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  1. I live in Del Bocca Vista -- Phase II
  2. My son showed me the knock out of Gore. I would have bet his hard head from all those years of football could take anything from a punch in a boxing glove but that was straight vicious. He indeed got knocked the **** out. As for the Paul brothers boxing, I thought the commentary was great by snoop when nate got knocked down so hard he actually had the dead cat bounce lol Snoop singing the death hymn was just the icing on the cake. its entertainment and sport
  3. maybe you havent noticed this is a lost season. he was crushing men as a rookie. He doesnt need to try out for next years team. Also, I think he is doing on the field stuff.
  4. Yeah, I think we can read a bit more into the Mike White chants from players when he walked into the room.
  5. Mims has talent just no separation... How he can clock so fast in the 40 and still not separate from a defender is mystifying.
  6. Agree with all of the above except I would go edge and WR.
  7. This is why I want to go best WR in the draft if there is one heads and shoulders above the rest. look at chase in cincy. If wilson continues with his worm burners let him and Mike White have an open comp next year. If neither of them are the answer we could possibly have our own TB situation where a top tier QB would want to come in with all the pieces around them. my $0.02
  8. I remember when he banged a chick at my high school one spring training
  9. @Scott Dierking too funny that they mentioned Knoblock. I said the exact same thing after a few of his easy throws that he sailed or were worm burners. Just wild that he is missing the easy throws...
  10. Earl Christy seems to be at the Tampa Jets Fan club on game day every time I go. There was a great ex-jet at the jets party at the clevelander on miami beach a couple years ago. Cant remember which one, that weekend is a bit fuzzy.
  11. Last Year: Becton is the cornerstone of our oline This Year: Becton sucks, AVT is the cornerstone of our oline Next Year: Jets have one of the best Olines in the league This year was a lost year from the jump. Rookie HC, Rookie COORDs, Rookie QB, Most Rookie snaps by a mile in the whole league. Let these guys learn and grow, imo Becton doesnt need to learn and grow, save him for next year.
  12. yeeeesh, he makes my ears hurt taking 15 minutes explaining how to get to the garden from Jersey.
  13. I get it, we have discussed this many times before. After watching todays game we need that guy on our oline that will legit fight anyone on the field that touches our QB. Mike White gets hacked and hit after the whistle blows and not much happens. Look at the bucs with that center with his red bush hanging out the back of his helmet. He is that guy for the bucs. He gets into at least 1 fight per game even if nobody touches brady he will pick someone else. We do not have that and we need that imo.
  14. Give me WR1 with our first pick and that stud OL with our second of the first round and I would be as happy as going offense with our first 4 last season. @AFJF our offense wont be elite with GVR on it. Get us a decent FA, guards have to be the least expensive position to fill on an entire team.
  15. all im sayin is that im not wearing my darnold jersey watching the game tomorrow.
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