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  1. Davis was on pace for 1000 yards had he been healthy, and that was with him being on the field where the QB play was at its worst. He didn’t play in any of the mike white or josh Johnson games where the team racked up a ton of passing yards. Corey davis is pretty under rated. $12 million is chump change for a WR that can get 1k yards. with that being said, we’d likely get a 5th or 6th rounder at best…maybe another player that isn’t living up to their potential. I’d rather just hold mims since we have two years of control and just see how he develops. The kid has the tools, just needs to work on the mental side of things. Injuries can happen at any time, it would not be the worst thing in the world for him to be plugged in if one of moore, Wilson, or Davis were to miss time.
  2. NFL was very calculated when they released the findings that once again found Tom Brady in the middle of a cheating scandal. Releases the info with deshaun Watson and the MLB trade deadline all competing for headlines.
  3. I’d be ok signing him if the team cut him the day before the season started. Play games with him like he did to this team. in all seriousness, the guy is washed up. We have veteran leadership at the position already. There is no need here for him. I’d rather see the team try to develop someone vs giving someone like him the reps. His career is about over, a season or two at best in him. No point in taking away from someone else when this team isn’t ready to seriously compete.
  4. I agree with the NFL only caring about making money. Where we differ is that I think the NFL would have perfered he was out this year. You think the NFL would prefer he be playing. To each their own.
  5. Just because you think the browns aren’t a super bowl contender doesn’t make it true. The browns have one of the most talented teams in the league. The bengals proved last year that anyone can get into the game. Nobody can say or can’t say who can win. With that being said, Watson and his team knew a suspension was coming. They knew the ranges. That contract was negotiated knowing that. That’s why there was little money in this years figure. The NFL cares too much about their image, they don’t care about nickels and dimes. They can give two sh*ts about Watson and his money. The NFL likes positivity and a squeaky clean image, Watson doesn’t help with that. Your opinion is what it is, but I think from what I’ve seen, the NFL would have perfered he was hidden away for the 2022 season.
  6. I disagree here. You think the NFL would enjoy / be pleased with the optics if they are interviewing Watson after he was awarded a super bowl mvp? Would be a PR nightmare. From what I saw, the NFL wanted a 12 game to a full season suspension. It would of been better for the NFL if another season would of passed before he started playing again.
  7. It will be interesting to see how the bills offense does without daboll. He deserves a ton of credit for developing Allen and putting together an offense that fit his skill set.
  8. I don’t know, I know he’s good, but I just don’t get that feeling that he’s going to be worth that kind of money. I did not want the jets to pursue him. Guys like deandre hopkins have shown they are qb proof. I don’t think he’s on that level. Will be interesting to see if he’s QB proof or not. Good for him though, very nice pay day.
  9. No, I don’t think a team would even entertain the thought of even letting an average starter play on both sides of the ball full time. The injuries in football are so prevalent that no team would allow their players to 2x the exposure. Ohtani is pitching once every 6 days. It’s impressive but completely different than a full time two way player in football.
  10. No problem with a stud WR trying to give his quarterback, in a make or break season, a confident boost. He didn't choose tua though, he chose living in FL.
  11. Mine was pretty lame. Grew up in Florida. Starting playing football around 10-11. Neither my father or mother care about sports but are both from NY. Maybe that had something to do with it subconsciously but I’m pretty sure I picked the jets because my favorite color was green. I’m 37 now…I could have picked any team I wanted, picked the jets. Sounds about right lol.
  12. Agree, the cap will go up significantly when the package is available to everyone. These numbers seem absurd but it’s all relative percentage wise to what the cap will likely be in the next few years. drew bledsodes 100 mill contract in the early 2000’s seemed absurd as the time too.
  13. A strong running game makes the game easier for a QB. A lot of pressure can be taken off his shoulders if hall turns out to be a stud. That pick was made to give Zach Wilson the best possible chance of succeeding.
