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  1. I say support the QB position in general. If it aint zack it will need to be someone else. Maybe if we had some pieces we would be more desirable?
  2. the more I look at that top 10 list the more I salivate at the thought that 2 of the top ones could/should be in our WR room this year.
  3. I wouldnt be mad if we took one at 4 and 10. IF they feel very strong about a guy that will be available later I am okay with that, I guess. We have the longest drought of drafting a WR in the 1st rd last one being santana moss. Now we have the opportunity to take any WR we want. Cant tell me there isnt going to be super stud at the NFL level waiting to join our offense at #4.
  4. I remember debating jeudy, waddle, ruggs chase etc. The bengals knew to take chase at 5 or 6 or wherever the heck they took him as the #1 WR off the board. We are in the position to do that and I like it. Hope we know who that True Best WR of this class is and take them at #4.
  5. Our WR room has gotten thinner from last season where we had 2 doods named smith running routes. no such thing as drafting a WR too high if he winds up being a true number one. Add to that this offseasons WR contracts. We have our pick of any WR coming out this year. If we take the davante adams/jamar chase of this years draft @ 4 I will be ecstatic. Go to our 2nd highest rated WR and take them at 10. Double down on WR I Say! https://nypost.com/2022/04/16/ranking-the-top-10-wide-receivers-in-2022-nfl-draft/ 1. Drake London, USC, 6-5, 210 pounds Possession receiver and red-zone target. Recovering from a fractured ankle, so questions linger about top-end speed. Lines up inside and outside. Rips away contested catches with easy strength. Averaged 11 catches per game last season. 2. Jameson Williams, Alabama, 6-2, 189 pounds Overlooked at Ohio State behind the next two on this list, but his jets outclassed even the fastest cornerbacks in the SEC after transfer. Scored 11 touchdowns of 30 yards or more — some on quick-hitters. Coming off a bowl-game ACL tear. 3. Garrett Wilson, Ohio State, 6-0, 192 pounds YAC attack! Acceleration and strength to run through tackles means big yards after the catch. Inside/outside versatility and the wide catch radius usually associated with bigger receivers. Played his best at the end of last season. 4. Chris Olave, Ohio State, 6-1, 188 pounds Smooth route-runner with a knack for creating separation. First receiver multiple Ohio State quarterbacks looked to when plays broke down. Ran a 4.39-second 40-yard dash but scouts want him to add strength to counter press-man coverage. 5. Treylon Burks, Arkansas, 6-3, 225 pounds Led Power Five receivers with a 98.4 receiving grade on 20-plus yard targets, according to Pro Football Focus. Drawing comparisons to Titans star A.J. Brown because of size/speed combination. Underperformed at NFL Scouting Combine. 6. Christian Watson, North Dakota State, 6-5, 208 pounds Crushed the combine with the athleticism that will allow him to jump over coverage. Still raw but work ethic suggests he will put in the time to polish off routes. Father was an NFL safety. 7. John Metchie, Alabama, 6-0, 195 pounds Watch the incredible footwork and short-area quickness on his whip route for the game-winning score against Auburn. Understands leverage and will be a nightmare to cover in the slot when he recovers from ACL tear. 8. Jahan Dotson, Penn State, 5-11, 184 pounds Undersized but elusive after the catch. Coming off a 91-catch season that highlighted his ball skills, including tracking deep balls and a sense of getting past the sticks on the underneath levels. 9. Skyy Moore, Western Michigan, 5-10, 195 pounds Huge jump in production to 95-catch, 10-touchdown season in which he attacked the ball. Works the middle of the field and bounces up from big hits. Called “most underrated player in this draft” by ESPN analyst Mel Kiper Jr. 10. Alec Pierce, Cincinnati, 6-3, 213 pounds Plays even faster than his 4.41-second 40-yard dash time. “Alabama was scared of him,” NBC Sports analyst Chris Simms said. Should be highlighted in the red zone. Won’t back down from hands-on physicality. Late Riser Watson: Left scouts buzzing after the Senior Bowl, where his standing back flips weren’t his most impressive feat. More well-rounded than expected. Averaged 26.4 yards per kickoff return, too. Falling Fast Metchie: Someone has to pay the price for all the fast-rising non-Power Five receivers. Metchie isn’t getting enough credit for what he does really well when teams want to compare him to the many great Alabama receivers of years past. Small-School Wonder Jalen Tolbert, South Alabama, 6-1, 195 pounds Had seven 100-yard receiving games but saved his best for last and for big challenges, posting 17 catches for 334 yards and two touchdowns against Tennessee and Coastal Carolina in the final two games.
  6. I didnt think they would offer him ownership. He will be there next year, unfortunately.
  7. lol I got the 5th kid. I had mine done while she was pregnant so no worries after. I believe it was a 6 month wait here in FL.
  8. man, monster week during the summer when I was a kid was a good week
  9. There you go, no trades needed. Listen, I dont want to see him back in the AFCE, especially with a loaded offense but him going to the fish makes a lot of sense when it comes to him imo.
