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  1. Just adams is a serious problem for defenses Give him the 30M and do it with a smile on your face!!!
  2. I didnt even finish it. for the half of the movie I saw, it just seemed in your face that "we didnt want to make a 4th matrix movie". At some point I will watch the whole thing with my kiddos seeing as how we watched the first 3 together to get ready for this. I will be sure to temper their expectations.
  3. watson vs kraft young professional athlete vs smart billionaire wealthy and reckless vs money and power
  4. I have convinced myself that TB winning equals belichick losing. I also live in tampa so i had to come to grips somehow.
  5. Rodgers had a similar brady type deal his last season in NE with GB to get him into camp this year. he was a good soldier but he is done in GB. 9 of 10 teams would love to have him walk into their building next year as their starting QB. He will have his choice and I see him making a similar choice that TB made. All the pieces are there and they just need the man to lead them. I dont think last night did anything to tarnish him. I didnt watch the game thinking Rodgers is blowing this and I was surprised at his QB rating.
  6. I get it, sign and trade, whatevs. get adams!
  7. #10 for devante adams straight up. Thank you Joe Douglas, thank you!
  8. gotta figure having our #1 pass rusher missing the year hurt him too as he was most likely focused. I like him, not sure how much we need to pay him. He has the ability to blow up any play imo
  9. While I dont think it will happen it absolutely should happen. I find myself asking if there is a worse stadium in the NFL while this stadium was built just a short time ago. It is a shame that NY has been surpassed by so many other teams when NY should be the shining beacon of what the best stadium in pro sports should be imo.
  10. Who are we rooting for/against? Not sure of the implications of wins and losses today.
  11. @WhartonJet Measurables please. I dont want another E.Moore on this team, i want a devante adams to compliment E.Moore
  12. only complaint is there should have been a warning to be wearing your boner pants before watching the video.
  13. maybe I am mistaken but it seems like we were running the ball that drive when tampa knew we would be running to chew time off the clock. was impressed that we ran the ball as well as we did as a whole for the game. Zack was precise and he did check out of a ton of plays at the line all game. I thought he "yipped" that outlet pass but was thankful that our TE bailed him out before trying to hurdle another human being and hurting himself. I think that was the play anyway. To me, it was what I had hoped for. our offense looked good, young secondary held their own for the most part for the guys that will be here next year anyway. We took the L but this L was different than the ones with Zack wormburning outlet passes.
  14. While I dont think players throw games for draft slots I do think coaches do. From the cover zero Greg Williams call to this 4th and 2 call. Give TB the chance for the comeback and take the L on what was otherwise a great day from this team.
  15. Please lawd let us sign devante adams
  16. would like to have you as my neighbor but it is all sold out, you cant move here
  17. I live in Del Bocca Vista -- Phase II
  18. My son showed me the knock out of Gore. I would have bet his hard head from all those years of football could take anything from a punch in a boxing glove but that was straight vicious. He indeed got knocked the **** out. As for the Paul brothers boxing, I thought the commentary was great by snoop when nate got knocked down so hard he actually had the dead cat bounce lol Snoop singing the death hymn was just the icing on the cake. its entertainment and sport
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