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  1. The guy seems bitter but it was odd that JJ fell so low. The jets traded up to get him but if they did not, who is to say he wouldn’t have fallen out of the first round? We really need this guy to be a hit but with the position being so important in todays NFL, 25 teams passed on him and didn’t think he was worth taking in the first round. With how expensive the position has gotten, you can argue that even if you’re set at the position, you can still take a pass rusher high and let the high dollar guys walk in FA. Time will tell but it was clear on draft day that not everyone was as high on him as the jets were.
  2. I think someone made a few typos when they were putting in the data.
  3. That is a rough first 9 weeks. Outside of maybe the pats and the Steelers games, any wins would be a pretty big upset.
  4. if this team can get 6-7-8 wins and and the majority of the losses are competitive.....my expectations will have been met. This team is still young and needs to learn to play together. My expectations will be a wildcard contender in 2023. If we see growth, competitiveness, and some good player development, the 2022 season will be a success.
  5. I'm trying to be realistic here when i say I think 6-7 wins is doable. Im not expecting a playoff run...and while I'd love to see the wins pile up, what we really need to see is how this team performs in the losses. Last year, we were blown out way too often. This team needs to be playing meaningful 4th quarters this year. If we have chances to win games in the 4th, if this team is making some of the better teams earn the W's - even if we come up short, it will show vast improvement from last year. 2022 is supposed to be the year where this team learns they can compete. 2023 should be the year where they are competing.
  6. The Corey Davis hate, I’m not quite sold he was a bad signing. He missed 8 full games plus some time in another 1 or two games. If you carry over and translate his stats to a full season he would have been right around 1000 yards. Also keep in mind, he missed the josh Johnson and mike white games where the offense peaked. With how weak the qb play was last year, in the games he played in, I think he’s a prime candidate to have a nice bounce back season if he can stay healthy and Wilson takes the next step.
  7. Rb’s, at least for what they contribute, make far less than other impact positions. CMC is highest paid at 16m per year, the 10th highest paid RB last year made around 6.8m. While every other position seems to be going up at crazy rates, seems like the RB market is stagnant. If you have one of those rare RBs that deserve a large second contract, it’s not likely going to destroy your cap like an elite WR would. Additionally, there is still a franchise tag. The 5th year option would of been nice but not the end of the world either.
  8. Seeing how things played out, the only thing I would have liked to have seen was the jets landing a bonafide stud at WR. Kind of like what the cardinals did with hopkins, the bills did with diggs, what the dolphins and eagles just did with AJ brown and Tyreek. Sounds like we tried but just couldn’t get anything to work. G Wilson could be good but no matter how you spin it, the NFL draft is a crap shoot. Having an elite WR would have been nice. With that being said, beggars can’t be choosers. I am very excited and optimistic about the future of this team with how the off season and draft played out. I think JD opened a ton of eyes this weekend. This team may actually be going places in the near future.
  9. JJ, but mostly because we got him at pick 26. I love a good bargain lol.
  10. Next season still isn’t gonna be great. We’ll have a few more highs but expecting a playoff push isn’t realistic. 2023 season is where the expectations should be high. All these young guys will be in their 2-3-4 seasons and should be familiar with the system at the point. 2023 is when we should really see everything starting to come together. I hope it happens sooner but I’m realistic.
  11. The hall pick should be huge for Zach Wilson’s development. A really strong run game will take the pressure off of Wilson. Should make the game a little easier for him while he continues to learn and grow. I was not sure how about how this draft would go but after 4 picks, I honestly don’t think we could have done much better.
  12. Best case scenario is we trade down from both picks and not take two guys in the top 10 that wouldn’t be top 10 draft picks in a majority of the recent drafts….
  13. This draft isn’t top heavy. It’s not loaded with can’t miss guys. You can make a case for a ton of players between 4-10 with maybe Hutchinson and ikwonu really being the only two guys being legit top 3 picks. That’s why I’m really hoping we trade down and take more shots at players. I don’t think I see any no brainers at 4 and 10. There aren’t any bosa brothers, von millers, Myles garret pass rushers. There aren’t any Julio jones, aj greens, jamar chases WR prospects. There aren’t even any QB’s that would be first rounders in some of the other previous drafts. This draft is kind of meh, which sounds about right since the jets loaded up for this to be the draft that could change the direction of the franchise.
  14. Lol, couldn’t even have Tebow in a throwing motion like the other two qb’s?
  15. Different eras have others have said. Passing records and receiving records will be shattered when this current generation hangs it up. On the flip side, emmit smiths rushing record likely won’t be touched for a very long time. This sport has changed so much in the last 15-20 years, let alone 50-60 years ago.
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