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  1. He aint making it through the season taking on LBs like he did last night.
  2. With the 4th pick of the 2022 mini draft, the NYJ select [LB or Tackle from another team]
  3. Is it today? What time?
  4. if you go to a performance coach do you get the same message every week?
  5. Was a matter of time. we drafted a 2nd rounder, 1st rounder, paid a fa $15M to come here and paid berrios to stay here after he was drafted. would be lucky to crack the top 5 but wasnt really close. How the fvck do you run a sub 4.4 and yet never get separation???
  6. I think his dad is giving him sh*t for giving the ball to the ref instead of him
  7. Chris "Kurt Warner" Streveler
  8. Awesome signing, anytime you can add a player from the pro bowl a few months ago you get him.
  9. Spoiler alert, they arent showing the actual scrimmage. Just the drills. DLINE is just blowing the OLINE back in one on ones
  10. Yeah, the miami game sucked for me as gase gased it up and my seats were in front of uncle luke and fam, but the weekend I would grade an A-
  11. @Lith @Paradis I havent gone to a tailgate but Gotham City got down with a party at the clevelander on miami beach a few seasons ago. I have zero doubts you guys will have a great time!
  12. conner starts the show by saying he didnt want to do a show with him talking by himself for 40 minutes. Did he stop at 39 minutes? I only listened to the first 13 minutes of him talking by himself...
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