona's in valley stream for their grandma pizza is a must every time I visit.
  10. mostly joking but for him to be on any top 10 list from what I saw when he was with us is laughable. my $0.02 LG is a better pass pro and RG should be a mauler. AVT is that dude. We are splitting hairs on the top 10 list(dollars wise) when it doesnt include signing bonus guaranteed $ etc. No, I am not asking you to provide that lol 10 years ago I said, give me 5 dudes at 300+ lbs across the Oline and I would be happy. I am happy
  11. This pic says it all, dad mom and bros are going to JETS HQ with him to sign
  12. Simms had him as $1 TE in the draft
  13. That Pat Elfliein is on this list removes all credibility.
  14. We will know if sauce is the goods or not early this season,
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