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  1. Just a first ratio that comes to mind but im thinking it'll be a 24TDs to 16 ints.
  2. I read a few articles about this a few days ago. Maybe someone can post a link that can better explain it than me but in a nutshell, I believe the NCAA will allow student athletes to hire agents that will be limited to to being able to help with endorsement contracts and marketing. They will not be allowed to be in contact with pro teams and etc. I do think some of these kids being young and inexperienced will inevitably fall into some bad deals and we could see lawsuits pop up here and there but in theory, most of these kids should at least have the option to deal with the right people to mak
  3. I might be in the minority here but I think Herndon could actually be the guy. For a long list of reasons, I just don’t think we’ve actually seen enough to say if he can play or not. He’s finally in a system that should give him some opportunities to be a productive member of the offense. Add in that he’s in a contract year and we may have the formula for a late break out year. He’s flying under the radar right now but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he had a 600-700 yard season.
  4. Lol I actually really liked the Titans uniforms. With that being said, it’ll only be a matter of time until the NFl follows suit and does what the nba and mlb does. In those two leagues teams have several different unis. It would allow for more sales which we all know the NFL wants. This is just the beginning, we’ll eventually have all those options.
  5. Lol. This is actually kind of impressive. This is the real life version of one of those fight scenes in a movie where one guy beats up a group of 5 guys.
  6. The titans are ready to compete this year. While Corey Davis may have more upside over the next 4-5 years, If my team is ready to compete for a title, I'd rather have julio jones for the next 1-2 years. Yes, he is injury prone but when Julio is on the field, there aren't many WRers who are better than him. The titans are going for it, the timing is right to go after the high risk / high reward aging veteran.
  7. Bell went to the highest bidder. He missed out on a years worth of salary and decided that the fit / team didn't matter. It was all about the $$$. I remember reading reports that the jets were essentially in a bidding war with themselves. The ravens were interested but not at anywhere close to what the jets were offering. Nobody else wanted to pay up. He took a huge risk sitting out and while he got the pay day he wanted, he went to a team that could never utilize him to his potential. When its all said and done, sitting out that year got him the money he wanted when he hit free agency but it
  8. Sacks are one thing, I’d like to see where the Jets stacked up last year vs the avg in qb pressures. Sacks just mean the defense got home. We just signed a guy with low sack totals but his pressures were at an elite rate.
  9. B, would of much rather have seen this team turn that 2 into more first and second rounders, especially after seeing how they used those premium picks in this draft. But....what’s done is done and since we’ve elected to go forward with another qb, it’s as good as it could have been on paper. With some big time prospects on offense and we took some shots on some upside defensive guys on the back side of the draft. First draft in a while where I’m not really second guessing any of the picks.
  10. My buddy said same thing. Said he was by far beat player on the defense before the acl Injury. Said there is a ton of upside with that pick.
  11. Winning more than last year is obviously important but where we'll see if this team is heading into the right direction is how they lose. I'll be satisfied with a 5 win season if most of the games are competitive. Obviously nobody wants that bad of a season but the way the jets were losing last year, there weren't many games where there was much of a chance that this team could pull off a win. This team still wont be up to par talent wise but if this team can show some fight and at least have some chances to win late in most of the games, I think the 21' season should be looked at as a success
  12. Still think the jets made a mistake not running darnold back for one more season and selling the #2 to the highest bidder. Address the QB position in 2022 with more of JD picks on the roster and another FA under the jets belt. We're more than likely drafting a kid this year that nobody had heard of until the half way point of last years college season and wasn't on a single way to early mock draft. Wilson may have the goods but we're going to be putting all of our eggs into an out of nowhere prospect. The kind of prospect where there are normally 2 or 3 of in every draft. Not excited but I am
  13. I don't think the jets would pay the price for him so he'll never get to the jets but having a guy like Julio on this team would make a ton of sense. You have a really good WR that would take the heat off our young pass catchers and give our new young QB a security blanket to help him build confidence. Would def make it easier to play QB. If you look at some of the more recent highly drafted QB's that have shown that they can be successful.... there is some what of a trend there. Mayfeild got ODB and landry, Allen got Diggs, Kyler got Hopkins. You see guys like herbert, mahomes, Watson (pre ho
  14. This is the same guy who said repeatedly that the Jets were heading in the right direction and finally found their franchise QB in Darnold. Cowherd is a talking head with little to no more knowledge than the average fan. Cowherd is an entertainer, end of story.
  15. Number changes are for profit, not cause players want it. Players taking different numbers over their current numbers will make old uni’s dated and needing to be replaced. Additionally, getting your favorite running backs number 5 Jersey should spark a lot more sales in the short term since it will be different and exciting. NFL is a business and the NFL knows how to make money. I personally don’t care and after a year or two, we’ll be used to it.
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