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  1. I’m not saying shotty is a great OC nor am I saying he’s a bad OC but there is a huge difference between calling plays for a Russell Wilson in his prime and a second or 3rd year mark Sanchez. OC’s live and die by QB play. Regardless, glad to see he is doing well in the situation he’s in.

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  2. Personally, I think the bills have a nice roster and will make it better by improving their o line and WRers but this team won’t be a serious contender unless allen turns a corner. Allen looks like a decent QB when the bills have a lead and the bills can play conservative on offense. The moment the team needs him to carry the offense, he doesn’t look like an NFL QB. He looks so bad throwing the ball from the pocket. He just finished his second year so the potential is still there to improve but I just don’t see it. The way that guy scrambles and makes plays with his legs, I don’t see how he doesn’t get injured. If his mobility is limited I just done see how he can succeed. 

  3. I wasn’t on board for the gase hiring either but could any coach in the league win with what we have here? We have a 2nd year qb, a good safety, a bunch of number 3 WRers, a good rb along with two good LBers that are injured. Aside from that literally every other player on the field needs to be upgraded. This team has absolutely no talent on the roster. While gase may be a sh*tty head coach you’re kidding yourself if you think this is completely his fault. Mac left this team in horrible shape.

  4. Dolphins 2020 draft picks:
    1st: Own, Texans
    2nd: Own, Saints
    3rd: Own, projected compensatory pick
    4th: Own, Titans
    5th: Projected compensatory pick
    6th: Own, Cowboys
    7th: Own, Chiefs

    Also: Texans’ 2021 first and second round picks
    This team will be bad, but if they can hit their picks and continue to acquire more picks, they will be in position for a nice rebuild. I remember a while back that the main sticking point for flores was that the dolphins could not fire him and the dolphins guaranteed him 5 years as the HC.  He would not take the job if his position wasn't guaranteed for 5 seasons. Unlike most first time coaches, Flores has job security... This was the plan, flores knew what had to be done and the ownership and GM's knew how bad the product would be in the short term. 

  5. How many offenses are successful with bad o-lines? The bills strength is their D line. It was a horrible match up for this team and im not surprised they struggled yesterday. Don't think you can fire gase after one season. This guy is supposed to be an offensive minded coach who can game plan but how good of a job can you do when your QB only has time to make one read and there are no running lanes? The Dolphins O line, out side of tunsil wasn't much better while he was there either. Im just hoping that this guy and this staff value O-line.  I dont think you can fire gase after one season with the o-line he has to work with. The bills were clearly a better team and it showed as the game progressed. How can any offense look good when your o-line is just getting destroyed? The jets need to take their money and draft capital next season and start investing everything they can to fix this nightmare of an O-line. We all saw what happened to Indy when they finally decided to put a lot of resources into their O-line over the last few years. Jets need to follow suit. sh*t, look how competitive the jets became when they spent two first rounders on brick and mangold and brought in woody and faneca. Sanchez was garbage but those teams could literally run on anyone. Gase is probably a bum but I don't know if you can truly judge his capabilities with the pieces he has to work with

  6. It’s a contract extension which turns his current contract into a 6 years 161 million deal. That comes out to 26.33 mill per year. The way NFL contracts are going up for qb’s, it looks like the rams sucked it up and paid the kid early so that they wouldn’t have to pay him 35-40 mill a year in 2 years. Numbers may look ridiculous but what the rams did was pretty smart as long as Goff is a productive qb.

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