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  1. Marketing and endorsement earning opportunities are much higher in NY than anywhere else he could land. Pretty simple if you look at it as a business move. Some guys play because they love the game, others play because they are motivated by the money. I don’t care what motivates them as long as they produce.
  2. Lol I’ve been around for a long time. We both registered in 2010 lol. I just don’t post as often. Also can’t say I’d have paid attention but good job for calling it out if you did.
  3. Most of us saw flashes of Tannenhill when he was with the Dolphins but when he was available, the league viewed him as a high end back up. If any of the other teams viewed him as anything more, the Dolphins would of done better than trading him and a 6th rounder for a 4th and a 7th. Anyways, the point being there are far too many people writing him off. He was taken high for a reason and was in a very similar situation as Tannenhill. I’d be completely fine with this team riding it out and giving him one more shot.
  4. That’s not a guarantee. Tannenhill, Devonte Parker, Kenyon Drake and a few others were left for dead when gase left the Dolphins. Two years later, they are solid to very good players. I’m not banking on it but there is a chance that Sam follows that same path. Gase has proven over his two coaching stints that he has no idea how to utilize his talent.
  5. I live in FL. Tough for me to see the Jets play in person...with that being said, I’ve been to one game. Pretty sure it was the Jets worst loss in team history....
  6. That probably wont be enough to get him. You'll need to add in at least another 2 and maybe a 3. I'll be excited if we get him but won't be too disappointed if we don't knowing what the cost will be. The Texans went 4-12 this season on a team that was better than ours. His situation shows that having a great QB but little else wont get you very far in todays NFL. I think the days of the Tom Brady's and Peyton Mannings carrying mediocre teams are behind us. There is so much talent in the NFL these days that if you have a glaring weakness or weaknesses, the stronger teams will take advantage and beat you when it counts. A couple solid free agents and Watson won't turn us into a super bowl contender. The picks we have, while not guaranteed to pan out, are key to turning this franchise around. If we do the deal, we need to figure out a way to keep some of our premium picks over the next 2 drafts.
  7. I live in the Tampa area and always rooted for the Bucs even though I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of the team. With Brady, I cannot stand them. I just cannot do it, was rooting for the saints last week and I’ll root for the packers this weekend.
  8. I'll be very disappointed if this jets overspent on him. He is over rated and has a rep that is based off one really good season. 2018 Season : 16 games played : 111 catches / 1426 yards 2017, 2019, 2020 seasons: 14 games per season / 65 catches per season / 766 yards per season. Hes going to get paid like a number 1 WR but plays like an average number 2 WR. He will not be worth what he'll get paid.
  9. It’s become blatantly obvious Watson wants to play for a minority coach. Jets, Dolphins would fit that bill. So do a couple of other teams. I think the Texans will ultimately hire Bieniemy or another minority candidate to appease Watson and put out the fire.
  10. I was actually thinking this. Would make them look even worse.
  11. I don’t see how you can get Watson without giving up the second pick. The fan base would revolt. They wouldn’t even be in position to get one of the top qb prospects with your proposed package. Not sure how I feel about Watson but if this team decides he’s the guy, that number 2 overall pick is as good as gone.
  12. Gase has a horrible track record of developing qb’s. Actually he has a horrible track record of utilizing talented players. I know a ton of guys want to draft a new QB but the only guy that is a total upgrade in this draft is Trevor Lawrence. We watched that ship sail. The other two hot prospects are just as risky as keeping Sam. While I’m not sure if Sam can pull off a Tannenhill turn around, guys like him, drake, devonte Parker and etc. show that gase was absolutely horrible when It came to putting his talented players into position to succeed. This organization wants to build a winner and while having a good to great qb is def important, you aren’t winning 3 games in a row in January with just a good QB. You need talent everywhere. Look at most of the teams that made the playoffs this year. There are no Peyton manning / Colts type teams where the QB is putting their entire team on his back. The teams that are left are stacked. Building this roster up is a much smarter play than the GM and new coach risking everything on another qb at this stage. Also, why does everyone think that a QB must be drafted this year? Why can’t we draft a new QB next year? There are more QB’s starting in the league that were drafted around pick 10 or later than their are qb’s picked inside the top 5. We sent 3 number 2’s and the 6th overall pick to Indy to get Sam, might as well give him a shot in an offense that has proven to work. If he falls short, if we trade out especially, we’ll have plenty of amo in the 2022 draft to find our guy.

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