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  1. Number 1 pick could be traded to a qb needy team, much like the jets of last year. Would be nice if the jets actually traded down for once and loaded up on some quality picks.
  2. Don’t have time to try and find it but I remember reading an article after he signed that with the differences in the state taxes, the overall number might not be as far apart then people think.
  3. Mack will be making more in his first year of his new contract than all of these guys career earnings. You've got a handful of guys that play until their mid to late 30's but most of these guys get paid and their drive to be great tends to level off. Not saying mack is or isn't that type of guy but when you have 100 + mill in your bank account, its hard to blame a guy for wanting to put his body through that abuse longer than they must. So yea, maybe his body can continue to play at a high level but what about his drive?
  4. https://www.profootballrumors.com/2018/03/jets-nearing-deal-with-wr-terrelle-pryor?fv-home=true&post-id=101402 Jets Nearing Deal With WR Terrelle Pryor March 22nd, 2018 at 7:41pm CST • By Dallas Robinson This is breaking news. Please refresh for updates. The Jets are close to a deal with free agent wide receiver Terrelle Pryor, tweets Ian Rapoport of NFL.com. Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.
  5. I don't know about that. Bradford continually gets paid high dollars because he's a good QB with a bad injury history. I think from a talent standpoint, the bills would be very happy if McCarron turned out to be as good as bradford. Mind you, bradford for the eagles and vikings, completed 70% of his passes in the 31 games he played. If bradford is healthy, you have a good QB. 3 years ago, the eagles were paying Bradford for the upside of what he could become if he stayed healthy as well as an insurance policy if wentz turned out to be a bust. Luckily for the eagles, wentz looked great and the vikings paid with a 1st rounder to chase that same upside after bridgewater went down.
  6. the bears didnt draft trubisky after they signed glennon either....
  7. the eagles didnt draft wentz after they signed bradford and daniel either....
  8. That is an interesting take on why they'd announce mccown the starter so early. Actually makes sense.
  9. Found this: Incentives are written into some contracts to pay a player for reaching certain performance criteria. Incentives come in two varieties – Likely To Be Earned (LTBE) and Not Likely To Be Earned (NLTBE) – each of which has different Salary Cap implications. Likely To Be Earned Incentives (LTBE) are incentives based on performance levels that were reached in the prior season. LTBEs count against the Salary Cap in the year they are scheduled. For example, if a RB ran for 1,200 yards last year and he has an incentive that will pay him $100,000 if he runs for 1,000 yards this year, the incentive would be a LTBE Incentive and would count against the Salary Cap this year. On the other hand, if the RB ran for 1,000 yards last year and he has an incentive that will pay him $100,000 if he runs for 1,200 yards this year, then incentive would be Not Likely To Be Earned (NLTBE) and would not count against this year’s Salary Cap. If the player does not earn a LTBE Incentive, then the amount of the incentive ($100K in our example) will be credited against the following year’s Salary Cap and the team would have $100K in additional Cap space in the following year. The opposite happens with NLTBE Incentives. If those are earned, they are charged to the following year’s Salary Cap. In our example, that would mean that the team would have $100K less in Cap space the following year. --------------------------- I'd imagine in Teddy bridgewaters case, if this is indeed correct, most of his incentives he earned in 18' would be pushed into the following season.
  10. You guys are thinking to small. The NFL doesn't give a damn about the revenue from the game itself. They are trying to market the brand. The more people interested in the NFL, the more people will watch it on tv. The more people watch the games on TV, the more interest cable companies will have in acquiring the rights to air them...which estenially leads to commercial sales. Add on the apparel purchasing, Sunday ticket purchases and etc...there is a ton of money to be made over seas. The NFL could be losing money on the actual game for all we know (doubtful) and they'd still be ahead. Huge market over seas, if things go right over the 10 years, the NFL could increase its revenues by another billion or two annually, maybe more.
  11. because their team was absolutley destroyed by injuries last year. People seem to forget that the chiefs made the playoffs in 2010... Look at their roster, its actually quite talented...
  12. I hate to say it but the Bills look like a very good bet to. Luckily vegas takes a few weeks each season to get their betting lines figured out for the NFL. But the line movement in this game is saying the bills will at least cover . Hope they are wrong. Also the bucs look like an easy money bet. Line started off at -2.5 and is already at -1 while almost 80% of the public is on carolina. 80% of the public on one team and the line is moving down? Bucs = free money.
  13. lol...not as good as me getting arian foster in the 4th round
  14. at espn you can use his as a wr...and in my leauge we have to start 3 WR's...i'll be using him as my 3rd WR this week even though he's been sitting on my bench for 2 weeks now. I picked him up the week after he played his first game for the pats...I had a feeling he was going to be used often...
  15. for those of you who know about spread line movement...it seemed like almost free money to take the broncos to at least cover. I honestly expected to lose and vegas expected the same thing. It wasn't domination but the jets found a way to win...5-1 heading into the bye week. Damn these jets are showing the NFL that they are contenders. great win on a short week across the country. wow...yes!
  16. I'm not nit picking because I think Sanchez is going to be a good player in this league but your forgetting a couple of plays. What about that winfield drop that was thrown to him as if he was the WR? Griffen also dropped one that went right into his chest. Sanchez was off tonight...it was probably the wet ball but he should have had a couple more completions as well and I'm not counting the dropped balls. It was a bad weather game so these kind of things can be expected. I don't care though...I'll take the win when our QB was struggling...good win tonight.
  17. Agreed...I loved the fact that as soon as the jets get inside the 20 with about a minute left in the first half it rains as hard as I've seen it rain in a football game...Sanchez missed an open keller and an open cotch in that rain...but yes...there were plenty of drops to go around.
  18. A little lucky tonight though...he could have easily had 2 or 3 pics tongiht. Proud of the jets though...this is not the same jets that we have seen over the years. The old jets lose this game...happy to see that the jets can have a bad game and still put up 29 points and win the game!
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