  14. The trade didn’t work out well but you make it seem like the jets gave up their first rounder for jolley straight up. The jets gave up a pick in the mid 20’s for jolley and a pick in the 40-45 range. In the jets mind, they moved down 20 spots to get a starting TE. That didn’t work out but within a few drafts, the jets did something very similar with the bears where they swapped second rounders and got Thomas jones. That one worked out.
  15. I think this has more to do with who the jets play from weeks 1-11. Outside of a deshaun watsonless browns team, find me a game where we won’t be at least 2 score underdogs? The schedule looks really rough and this team is coming off a bad season. Things change fast in the NFL but this is a preseason o/u so we’re also looking at the teams we play based on how they look on paper. I don’t think the 5.5 o/u is that far off at this point.
  16. Adams was a pain in the ass towards the end and most of us agree that he was over rated, but what adams did to get out and to get paid was strictly business. He knew the jets weren’t interested in paying him long term and he didn’t want to play another down here knowing a long term contract was never coming. Some fans get lost in the drama and don’t see the business side. Adams made a business decision and got paid. Can’t really blame the guy when you see how things played out. He won, the jets won, the Seahawks lost. More and more players are doing what he did. Things have shifted ans instead of the teams fighting it, they sell them off quickly and move on. There is too much money at stake for these guys to not do everything they can to get that guaranteed money.
  17. I’d say that’s pretty fair. A ton of upside but our most proven weapon is Corey Davis. Hopefully the upside hits and we can move up on a list like this next year.
  18. Save yourself the headache and give yourself a rule of only one jet allowed. On draft day, the optimism will set in and you’ll think you’re getting a steal. Don’t let the homerism blind and ruin your fantasy teams.
  19. The guy seems bitter but it was odd that JJ fell so low. The jets traded up to get him but if they did not, who is to say he wouldn’t have fallen out of the first round? We really need this guy to be a hit but with the position being so important in todays NFL, 25 teams passed on him and didn’t think he was worth taking in the first round. With how expensive the position has gotten, you can argue that even if you’re set at the position, you can still take a pass rusher high and let the high dollar guys walk in FA. Time will tell but it was clear on draft day that not everyone was as high on him as the jets were.
  20. I think someone made a few typos when they were putting in the data.
  21. That is a rough first 9 weeks. Outside of maybe the pats and the Steelers games, any wins would be a pretty big upset.
  22. if this team can get 6-7-8 wins and and the majority of the losses are competitive.....my expectations will have been met. This team is still young and needs to learn to play together. My expectations will be a wildcard contender in 2023. If we see growth, competitiveness, and some good player development, the 2022 season will be a success.
  23. I'm trying to be realistic here when i say I think 6-7 wins is doable. Im not expecting a playoff run...and while I'd love to see the wins pile up, what we really need to see is how this team performs in the losses. Last year, we were blown out way too often. This team needs to be playing meaningful 4th quarters this year. If we have chances to win games in the 4th, if this team is making some of the better teams earn the W's - even if we come up short, it will show vast improvement from last year. 2022 is supposed to be the year where this team learns they can compete. 2023 should be the year where they are competing.
  24. The Corey Davis hate, I’m not quite sold he was a bad signing. He missed 8 full games plus some time in another 1 or two games. If you carry over and translate his stats to a full season he would have been right around 1000 yards. Also keep in mind, he missed the josh Johnson and mike white games where the offense peaked. With how weak the qb play was last year, in the games he played in, I think he’s a prime candidate to have a nice bounce back season if he can stay healthy and Wilson takes the next step.
  25. Rb’s, at least for what they contribute, make far less than other impact positions. CMC is highest paid at 16m per year, the 10th highest paid RB last year made around 6.8m. While every other position seems to be going up at crazy rates, seems like the RB market is stagnant. If you have one of those rare RBs that deserve a large second contract, it’s not likely going to destroy your cap like an elite WR would. Additionally, there is still a franchise tag. The 5th year option would of been nice but not the end of the world either.
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