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  1. Knows the system and came at a great price. I wouldn't anticipate that the jets plan on heading into the season as him being the 1b back. I anticipate that the jets will bring in another RB, either by draft or FA. Coleman is the backup that takes over should one of the top 2 backs were to miss time. in that role, the signing makes sense and can be justified.
  2. Expecting a 6-7-8 wins in 2022 while being more competitive in a majority of the losses. Regardless of how good this draft goes, the roster is still not on par with most of the contending AFC teams. With that being said, If we are making teams earn their wins late in games while winning 6-8 games in 2022, in 2023, I’ll 100% be expecting a wild card push. I’ve been keeping my expectations in check for the last few years since we’re finally doing a proper rebuild but I’ll want some results in 2023. Additionally, I think the 2023 off season is where we’ll finally see some of those big name free agent signing happen.
  3. Likely why he’s getting paid what he is despite the meh production. Dude seems like a leader and the kind of player that will help motivate others around him.
  4. Figures the year were in position to actually trade down, we have one of the worst QB classes in recent memory. No chase young’s, no Julio jones type players. Anything can happen but this just doesn’t look like the year there where a team will pay a big price to get into the top 5.
  5. He's just not an exciting player and seems like the kind of guy that would rather be famous vs being a great football player. Regardless, hes a really good possession WR that isn't a great YAC guy but in the end, he’s just a complimentary guy that’s name is bigger than his skill set. A nice underneath option that would catch a ton of short passes and keep the plays on offense positive. Nothing more really.
  6. I understand the logic but there is free agency next year and another draft next year. It makes a ton of sense if you expect the worst but what happens if the best case scenerio happens? One of Fant or Becton will have to sit assuming the rest of the line is healthy and all 3 guys look like starting players. I'd rather go and draft someone who we can try to plug in immediately where we have far worse options. Becton, AVT, Mcgovern, Tomilson, Fant is a nice looking line if the unit can stay healthy.
  7. Its 1 year too early to give up on Becton. If he misses a large portion of next season, I think that's the time you start to worry. While he has had some growing pains when he hass been on the field, overall, it looks like this kid should be able to play in this league. We just need to hope that this injury bug, for whatever reason it is, is something that can be put behind him. With tomilson being signed, I'd be disipointed if we went OL at 4 or 10. If they want another prospect on the OL, i'd rather see the team use one of the seconds. Edge, WR, or CB should really be the positions in play with picks 4 and 10.
  8. The Jets are coming off a 2 win and 4 win season. We are all clearly on the same page on this board that the team has so many spots that need to be upgraded. This offseason is looking like a step in the right direction, at least on paper. You're right though, you have no idea when you know until you see how things are going on the field. What we all do know is that the jets were ranked 28th in points per game on offense last year. The jets were dead last in yards allowed per game last year. We know that this team is drafting 4th overall a year after they drafted 2nd overall. Teams can turn it around quickly, but lets be honest here, did we see a lot last year that is screaming that this team is close? In my opinion, I think next year has the potential to be the year where we may start to get that feeling.
  9. I'm not going to lie though, he looked great during the final 5-6 games of the season. He was finally healthy and you could clearly see why he was drafted so high. The high probability of injury makes him extremly risky but if they could get him in the 1 year 3.5 mill range, which seems right in line, I'd be completely on board. As someone who had Penny on a few fantasy teams last year, I watched him play. He looked top 10 RB good.
  10. For me, its not that I don't want star players on the team (via free agency or via trade), its that I don't want this team giving out massive contracts to players that ultimately wont make a real difference. A 4 win team acquiring devonte adams is now a 6 win team. Timing is everything. Buffalo was ready to compete when they went out and got diggs. Star players that are willing to take massive contracts on teams that won't compete should be a red flag to begin with. This team isn't ready to go out and make a trade for a devonte adams, amari cooper and etc. this team isn't ready to sign the von millers or the chandler jones's. You go and get those guys when you need those different makers to turn your team from a playoff contender into a super bowl contender. You need to have a base, a core, before you start trying to acquire the "star" players. We've been watching so much bad football over the last decade that a lot of fans just want to fast forward through the team building and go right for the star players. The winning teams don't operate like that. You go after those star players when your team is competitive, this team is being built, it isn't built yet. Even the most pessimistic jets fan should like what they are seeing right now. I can see this team being a bit more aggressive when it comes to getting elite talent in the 23' and 24' seasons if this build goes according to plan.
  11. Green bay had to find a team that was likely willing to give up a first and a second and be willing to pay a WR 29 million a year. Adams is great but that’s QB money. I'd bet 2/3's of the league wouldn't have tried to sign adams as a free agent because of the contract numbers alone. Now with the last 1/3 they had to be willing to do that and give up valuable draft capital. I'd imagine only a small handful of teams were even trying to make the deal to get him.
  12. If those are the numbers, will be curious to see what is guaranteed. I’m assuming it’ll be similar to uzomah, where he is basically locked in for two seasons.
  13. Berrios, in the last quarter of the season, proved he can contribute on offense. When the offense was struggling and beat up, the team was forced to get creative with him and he shined. The jets aren’t paying him 6 mill a year to return punts. He also just doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that’s gonna sit back now that he’s making some money. He’s essentially on a 1 year deal from the looks of his contract anyways so he should still be extremely motivated. I think he showed enough that the team will give him more opportunity to produce. I see 750 yard rec / 150 yard rushing with a handful of tds kind of upside in him.
  14. How do the post June 1 cuts work? Can a contract be agreed to in principle but they can’t sign it until June 1st? I was thinking the jets would be done with the bigger signings but getting hooper paired up with Uzomah would turn the position into a strength and also allow this team to put resources into other, higher valued positions.
  15. Jets are likely going to go WR in the draft. Additionally, I do not think there is a chance, even if the jets were interested, Allen Robinson goes to a team where the QB situation is iffy. He's been playing with low end passers for his whole career...and last year probably cost him at least 5-6 million a year and a shot at top 5-10 money. Unless a team is willing to pay him based on his 2019-2020 numbers, I can see him taking a 1 year deal with a proven passer to drive up his price in his age 29 season.
  16. Gilmore still unsigned. Sounds like it’s us and niners as the two most interested teams. If we miss on him, I’d agree cb will be one of our first two picks. something to note, Gilmore has been on east coast his whole career dating back to college with most of his pro career being played in Buffalo and NE. NY is still close to where he probably already has homes. Could mean nothing, could give us the leg up.
  17. For Kirk to sign for that much, another team or two had to be in the mix.
  18. I really wanted the jets to go and get Kirk. I think he has potential to be really good but what the jags paid took away any upside. He has to be great at that price. Way too much. Was thinking he’d be in that 3 year 12m per year range.
  19. Was really hoping the jets would try to get Kirk.
  20. I’m a berrios fan, but until the last 4 games of last season, he was getting 3-4 targets a game. His last 4 games he had 180 receiving yards and a couple of well designed plays that got him two rushing TD’s. The eye test, at least to me, says he’s actually pretty good but I just can’t see a scenario where you have teams bidding hard for his services. When it’s all said and done, he’s still a guy that is really good as a special teamer but has never really proven himself as a legit option on the offensive side of the ball. Some jets fans love him but 40 something catches and 400 or so yards does not equate to a big contract. I love his upside. My guess is he’ll get the biggest offer from the jets but maybe he takes a smaller or shorter deal in a better system and bets on himself and try’s to get more money down the road. Regardless, his numbers say, at most 3-4-5 mill a year on a 2-3 year contract at this time.
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