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  1. I did miss that garbage time touchdown. What a bummer
  2. Starting last year, I began turning the games off before the endings. Did it again today. This team is so hard to watch when you can throw a game on like the one the titans and jags are playing right now.
  3. I think what’s even more concerning is just how good Ryan tannenhill looks with the titans. Looks like gase had a qb that was more than capable with the dolphins and couldn’t do anything with him.
  4. When was the last time a FA signed here, upped their stock, and got paid a similar contract or more after leaving? Recently, I can only think of demario Davis and we traded for him. Crowder might get there too but that’s all I can really think of. It’s really not smart signing a short term deal here if you if you want to continue playing after the contract runs it’s course. Agents know this, players know this, that’s why we rarely get the guys without grossly over paying. if we are offering the same or slightly more money than most of the other teams, history says it’s a better business decision to sign with the other team.
  5. I dont know about some of the other sports but MLB has their own app. Once this DirectTV deal runs its course, I dont see how the NFL doesnt follow suit in some way or another. Maybe they sell the rights to amazon or yahoo for example or maybe they do their own, but very soon all games should be able to be streamed legally for a monthly subscription or yearly subscription fee. The only thing that may suck for the people in the jets actual market is possible black outs. For the baseball app, I cannot watch any rays games even though thats the market I'm in. If the NFL is smart and can make this work, in addition to being able to watch every out of market game, they'll also include your local markets game or charge an additional fee to be able to watch your local team.
  6. Bottom sentences are misleading. He did most of his damage when he was the number 1 WR / Godwin and Evans were missing games. I liked the upside of this signing. Hopefully he’s a late bloomer and we can get a 1000 yard season out of him. The jets eventually have to hit on someone, right?
  7. The chargers don't have a QB they have to pay 30-35 mill / year to for at least the next 4 seasons. Its not that big of a deal.
  8. Tom brady and his desire to put his team first was a big reason the pats were able to field competitive teams year in and year out. Looking over on spotrac.com, brady on average, was making about 16 mil a year from 2012 to last year with last year being the only year he made over 20mill. In a league where just about every other QB who was next in line for a contract would make a record setting deal, brady was taking below market deals. Yea, his wife makes prob double what he does, and yes, he has that side deal with the pats for his training company, but for cap purposes, he allowed that team to sign a couple extra players that could make impacts on the pats. Brady gave the pats a huge advantage over the rest of the league. I'll never like the guy, but you cannt deny that he helped his teams out quite a bit by taking less. With that being said, you mention mack and etc, but when you look at the last 10-15 years, the majority of teams that have won / made it to superbowls are the teams that have had their franchise QB's on below market deals. Because their QB's werent taking an absurd amount of the cap, they were able to invest in other positions. go look at the teams that have gotten to the show....you'll notice that is a common factor on most of the teams. The chargers are going to put a talented team around Justin herbert. If he develops quickly, the chargers will compete.
  9. Jamal was a “recruiter.” Wanted to bring “dogs” here.
  10. What if bell would have torn his Achilles the year he held out instead of playing? You think he would have gotten a similar contract or would he have been lucky to have gotten a 1 year 5 mill deal? I don’t think he messed up at all. He took 35mill guaranteed versus playing on a 1 year deal with no protection. It only takes one fluke play to ruin a career. Bell played it smart and made sure that if that fluke play happens, he has nothing to worry about.
  11. I’d respect the hell out of JD if he drew a line in the sand and told him he’s not being traded and his contract isn’t being reworked this year. Adams was a really high pick. He has already been paid almost 19 million before taxes and is due another 13 million over the next two seasons If his 5th year option gets picked up. This dude isn’t a 7th round pick getting paid league minimum. He signed a contract and has 2 years left. How does a new contract benefit the team? We’ve now seen a bunch of guys play these games and more times than not, the player loses when the dust settles. With that being said, I don’t blame Jamal for trying but the jets need to toughen up and play hardball. New GM can’t show his organization he’s soft and set a precedent for other players to follow.
  12. I’m not a big fan of josh allen. To me he has flashed, but mostly with his legs. When teams know they have to pass, Allen has really struggled. With that being said, Sam and Allen came from the same draft class...I don’t think you can say one has peaked while the other hasn’t. Both are still young and have upside.
  13. If you look at the situations that perriman has been in, I’d also argue that outside of last year, he hasn’t really been in a passing offense that would even have allowed him to be successful. He’s had Flacco in his last 2 years as the starter in Baltimore and rookie QB in baker mayfield in his 3rd year. In his 4th year he started off the season as TB’s 5th passing option at best but as Tampa’s injuries mounted, the guy was finally on the field playing meaningful minutes in a legit offense. What did he do in that situation? he played like a competent number 1 WR. I’m not saying that perriman will become a star in NY but perriman started off his career in some pretty crappy situations. I like his upside. I think he’s going to surprise a lot of his critics.
  14. They do, its called being cut. Because of the trumane johnson, albert hansworths, and the nnomdi asougha's of the NFL, the fully gaurenteed contracts will never be a thing. Most GM's have the contracts set to where free agent signings can be cut around half way through their contracts. With that being said, the johnson signing might have been the worst contract I have ever seen this team dish out.
  15. Peters has made over 110 million in his career, I just find it hard to believe he’s playing to get paid at this point. Even if the jets are interested, If money is equal or even similar, I just don’t see why he’d want to go to the jets.
  16. Lol, I’ve seen a lot of reports over the years but a “believe they will sign” is a new one. I like it on a year deal but won’t believe it until schefter or someone else more reliable breaks the news.
  17. Couple other guys have already mentioned it but he was probably signed for what he does during practice and off the field. Hard working player who can mentor and lead by example. The jets don’t really have too many of these types of guys...
  18. Lol. I sent a couple of messages, one on twitter and one of your contact us page. Was so confused. No need to reply back to them.
  19. I hadn’t heard about this kid as I don’t follow much college football these days, but as soon as I saw this thread it made me remember the RB from the Bucs. Just so happens, that was his dad. Dude was one of the most jacked RBs I’ve ever seen.
  20. Question 4 would have me really disappointed if either happened. If we trade down, we better be picking up an additional second rounder or better at the least. This team has so many holes to fill, under no circumstances should the jets be trying to move up in rd1. Take the BPA if we can’t trade down.
  21. I’m there with you but you have to assume the front office thinks a few of these guys can get the job done. I’d prefer the jets figure out a way to trade down and nab an additional 2nd round pick. Grab a WR and two OL with those First 3 picks but that Kind of trade hasn’t happened in a long time. I just think that with 4 OL signed in free agency, I just don’t see how it isn’t a WR at 11.
  22. I know everyone wants an OT at 11 but with fant, McGovern, van roten, and Lewis signed I just don’t see how WR isn’t the pick if the jets stay put at 11. It’s happening.
  23. I Think the majority of fans wanted Robby back but it didn’t happen. The free agent market for WRers this year was really weak. All things considered, perriman was one of the better options remaining and the guy showed, at least for the last 5 games of the 19’ season, that he may actually be a football player that took longer than he should have to figure it out. I don’t think anyone here thinks we just landed the next desean Jackson but at least there is a little upside with this signing. If it doesn’t work out, it’s a 1 year deal...and we’re on to the next guy.

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