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  1. extmenace

    Petition to bring back Bilal Powell

    https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-york-jets/bilal-powell-7845/cash-earnings/ Made over 16 mill. If he was smart with his money, the guy should be set for life. Neck injuries are no joke, plus hes 30 years old. Probably time for him to hang it up.
  2. extmenace

    Gronk Retires

    Was probably gonna get cut as the pats tried to trade him last year. The dude has said before that he didn’t want to play anywhere else. Made a sh*t ton of money, won some rings, and retires at the age of 30. Not a bad career.
  3. Didn’t see this posted. Possible back up qb?
  4. extmenace

    Easton to Saints

  5. extmenace

    Le'Veon Bell signs with Jets

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theringer.com/platform/amp/nfl/2019/3/13/18263367/leveon-bell-new-york-jets-gamble-new-contract-steelers-holdout Good little article. Can’t copy and paste the article from my phone. Maybe someone else can do it?
  6. Yea, I check in this thread from time to time and hadn't seen it. But yea, that uniform would be disappointing to say the least.
  7. Not sure if this was posted and don’t have the time to check but saw this today... doubt its it’s real but figure I’d post it in case it hadn’t been posted already.
  8. I don’t get the hate on Winston. Once he got the job back this year, he had a pretty decent run during his last 6 games. Will he ever be a top 5 qb? Prob not but with a good staff around him I think he can have a solid NFL career.
  9. extmenace


    Number 1 pick could be traded to a qb needy team, much like the jets of last year. Would be nice if the jets actually traded down for once and loaded up on some quality picks.
  10. extmenace

    classless cousins

    Don’t have time to try and find it but I remember reading an article after he signed that with the differences in the state taxes, the overall number might not be as far apart then people think.
  11. extmenace

    Mack traded to Bears

    Mack will be making more in his first year of his new contract than all of these guys career earnings. You've got a handful of guys that play until their mid to late 30's but most of these guys get paid and their drive to be great tends to level off. Not saying mack is or isn't that type of guy but when you have 100 + mill in your bank account, its hard to blame a guy for wanting to put his body through that abuse longer than they must. So yea, maybe his body can continue to play at a high level but what about his drive?

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