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  1. 9 hours ago, johnnysd said:

    That is simply not true. In any way. The Jets coaches have stated he is an outside guy. There are quite a few very successful shorter outside guys. Sometimes there can be differences if opinion but Moore as an outside guy is just factual. The Jets view him that way and the entire league viewed him as an outside guy in the draft

    I agree, his comp was AB

  2. 1 hour ago, Lith said:

    Thanks.  I went with GCC to the Jets-Jags in Jacksonville.  Was down in Orlando with the family and needed a break from the theme parks so I drove up to Jacksonville for the day.  Bought a ticket with their group rather than sitting by myself.  They rented one of the pool suites I had a blast, even though we got our asses kicked.  Laverneus Coles and this guy showed up for part of the game.



    Yeah, the miami game sucked for me as gase gased it up and my seats were in front of uncle luke and fam, but the weekend I would grade an A-

  3. 22 minutes ago, Warfish said:

    More worthy than discussion of a few passes on day 1 of OTA's, lol.

    Again, not going to say PH was better than Vincent's in Lynbrook, but when you no longer live in NY, and you're a kid, you gotta get your good pizza where you can, and this place was great (to me, as a kid) in that 80's timeframe.

    I played baseball with the son of the owner of vincents(now the owner) in Lynbrook.  Joe is a great person and my uncle still lives across the street from him in lynbrook.  That being said, I love yah joe but I like Gino pizza in Lynbrook better. Ancona's in valley stream for their grandma pizza is a must every time I visit.

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  4. 25 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Credibility of what, exactly?  

    I think it just demonstrates that LG isn't all that valuable unless you're one of the few teams that has an elite one.

    mostly joking but for him to be on any top 10 list from what I saw when he was with us is laughable.


    my $0.02

    LG is a better pass pro and RG should be a mauler.  AVT is that dude.  We are splitting hairs on the top 10 list(dollars wise) when it doesnt include signing bonus guaranteed $ etc.  No, I am not asking you to provide that lol

    10 years ago I said, give me 5 dudes at 300+ lbs across the Oline and I would be happy.  I am happy ;)

  5. 43 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:




    It's easiest just to follow the money on this one, gentlemen.  

    Current highest paid LG's (excluding those still on rookie deals):

    1. Joe Thuney, KC:  $16M per year
    2. Joel Bitonio, CLE:  $16M
    3. Laken Tomlinson, NYJ:  $13.3M
    4. Andrus Peat, NO:  $11.5M
    5. Cody Whitehair, CHI:  $10.3M
    6. Matt Feiler, LAC:  $7M
    7. Isaac Seumalo, PHI:  $5.9M
    8. Justin Pugh, AZ:  $5.5M
    9. Andrew Norwell, WAS:  $5M
    10. Pat Elflein, CAR:  $4.5M

    Average top 5 LG salary:  $13.4M

    Average top 10 LG salary:  $9.5M

    Median starting LG (Jon Feliciano, BUF) salary:  $3.3M


    Current highest paid RG's:

    1. Brandon Scherff, JAC:  $16.5M
    2. Wyatt Teller, CLE:  $14.2M
    3. Brandon Brooks, PHI:  $14.1M
    4. Zack Martin, DAL:  $14M
    5. Shaq Mason, TB:  $9M
    6. Halapoulivaati Vaitai, DET:  $9M
    7. James Daniels, PIT:  $8.3M
    8. Austin Corbett, CAR:  $8.8M
    9. Alex Cappa, $8.8M
    10. Gabe Jackson, SEA:  $7.5M

    Average top 5 RG salary:  $13.6M

    Average top 10 RG salary:  $11M

    Median starting RG (A.J. Cann, HOU/Denzelle Good, LVR) salary:  $4.2M



    Looks like bitonti is correct on this one.  By basically all financial metrics, RG is the higher paid/more valuable position.  

    The only area where LG beats RG is the top 2/3 at each position.  Thuney, Bitonio and Tomlinson make more, collectively, than Scherff, Teller, and Brooks.  But the further out you expand from there, RG's make more and it isn't really close.

    That Pat Elfliein is on this list removes all credibility.

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  6. 1 hour ago, More Cowbell said:

    Exactly. I am a big Yankee fan but I was in Boston  for a few days on business  and the Sox were playing the Blue Jay's at Fenway so I went, even though I hated that team. It was really cool and so different than going to Yankee Stadium.  It was so small and intimate.  Very cool experience. My point is, going to a sporting event is just a fun experience.  

    spoken like a closet sawks fan

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