  10. mmmmmm not quite what you said..... are you really questioning how a team can fit a big contract under the cap in a given year? I gave you more credit than that.
  11. Sorry my thread isnt up to your standards. He will be a FA next year. they dont need to trade to acquire him. they could trade tua if he has a good year tho.
  12. To quote teh movie cool hand luke~~ I dont like it any more than you men...
  13. @ZachEY I am not the quitter, arent you supposed to be a doo doo browns fan or something? Brady didnt like the bucs chances of playing for a chip so he retired to try to get to SF. BA said nah efff that, we arent letting you walk for nothing no matter who you are. So Brady is running it back one more time in tampa to finish this contract. Next year at this time, Brady will be a FA. He will pick the most loaded team a QB away from winning another chip. He is building a mountain of a mansion in Miami right now. His wife loves Miami(maybe a good compromise for his marriage). RN miami is a 40 min flight from tampa. He may go to SF but the taxes in CA are worse than NY if you can believe that, not that money matters to him at this point but the distance might from miami.
  14. dont shoot the messenger, it just is the way its gunna be...
  15. They are loading up for Brady next year. Book it....
  16. Monkey you are spot on. Take our #1 rated WR in the draft at #4. If our #2 rated WR is there at 10 grab him as well. Getting the top 2 WR on our teams board would move this offense more than 2 TE.
  17. eff it, we need a legit WR. If we take what we think the best WR in the whole class is I am all for it at 4 instead of hoping he drops to 10. You all realize we are going into the season with the same WR core as last year MINUS crowder? How can you be okay with that????
  18. While I feel that stafford has paid his dues, it was a bit sus how he ended up in LA. Was on vacation with the HC so that tarnishes that feel good story a bit. The bengals have a bunch of feel good stories so I am pulling for them. Higgins, burrow and chase. would like to see them do well and pull off the upset. Plus it gives me hope that we pick our version of chase at #4. Take the best WR in the draft. do it, doooo eeeeet.
  19. Worth the read imo. Love the title of this article too. https://www.barstoolsports.com/blog/3404675/browns-owner-jimmy-haslam-just-hit-hue-jackson-from-the-top-rope-and-now-we-have-a-dead-body-on-our-hands Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam Just Hit Hue Jackson From The Top Rope And Now We Have A Dead Body On Our Hands Ohios Tate2/04/2022 10:45 AM 68 Okay so we all know the story by now. Brian Flores says he was offered $100K per loss as the head coach of the Dolphins in 2019, and then Hue Jackson came down with a severe case of main character syndrome and made it all about him. Found this as the perfect time to piggyback onto someone else's situation and do the ESPN carwash to explain how he actually wasn't the man to blame for his 3-36-1 record in Cleveland. Insinuated on Twitter that he was offered "a good number" to lose games for the Browns, and that the plan was not for him to succeed. Well folks, now Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has entered the ring with his interview with the Knoxville News Sentinel. (Warning: If you do not like blood or graphic content, please exit out now) That's just a fact. Probably my #1 issue with Hue. It's not even that he turned in back to back 1-15 and 0-16 seasons, it's that he continuously points the finger at other people who were responsible for his record. Jimmy goes on to admit that he himself did make mistakes, and he owns them, but has anyone ever heard Hue say he messed up as well? Not once. Well that cuts a little deep. You can tell Jimmy is out for blood with this statement. Because let's not forget that Jimmy has been working for Pilot Corporation since 1976 and became President / CEO in 1996. He's hired people, developed people, worked with people, and helped people in the business world for 45 years now. He might be known now for being the Browns owner but you don't get to a $3.8 billion net worth without managing others. And to reference his entire 45 year working career to say that Hue was the individual that's spent the most of his time trying to help be successful, yikes. And now we have a dead body. Giphy Images. Hue keeps saying that his first two years, the roster was impossible to win with. That's just not true though. Hue did win with that roster, once. He went 1-31 with the Browns through his first two seasons, and to think that he kept his job…..he should be thanking Jimmy Haslam every chance he gets. Remember, Brian Flores went 10-6 last year. And then 9-8 this season. Anyways, when the Browns roster began to "dramatically improve", Hue still won 2 of the first 8 games that season before getting fired. For reference, interim coach Gregg Williams took that same exact roster and finished 5-3. The fact of the matter is that Hue Jackson stinks, both as a coach and now clearly as a person. His 3-36-1 record in Cleveland speaks for itself, but to take this Brian Flores story and piggyback onto it and make it about himself is ridiculous. And I bet Brian Flores agrees. I bet he and his lawyers are upset to see Hue all over ESPN right now because their situations are not even close to the same. Flores led the Dolphins to 24 wins over his three years in Miami. If Hue would've kept up his pace, it would've taken him 24 seasons to get to 24 wins in Cleveland.
  20. I am pretty sure Tom has the ear of the FO and coaching staff. He already calls the shots on offense. He doesnt need to bluff retirement. The amount of salt in this thread...
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