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  1. Yea, but if you look at the rosters of all the teams in the NFL....there aren't too many teams that have real go to TE's. They just aren't easy to find.
  2. Crowder is very under rated. Zach looked a lot better today and I think him not having a reliable underneath guy up until today shows how important crowder will be for Zach and this offense for the season. Nice win. Wasn’t perfect but the team did enough to get the W.
  3. This thread could of also been named “now let’s hope Sam sucks because I don’t want him to be good on another team.” suck it up and realize the Jets dropped the ball by not allowing rhule to pick his own coaches, hiring gase and allowing an elite prospect to waste away here. It’s the Jets. It wasn’t Sam. I’m rooting for Darnold. The kid was nothing but a pro here and deserves all the success that he is going to achieve.
  4. Didn’t read through everything but if it wasn’t for woody having his head up his ass, we have Matt rhule coaching Sam and not loser Gase. How different things could have been if the ownership decided to just let rhule make his own hires. Still too small of a sample size but Sam looks like an NFL QB at this point. In all honesty, I’m happy for the kid. He was able to get out before his career was completely trashed by this franchise.
  5. Those FA signings were all short term deals for stop gap players. Outside of Corey Davis and Lawson, we haven’t really seen JD sign anyone that’s really apart of the long term plan. Those signings will come but not until this team has a good core. I’ve been following this team for over 20 years now and I’m just as frustrated as many but this season was probably the lowest of expectations that I have had for a team that I can remember. The writing was on the wall, the team was gutted, new coaching staff, rookie qb. Those aren’t excuses, those are facts. This has always been a throw away season
  6. This is crazy. I’m starting to think I was in the minority as far as expectations went for this team. I assumed we were going to end up with another top 5ish pick in the draft. This team is in a rebuild, is extremely young, and Has a first time HC, OC, QB. go look at the 2019 Miami dolphin game log. This is what I was expecting. A bad team early in the season that would be dominated, followed by a bad team that started getting more competitive, to a mediocre team that will be able to steal a couple wins and not be a push over. That should be the expectation for this team. We aren’t f
  7. Didn’t read through everything so maybe it was already mentioned, but in this hypothetical situation, the sports media wouldn’t be talking about this Jets team. It would be about the pats, and how bad they have gotten since tom Brady left. The talk would be about how they can’t even beat the Jets now. Was belicheck a good coach or did tom Brady make him who he was? There would be no credit for this team, it would be more about the pats losing than the Jets winning.
  8. I'm sorry but some of you guys are over reacting here. The team just played their first game of the season. The jets have a rookie head coach, are implementing a new offense and defense all while rostering the youngest team in the NFL. Yea, it would have been awesome to pull out a week 1 win but lets not pretend Saleh is taking over the saints or some other team where the engine is already warmed up and ready to go. We're in a rebuild mode. There has not been enough time to praise or criticize the majority of his decisions. I will reserve judgement for the later part of the season. Lets see ho
  9. Game script didn’t call for it. They didn’t really need to air it out. Not saying sam is or isn’t good but youre kidding yourself if you think sam looked anything like he did today last year. Sam looked like a competent qb today. It was night and day from any game last year to the game today.
  10. I don’t think many are. As long as we aren’t getting blown out and staying will be competitive, I’ll be happy this season. Team is too young to expect much more.
  11. CMC is a cheat code. This offense will do nothing without him. With that being said, Sam found him a ton and that’s what counts. Funny what some talent around a qb can do.
  12. Corey Davis needs to be targeted more. Every time he caught the ball, it was a big play. I think we may have hit on a very good free agent. wilson played well even though line was dominated. Kid looks like a gamer. defense was spotty but holding a team to 19 points with wha cmc did today isn’t bad at all. im not expecting this team to make the playoffs and even though the first half wasn’t ideal, the team fought til the end. Saleh is the anti gase.
  13. It’s would be great for the end user but doesn’t make business sense for the license holder. More than likely it will be all or nothing. Makes no sense to pay billions for the rights and then offer a $10 option vs a $60-$75 a month option. I could see single game purchases being available for like 19.99 or something but if they do something a little different, I’m sure it’ll always make more sense to buy the whole package.
  14. I just couldn’t take direct tv anymore. I’d always sign up thinking I was paying $90 a month and my first bill after renewing would arrive and it somehow was up to $160 or more. Direct tv is the equivalent of a phone book. Some of these other large service providers still have an in because they provide internet but direct tv literally only has Sunday ticket. I haven’t looked into it for a single second over the last 3-4 years but I’m kind of surprised they didn’t do a better job pivoting to streaming while there was an opening. Regardless, whoever takes it over should be able to sell to a muc
  15. If Darnold doesn't show promise this year, I can see the panthers moving on from him pretty quickly. Darnold could def take the geno smith route. By all accounts, aside from his play, you don't really hear anything bad about him. I could see him signing with a good team with an established QB and just becomes a career back up. Nothing wrong with getting that big rookie payday and hanging around for another 6-7-8 years collecting 2-3 mill a year. Maybe at some point in between he gets another shot and pulls a kase keenum or better. With that being said, best overall career has to go
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